Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Walk-Through

Looks to me as if you are tiring of the new format a bit; however, I once again passed on purchasing a Globe (because of the cold outside and it's content inside). 

Had I bought a Globe I would have started with this:

"Mass. SJC rules warrants needed for data searches" by Hiawatha Bray |  Globe Staff, February 19, 2014

With the National Security Agency under siege for collecting phone data on millions of Americans, Massachusetts’ highest court said Tuesday that a similar practice is not allowed in the state.

Yeah, the poor NSA under siege. The fact that the government mouthpiece known as a reporter has internalized the values of his ma$ters right down to the terminology is another reason I'm not going to buy a Globe today.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled, 5 to 2, that the Massachusetts Constitution prohibits law enforcement investigators from gathering cellphone records that track individuals’ movements without first obtaining a search warrant from a state judge. The ruling makes Massachusetts the latest of several states to set stricter limits on government access to citizens’ phone records.

Get the rubber stamps ready.

Matthew Segal, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, said the ruling is “an enormous victory for everybody in Massachusetts who cares about privacy. It protects people in Massachusetts and gives them rights that Massachusetts law enforcement officers have to respect.”

What society has he been living in? Cops kill with impunity and are never punished. What is violating rights by searching without a warrant going to bring? Any charges at all, any firings, or just a paid administrative leave?

In their dissent, however, two judges said the ruling would impose an undue burden on police.

Although the ruling has no bearing on federal surveillance, the issues at stake are similar to privacy questions raised by the NSA’s routine snooping of electronic records of US citizens. Last year, former agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents showing that among the mounds of data the NSA collects on citizens are millions of phone records....

Segal said that Massachusetts and other states are beginning to define privacy rights in the digital era in the absence of an explicit directive from either Congress or federal courts.

“It’s an important part of the discussion we’re having right now in the country about surveillance,” Segal said....

The issue at the heart of the case is whether investigators should have gone that extra step for a search warrant. That’s a tougher standard to meet, because a judge must be persuaded that the person being investigated has probably committed a crime....

That is the way our system is supposed to work.

Cellphones are a kind of homing device because the cellular network must constantly track the phone’s approximate location. Millions of phones have GPS chips that can determine the phone’s location to within a few feet. Even without GPS, the network can provide information about the phone’s location by tracking which towers its signal is using....

That's why I always leave mine at home, right under the television speaker while cartoons are playing real loud. I want the NSA monitor to enjoy themselves.

State authorities appealed the judge’s ruling, arguing that the records in question were not Augustine’s, but rather the property of his cellphone company and that he should not have any expectation of privacy over them.

I don't expect anything from this corporate government.

Separately, prosecutors asserted that the affidavit they used to obtain the records under federal law had enough evidence to get a search warrant from a state judge, as well.

Then why didn't you?

In its ruling Tuesday, the SJC clarified the issues, providing both a clear definition of the privacy of phone records in the digital age and affording prosecutors a road map to using those records....


The Globe's front-page map would then take me to the waterfront and I would have skipped that meal had I bought a Globe -- but would have taken the pill from what is the largest drug-dealing operation in the world (and it's "legal.")

"Advocates say the need to curb abuse of prescription opiates — considered gateway drugs to heroin — is all the more urgent because of a growing epidemic of heroin addiction and overdoses in Massachusetts and across the country." 

And there will be no end to it as long as it profits pharmaceuticals, CIA drug-running operations, and the bottom line of money-laundering banks.

I also see the New Hampshire hockey coach is now on thin ice, and not much has changed in the city of Boston since Alemany (but don't worry; assaults are way down say the authorities).

The turn-in would lead me to the Nation lead. I hope Mr. Bergdahl enjoyed the stay at the CIA hotel all these years. Yup, Taliban and Obummer gonna do a trade.

That gets us back to Obummer and his impeachable fart mi$t, and I'm not inhaling that today. Between him and Kerry it's enough to choke you on fumes. 

I'm sorry none of the other titles ion the section interests me at all, readers. I've kind of had it with meaningless and shallow articles on subjects I don't care about, and I'm tired of the mind-manipulating reinforcement (and destruction of evidence) and self-inflicted false-flag hoaxes (we've seen this agenda attempt before) -- if that's all right with you, readers. I'm not going to take the time to link all the articles there.

The flip puts the World lead in my face, and how interesting it is that just a deal is about to be made the paid agent provocateurs of the U.S. and E.U. (with Israeli operatives on the ground) raise hell and sabotage it:

"The violence, which will resonate for weeks, months, or even years around this fragile and bitterly divided former Soviet republic of 46 million, exposed the impotence, in this dispute, of the United States and also the European Union, which had engaged in a week of fruitless efforts to mediate a peaceful settlement. It also shredded doubts about the influential reach of Russia."

Really, honestly, I expect nothing less from my agenda-pushing, mouthpiece Mockingbird of a media these days.

RelatedWrecking the Opening Ceremonies of the Russian Olympics

She said what? 

Yeah, time to abandon that narrative, along with coverage of the Games

UPDATE: A Dangerous Game, or Why is the West Criticizing the Sochi Games, Bashing Vladimir Putin? 

Look at the propaganda pre$$ lies pile up! 


"President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged Ukraine to avoid violence against peaceful protesters or face consequences, as the United States considered joining European partners to impose sanctions"

[It is really incredible that Obama and Putin have allowed this festering boil in Ukraine to reach this point of rupture.  It is indicative of the high level of violence we are about to witness in Syria and perhaps Lebanon.  The temporary holding pattern established between Russia and the US in Syria over the issue of chemical disarmament is about to give way, as Obama and the Arabs move militarily to secure southern Syria (probably including Damascus), probably with Israeli participation.  Russia is in no mood to tolerate such an intrusion into Syria, implying an impending US/Russian military confrontation. The opposition is now openly using firearms against the govt.  The violence level has nowhere to go but up.] -- The Ukrainian Extremists Have Guns

While on the subject of CIA-sponsored coups, they are back at it in Venezuela

The flip side of such operations is Thailand. That's why it only merits a Slow Saturday follow-up as well as today's hunk of $hit. It looks like the desperate crackdown may well bring impeachment, and the sooner the better for the Thai people. 

It's the same old jewish war-mongering when it comes to Iran, despite the Iranians having fulfilled every part of the deal so far. But they have yellowcake, so.... you really going to fall for that one again, America? Has the Jewish War Media of AmeriKa no shame?

I made my comments regarding North Korea and the U.N. yesterday, and I see China has chimed in today. Meanwhile, in Iraq.... 

"A new wave of car bombs ripped through commercial areas in the Iraqi capital and areas to the south Tuesday, killing at least 33 people and wounding dozens in the latest coordinated militant assault, officials said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility."

That, in itself, is a claim of responsibility. And cui bono? 

Right next door is Syria, and it is obvious from the moves and rhetoric coming from my paper that invasion is on the agenda.

I see Musharraf finally made it to court (looks like another pile of clipped articles may be heading to the recycling bag), while I see things never really simmered down in the Sudan, and we all know why. I'm sensing another article dump there, too. They are all shallow and superficial anyway, standard operating procedure for the propaganda pre$$. 

For the life of me I don't know why I would want to read that story; however, this one certain brought my attention: 

"Egypt charges 4, including 2 Israelis, with spying" by Maamoun Youssef |  Associated Press, February 19, 2014

CAIRO — Egyptian authorities on Tuesday charged two Israelis and two Egyptians with forming an espionage ring for Israel, the second such trial to be called for in a month.

Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat alleged that the two Israelis are Mossad officers, and that the two Egyptians, including a woman, helped provide them with information. The Egyptians are in custody and authorities have issued arrest warrants for the Israelis, although prosecutors do not know their whereabouts.

Ever hear of the Lavon Affair, folks? 

Yes, Israeli false flags have a long history.

Prosecutors alleged in a statement that the Egyptian man had offered his services to Israel in 2009, and the Israeli officers provided training on gathering information and the use of sophisticated technology to send information to Israel.

The woman, the prosecution says, is a magazine journalist who helped the first defendant. The two received money and gifts in return for their information, according to the investigation. When they confessed and gave up the names of Israeli officers, Barakat issued arrest warrants for the Israelis.

Earlier this month, the trial of eight people including five Israelis and three Egyptians on similar charges began in a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. The Israelis were tried in absentia.


Now I'm beginning to understand all the subtle digs at Sissi I've been seeing in my jew$media. Have you seen the latest play in Egypt?

And who really cares about his hunger strike, huh (that's one hell of a sentence and punishment for a mass-murderer, isn't it? So he won't talk, right?)? That's fine with me, you f***. I'm not really on fire for anything the Globe has to tell me about Norway these days.

And look who flew halfway across the globe to make a surprise visit to Tunisia. He's lucky he had a good pilot I suppose. After all the spew it is pretty obvious the U.S. was behind that coup, huh?

Looks like the people of Yemen have also had enough of their U.S-installed regime, it's drone strikes against wedding parties, and the Al-CIA-Duh antics, huh? 

"The attack underscores the ability of the militant group, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, to exploit security lapses in Yemen, despite a dramatic rise in the number of US drone strikes on militants there since President Obama took office.... 

Yeah, can't lay those dead at the feet of Bush.

Yemen has been plagued by troubles including a powerful Al Qaeda insurgency in the south and in much of its remote hinterland, a rebel Shi’ite movement in the north and a separatist drive, also in the south....

The brazen, Al Qaeda-style attack follows a rise in US drone strikes in this key American ally in the Middle East. The two-stage operation came as the defense minister was in Washington for talks. The US military increased its regional alert status after the attack and is ‘‘fully prepared to support our Yemeni partners,’’ a senior US defense official said."

Can the staged and scripted mind manipulation and agenda advancing be any more obvious?

They even have them apologizing for attacking the hospital! It's kind of a give-and-take situation, if you know what I mean

So who is letting the terrorists loose?

That gets us to the end of the alphabet, where some scum congressman from Chicago was busted in Zimbabwe (what's he doing there?):

"Former US congressman arrested in Zimbabwe" by Ray Faure and Gillian Gotora |  Associated Press, February 19, 2014

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Former US representative Mel Reynolds, once a rising star in the Democratic Party whose career collapsed when he was convicted of rape two decades ago, is under arrest again, this time for allegedly possessing pornography and violating immigration laws in Zimbabwe....

Reynolds reportedly complained that he was not expecting such treatment when he had brought investors to the country. He said he had been to Zimbabwe 17 times and had called for US sanctions to be dropped against President Robert Mugabe and his associates. The sanctions were imposed because of the human rights situation in Zimbabwe, and in an effort to pressure the government to introduce democratic change....

This is the latest of several legal problems for Reynolds, an Illinois Democrat who was a Rhodes scholar in college. Reynolds resigned from his congressional seat in 1995 after he was convicted by a jury of having sex with a former campaign worker while she was underage, and then trying to thwart the investigation. While in prison he was also convicted of bank and campaign fraud for concealing debts to obtain bank loans and diverting money intended for voter registration drives to his election campaign.

He was released from jail after his sentence on bank fraud charges was commuted by President Bill Clinton in January 2001. He served his remaining time in a halfway house.

I can see that. Corrupt perverts look out for each other.

In Harare, Reynolds has accumulated hotel bills worth $24,500 that he had not paid, The Herald reported....

He probably thinks he doesn't have to pay them, given that he was a congre$$man.

Reynolds’s arrest comes a little more than 14 months after he tried to resurrect his political career, running for the US House seat in Chicago vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr., who resigned from office and pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds on personal items. Jackson is now serving a 2½-year prison term.

See: Auction Jackson

Reynolds was never really considered a serious candidate and that run ended in defeat."

UPDATEZimbabwe drops American’s charges

Completing those sections would lead me to the always unread op-ed page, as well as into the second section of Metro and Business (that only gets on my nerves).

I see the Messier kid resurfaced and it is by no means an anomaly in Massachusetts. Just more salt in the wound, I guess. Does it really matter where Scott Brown is livingThe agenda in Venezuela is advanced again, but at least the Globe cares about kids

I'm really starting to feel light-headed so I think it's time to fish or cut bait. I'm hoping on the bus and passing all those bottom briefs as I would in my printed paper. Sorry. Looks like it was an exciting day in Springfield anyway.

Breezing through the business section I did notice this:

"President Obama wants to put emerging trade deals with Europe and Asia on a ‘‘fast track’’ to congressional passage. But with midterm elections looming, many fellow Democrats are working to sidetrack them.

SeeHor$e-Trading in the Senate

And Obama has found an ally in a traditional foe, John Boehner, the Republican House speaker.

Related: Behead Boehner 

Also see: Obummer is All Wet

The Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Trade and Investment Partnerships would create the largest free-trade zone in the world, covering roughly half of all global trade.

In his State of the Union address, Obama asked Congress to give him ‘‘trade promotion authority,’’ usually known as fast track, to negotiate the trade deals. But the separate talks with the European Union and 11 Pacific Rim nations are generating strong emotions.

See: The NATO of Trade Deals

Many Democrats up for re-election fear drawing primary-election opposition over the trade talks. Concerned about lost jobs, they’re abandoning Obama on this issue.

It's all part of the $hit-fooley $hows of the corporate party so you feel like you have a choice in who governs you, America.

Late last year, 151 House Democrats, roughly three quarters of the chamber’s Democratic membership, signed a letter to Obama signaling their opposition to granting him fast-track trade authority.

Obama said his goal was ‘‘to protect our workers, protect our environment, and open new markets to new goods stamped ‘Made in the USA.’ ’’ But the president, never known as an enthusiastic free-trader in the past, has yet to make an all-out push for the authority, which was last approved in 2002 for President George W. Bush. That expired in 2007.

Meanwhile, some European allies are pushing back, still peeved over disclosures of National Security Agency surveillance of them.

Yeah, sure they are

Just another load of crap from my propaganda pre$$.

Meanwhile, another video game company is going under. I wonder how much of a tax subsidy they received. Looks like Liberty Mutual is so important they need two articles to tell you about their acquisition in Malaysia. I see Coke's profit fell to a measly $1.71 billion for the quarter. Must be paying the price for taking on SodaStream. Maybe you should drink a couple more, readers.

I wanted to end this post on a powerful note, so.... 

Fed tightens foreign bank standards

Foreign banks had objected, [arguing] that the stricter rules would raise the cost of doing business in the United States and reduce the loans they could provide.

And thus more money will be withdrawn from the U.S. economy while the Fed's propping up of the stock market is tapering and foreign nations are no longer investing in U.S. Treasuries -- so now the Fed is trying to grab foreign funds to perpetuate its looting scheme. 

Time to put this post to bed along with the dying U.S. economy. I'd rather go scroll other places to find out what is really happening, or certainly a better lens as to what is happening out there, while I scroll the neighborhood and take off the sunglasses

Have a good day, readers!