Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slow Saturday Specials Holed Out

This will be the last one for a while (other than those in the pipeline) as the great Globe throwaway and catch-up continues.....

"With wintry weather, scourge of potholes plague region" by Martine Powers |  Globe staff, February 22, 2014

This winter’s lower-than-average temperatures, coupled with higher-than-average snowfall, have created the perfect climate to spawn a barrage of teeth-clattering, bone-jarring, axle-cracking potholes across the region. And public works agencies are struggling to keep up.

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Just remember where it came from and why for the inevitable fart mist about global warming that will accompany floods (turns out it was bad infrastructure maintenance all over the place) or droughts, for that matter (good thing they ended up getting rain; looks like Obummer was wrong again. That meeting about the invasion of Syria then).

In Boston, the numbers are stunning....

Even the city’s secret weapon against potholes has had enough with the unrelenting pace of battle.

The self-internalization of war terminology.... well, you make of it what you will.

Potzilla, a city-owned truck that keeps hot pavement filler from hardening on the way to pothole repair sites — broke down earlier this week and may be out of commission until Monday.

“We have been in what seems like constant snow and ice operations, and pothole patching requires fairly good weather.” 

Yeah, no kidding? And more is on the way!

Blame it on the polar vortex....

Or the lack of funds and maintenance. 


Speaking from personal experience on my ride today and the towns around here (plus highway) was full of those things. It was a damn near violent experience and a white-knuckle wheel-grabber the whole time. 

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That must make on hell of a hole.