Saturday, February 22, 2014

African Confusion

My Globe doesn't help clear things up, but if you cut through some of the bu$h you can pretty quickly see it is about two things: resources and control.

Taking from the top with the $uce$$ that is Tuni$ia:

"Clashes erupt at Tunisian protests" Associated Press, November 28, 2013

TUNIS — Clashes erupted in one of three Tunisian cities where tens of thousands of people demonstrated Wednesday over their declining economic situation.

Dozens of protesters attempted to storm government offices in Gafsa before being driven back by tear gas. They later ransacked the local headquarters of the moderate Islamist Ennahda party, which dominates the government.

So you can't even have one of those $audi-bought governments. 

Message is clear: "Islamic" or Arab governments fail so they need technocratic councils controlled by bankers or a strongman to impose order for bankers. Which would you prefer?

General strikes were called in Siliana, Gafsa, and Gabes, seeking greater government investment.

Tunisia kicked off the Arab Spring by overthrowing its dictator in 2011, partly over the lack of jobs. Nearly three years after the revolution, the elected Islamist-led government has been unable to jump-start the economy or redress inequalities between the wealthier coast and poorer interior.

Then it's a $hell-game removal so the people think something is being done and change is a-coming?

"The Arab Spring mutated into sectarian violence and brutal repression." 

Then they were globe-kicking controller coups meant to replace stale leaders and cause upheaval so select client states could take action against their populations while coups can be fomented elsewhere -- coming with the wonderful additive of $elf-$upplying propaganda. You need to read the mouthpiece coverage to see whom they favor and oppose.

‘‘We live in desperate conditions because of unemployment, poverty, and misery and we are only asking to live in dignity,’’ said Badreddine Hamlaoui, a 19 year-old who lost an eye to birdshot during protests in Siliana a year ago.

That's all of us, but it's too much to a$k of the money junkies that seem to rule all domestic societies wherever they are found. Then they rub elbows with each other on a global scale.

The timing of Wednesday’s strikes was to mark the one-year anniversary of the Siliana protests. People marched to call for a new provincial governor but were dispersed by police with shotguns. At least 332 were wounded, many partially blinded by birdshot.


But everything's all right now, everything's fine, a constitution someone took time to write....

"Tunisia basks in praise over its new constitution" by Paul Schemm and Bouazza Ben Bouazza |  Associated Press, February 08, 2014

TUNIS — As recently as December, the outlook for Tunisia remained grim. International lenders were withholding money.

A $ure $ign the Ma$ters of the Univer$e are displeased, and a $ignal that whoever the power be in that country you better change your government!

Parliament remained deadlocked. Investigations continued into the assassination of two politicians.

On Friday, President Francois Hollande of France and other world leaders attended a ceremony for the formal adoption of a document being praised as one of the most progressive constitutions in an Arab nation.

Now they happy!

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He still flying solo?

The Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia, is being described by many as a region-wide winter, especially in Egypt, where the first popularly elected leader was deposed by the military, and in Libya, where militias rule instead of a central government.

Uh-huh. Not happy with the leaders of Egypt and Libya, either.

But Tunisia remains a bright spot, since its elected assembly passed a progressive constitution last month.... 

So close your eyes, close your eyes, and relax....



Tunisian leader steps aside, setting path to new elections
New constitution approved in Tunisia

The vote was 200 to 16 on the charter which guarantees basic freedoms and gender equality, and it has been called one of the most progressive constitutions in the Arab world.

Yeah, I'm getting that, and they also had the same sort of society under the 30-year dictator that was removed. What's yer point?

"Secretary of State John Kerry visited Tunisia on Tuesday in a gesture of support for its struggle to establish a democratic system. Although Kerry came to Tunisia to support its democratic transition, security appears to have been an important item on the agenda." 

I wish he would ground the jet as he spews gas regarding global warming.

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And they do need medical care:

"Nigeria leader shakes up command" by Michelle Faul |  Associated Press, January 17, 2014

LAGOS, Nigeria — In a major shake-up of the high command of Nigeria’s military which is battling Islamist insurgents, President Goodluck Jonathan fired all his service chiefs Thursday and appointed an air force officer from the troubled northeast as the top military commander.

Wow, a Nigerian purge!

Officials in neighboring Cameroon, meanwhile, said Nigerian jets dropped bombs that exploded around a Cameroonian border post on Wednesday, as Cameroonian forces were pulled into fighting between Nigerian troops and Islamist extremists. At least one woman on Cameroonian soil was killed....


See: Goodluck Running Out in Nigeria 

Then I guess it will soon be a lynching:

"Nigerian president dismisses bank chief; Cites leak about missing billions" by Michelle Faul |  Associated Press, February 21, 2014

LAGOS, Nigeria — President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday ousted the Central Bank governor blamed for leaking news that billions of petrodollars are missing from the coffers of Africa’s biggest oil producer, accusing him of ‘‘financial recklessness and misconduct.’’ The country’s naira currency weakened in response, analysts said.

His luck may be running out real quick! Bankers unhappy with him!

Jonathan immediately sent to Parliament the name of another banker he proposed as the new custodian of the nation’s federal reserves, making clear that he effectively has fired the internationally respected Lamido Sanusi, a 52-year-old career banker.

He could be heading into Mugabe territory here.

The opposition All Progressives Congress coalition said the move sends ‘‘a strong signal to all Nigerians that it [Jonathan’s administration] will not tolerate any exposure of corruption under any circumstance.’’

Senior analyst Murtala Touray said London-based HIS Country Risk assesses it as an effort to discredit Sanusi’s report of missing billions and to send a message to Sanusi’s successor ‘‘not to wash government’s dirty linen in public.’’

It's the Obummer White House vs. whistleblowers, readers.

Sanusi, who has spearheaded bank reforms and acknowledged making powerful enemies among vested interests in a country where corruption is endemic, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Someone should go check on him to see if he didn't have an accident or something.

The naira dropped from 163 to 169 to the US dollar when Jonathan’s statement became public, financial analysts said. The Central Bank briefly stopped trade in its fixed income and bond market.

A definite $ignal to Goodluck.


Time to take your attention away from that $tuff:

"Militants kill 52 in Nigerian village" Associated Press, January 28, 2014

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Suspected Islamic extremists used home-made explosives and heavy guns to attack a village in Nigeria’s northeast, killing 52 people and razing more than 300 homes, security officials and witnesses said Monday.

They might medal someday.

It was among the highest death tolls in attacks that are increasing in frequency and ferocity as militants defy an eight-month-old military state of emergency to halt the Islamic uprising.

The attackers planted several explosives in Kawuri village after attacking near the weekly market as vendors were busy packing up on Sunday night, the security official said.

How does blowing up a marketplace and demolishing homes win people over? Never does.

He said two more improvised explosive devices exploded Monday morning, narrowly missing security personnel who were collecting bodies....

At least 170 people have been killed this month....


"Death toll rises in attack on Nigerian village" by Haruna Umar and Carley Petesch |  Associated Press, January 29, 2014

KAWURI, Nigeria — With gunfire exploding all around, Rabi Mallam raced into her hut with her son and granddaughter. But then the suspected Islamic extremists set the home ablaze, and Mallam was burned all over her body before escaping.

No one knows yet exactly how many residents of Kawuri village may have burned to death. By Tuesday, 85 bodies had been found.

At least 300 homes were razed in Sunday’s attack and people still were gathering corpses Tuesday....

More than 200 people have been killed this month in attacks blamed on Islamic militants who have been increasing the frequency and ferocity of such indiscriminate horrors despite an eight-month-old military state of emergency to halt the uprising in northeast Nigeria.

Kawuri villagers had been attending their weekly market and farmers were starting to pack up their offerings when the suspected militants struck Sunday evening, Lawan said. They blew up the market with homemade bombs, shot at anyone in their way, and then set fire to the huts, easy targets with their thatched roofs.

Yeah, that will win people over to your side!


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Calls for death disrupt trial of gay men in Nigeria
Gay men beaten by mob in Nigerian capital
Aid groups should fight Nigeria’s persecution of gays

Now we gotta invade and grab that oil Nigeria is swimming in and on!

And are you sure those militants are not ChristIan militiAs, mouthpiece?

African leaders urge factions to end conflicts


"Members of a national transitional council chose the female mayor of Central African Republic’s capital to lead the country out of chaos. Bangui Mayor Catherine Samba-Panza is a longtime corporate lawyer in the insurance industry who took over the mayor’s office last June."

African leader sworn in amid looting

And possible genocide.

Violence wracks C. African Republic

Muslim civilians have become increasingly vulnerable to horrific attacks in which crowds have killed them and mutilated their bodies.

75 slain in C. African Republic town

Some 1,600 French and 5,000 African peacekeepers are struggling to keep a lid on the violence.

Gonna need more troops and au$terity at home then!

Central African Republic soldiers join chaotic violence

That should help.

Reports of atrocities are pouring out of the north of the country

"Crowds of Christians gathered to cheer the convoy’s departure for Chad, which is mostly Muslim. It was a somber farewell for those who had in some cases lived alongside Christians for generations here and have few ties to Chad." 

That's why I'm suspicious of it all and suspect a force or forces unseen in my pre$$.

Thousands of the country’s Muslims have been slaughtered

Happens all across the hemisphere every day and night.

Christian fighters under scrutiny in African nation

If you can call superficial and shallow obfuscation scrutiny.

UN official sees ethnic cleansing in Africa

Ethnic-religious cleansing threatens to tear up the country.

C. African Republic refugees are turned back

By who?

Thousands of Muslims who tried to flee the violence in Central African Republic’s capital were turned back by peacekeepers Friday, as crowds of angry Christians shouted ‘‘we’re going to kill you all.’’

Is that really a Christian thing?

The convoy was turned back as France announced it would send 400 more soldiers to its former colony mired in unprecedented sectarian fighting.

They can move 'em over from Mali.

Tens of thousands of Muslims have fled for their lives as Christian militiamen and crowds of angry civilians have stepped up their attacks in recent weeks. Muslims have been killed by mobs almost every day and their bodies have been mutilated and dragged through the capital’s streets, despite the presence of peacekeepers.

Or maybe because of....? 

Seen it in other places:

"Congo has been the scene of one of the most intractable and deadly conflicts the world has seen, claiming millions of lives in the past two decades. A string of militias, foreign armies, and rebel groups have rampaged across its territory, pillaging the countryside of valuable minerals while raping and murdering the population."

"Martin Kobler, head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Congo, briefed a closed meeting of the UN Security Council in New York by video link, and China’s UN ambassador, Liu Jieyi, the council president, said members will be responding with ‘‘a very important message’’ to help countries in the region achieve peace and security on a wide scale."

The confusing thing in the Congo is not the cessation of hostilities; it is why Obummer chose a Jewish white guy from Wisconsin as his the US special envoy to Congo and the Great Lakes region. Couldn't find a qualified black person? 

Anyway, all the credit goes to a muscular UN, according to the Globe.

Also seeDisciples of Congo ‘prophet’ kill 40

So much for peace deals, and I must say I saw it coming.

Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang, a rebel spokesman, said government forces were attacking rebel positions in oil-rich Unity state and in Jonglei state. South Sudan’s military spokesman, Colonel Philip Aguer, said he was not aware of any new violence.

Meanwhile, a US-based conflict prevention group, the Satellite Sentinel Project, said new satellite images of South Sudan show that fighting resulted in the intentional burning of some 750 homes near the town of Bentiu, the capital of oil-producing Unity state.

‘‘These scorched-earth tactics have destroyed homes and residential areas, and put women, children, and families in great danger,’’ said Akshaya Kumar, the South Sudan analyst for the US-based Enough Project.

South Sudan rebels say pact is broken

Thousands of people have been killed and more than 800,000 displaced by violence since mid-December

"Fighting between South Sudan’s army and rebels in the capital of one of its oil-rich states is forcing UN personnel to remain inside a base where more than 20,000 frightened residents are seeking refuge, officials said Wednesday. South Sudan’s military spokesman, Colonel Philip Aguer, said rebels are wearing civilian clothes, making it difficult for government troops to distinguish combatants."


A top UN human rights official said Friday that both sides in the conflict had committed “mass atrocities.” 

I'm having that old sinking feeling again....

"African Union opposes prosecuting leader

ADDIS ABABA— The African Union will not allow a sitting head of state to be prosecuted by an international tribunal, the body’s chairman said Saturday, in a warning that it hopes to stop the crimes against humanity trial about to begin in the Hague against President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. African countries accuse the International Criminal Court of disproportionately targeting African leaders (AP)."

Can't say I blame them because it is true.

Kenya Elected War Criminal
UN Security Council won’t delay Kenya leaders’ trial
World court delays trial of Kenya leader

"While human rights advocates have strongly encouraged the prosecution to proceed, African leaders have viewed the case with increasing bitterness and criticism, contending that the court is preoccupied with pursuing cases in Africa exclusively." 

That's why they threw an Asian and a Slav into the mix.

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And if he would lie about that.... !!

"Togo arrests 3 in massive ivory sting" by Erick Kaglan |  Associated Press, January 29, 2014

LOME, Togo — Police in Togo have arrested three men accused of conspiring to ship to Vietnam nearly two tons of ivory, representing scores of dead elephants, in part of a broader crackdown on the illicit trade that has plagued the West African nation for decades.

The suspects, a 44-year-old Vietnamese man and his two Togolese accomplices, were paraded before reporters Tuesday morning by police....

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Heroin smuggling, huh?

Meanwhile, a Kenyan court on Tuesday ordered a Chinese man to pay $230,000 in fines or be jailed seven years for ivory smuggling in the first of what will probably be many cases as authorities implement a stringent new law to deter illegal trading in wildlife products. The 40-year-old man, Tang Yong Jian, had pleaded guilty to being in possession of raw ivory valued at $6,000.


Also see:

Ivory smuggler pleads guilty in N.J.
Study says poaching worth $10b a year 

A going concern.

"2 UN peacekeepers killed in Mali blast

DAKAR — A bombing killed at least two UN peacekeepers in Kidal, Mali, and seriously wounded several others in the troubled Malian city, UN officials said Saturday. A car packed with explosives detonated outside a bank guarded by peacekeepers, an intelligence official in Mali said (AP)."

That's what peacekeepers and national security services do, isn't it? They aren't deploying over terrorism fears or humanitarian concerns! The self-created, self-serving terrorist false flags and resultant human suffering are the reasons to justify intervention for the $ame old intere$ts.

Malians rally to repudiate female genital mutilations

Thus it is that a French troop increase is needed even as we are told they are getting out, while the Germans are set to send about 250 soldiers to look in on the gold-looting operation (another component of reconquest and recolonization). 

Gotta save those women when not bombing them into oblivion.

One last kiss:

"16 Moroccan royal guards die in bus crash

MARRAKECH — Morocco’s official news agency says 16 royal guards have died in a bus crash after the vehicle drove off a road and plummeted 650 feet. The MAP agency reported that the accident happened early Saturday on a road linking two cities on Morocco’s northern coast. The report said the driver lost control of the bus at a bend in the road, and the bus overturned and fell off the road (AP)."

I am clear about one thing: by the end of the day the African articles and clipped piles will be completely up-to-date.