Sunday, February 16, 2014

Subdued Sunday

Usually I have a roll of Sunday Globe Specials -- and there were plenty of candidates today -- I like to present you; however, I'm not going to do that. I think you will pretty quickly see why


The story that dominates the upper-half of the fold certainly qualifies. Whether it will be of the one-day wonder variety like so many are remains to be seen. 

"Messier’s father and mother — Kevin Messier and Lisa Brown — are pursuing a civil lawsuit. Indeed, were it not for their lawsuit, Joshua Messier’s death might have been forgotten by everyone but his family.

And it wouldn't have made the front page of my Globe.

Messier’s death raises broader questions about the role of Bridgewater State Hospital in caring for the mentally ill in Massachusetts. The prison has faced criticism for decades about excessive use of physical restraints and inadequate training of the guards.... rough treatment of inmates was common.

Yes, despite all the state spew and alleged action nothing changes. That's why I've become rather subdued blogging about the Boston Globe, among other reasons. It's become useless despite all their "good work."

Experts in treatment of the mentally ill say patients like Joshua Messier should not be sent to prison at all. Patients like Messier need treatment outside of prison, but end up at Bridgewater because public and private mental health care facilities are so underfunded that they sometimes dump difficult patients on the state by filing criminal charges against them. “In an era of reduced spending on health care, the mentally ill have borne a great deal of the burden.” 

I don't know what he means regarding reduced spending on health care because costs have skyrocketed, but that is beside the point. How come a mentally ill is committed to prison to be tortured (and that is what this was, folks, if you read the whole article like I did) and made an example of in the liberal and compassionate state of Massachusetts? They just DUMPED HIM into prison like a PIECE of GARBAGE? 

“If you took this out of Bridgewater State Hospital and put it in a school or outside a bar or at Massachusetts General Hospital, there’s no doubt there would be criminal prosecutions.” 

Not necessarily.... The Night the Celtics Won the Championship 

At least the Globe admits the kid was killed by the end of the piece, even though law enforcement has once again been absolved of murder. Like I said, nothing changes.


Below the fold is an item regarding identity theft at the IRS

"Across the country, the theft of taxpayer identities has taken off, while receiving far less attention than the loss of credit card information. 

Related: AmeriKa Media Missing the Target

Yeah, they can't solve it even though the NSA is scooping up all computer communications.

Even some drug dealers, always with an eye out for easy profits, have turned to taxpayer identity theft after hearing how uncomplicated it was to scam the IRS. 

Which bank laundered the refund check?

A medical assistant at a nursing home stole the identities of hundreds of patients. A prison guard stole the identities of inmates and filed false returns under their names. While the IRS said it discovered many of the incidents, the cumulative thefts have resulted in billions of dollars in potentially fraudulent refunds, according to an array of government reports. 

And what is to blame for all this?

Understaffing and lack of training at the IRS, and the political pressure to get refunds quickly to taxpayers at a time when Congress has been cutting the agency’s budget.

Oh, the poor (and unconstitutional) IRS as the workload has increased geometrically because of Obummercare? Remember, now the IRS is going to have access to all your medical data!

Related"The deal buoyed Wall Street investors. Guggenheim Partners, a financial services firm, concluded that as a result overall Pentagon spending will remain relatively the same for the next several years before it begins to grow once again, at about 2.5 percent per year."

Also seeSweet Breakfast From the Boston Globe 

Maybe you would like pizza for lunch?

And just try getting a tax hike on the rich through Congre$$!

A number of identity theft cases have been committed by tax preparers, from their offices. Preparers have filed returns using a client’s information and then had all or part of the refunds sent to themselves. One-third of the potentially fraudulent returns were filed by paid preparers.

Nevertheless, if you turn to the Money & Careers section you will find the Globe turning to a tax preparer to create scenarios for the crowd they $erve, and promoting another conventional myth repeatedly propagated by the propaganda pre$$. That is your "tax increase" on the wealthy. 

As for the rest of us....

The purpose of the earned income tax credit is to give money to working people who still cannot make ends meet.  

Related: "A strong stock market and better business climate have continued to concentrate American wealth in the top 1 percent of earners." 

No problem making ends meet at the top. 

Susan Kooperstein, ABCD spokeswoman, said the earned income tax credit can have a big impact on the lives of the poor.

Yeah, it can turn your life around says Joop!

Arlene Carr, 48, of Dorchester, who earned just $19,000 last year, was laid off from her job as a cashier at Hudson News in September. 

In the midst of an economic recovery gaining momentum as Massachusetts does better than the nation?

Wow, the new$paper indu$try really has come on tough times.

Still unemployed, she has struggled to make ends meet for her and her two teenage children, relying on food stamps and cutting expenses wherever she could.

I wouldn't rely on the food stamps unless you want pizza!

In Massachusetts, more than 400,000 people received the earned income tax credit last year, putting $798 million into the pockets of local residents, according to Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s office. “Generally the people who are going to get the tax return, they don’t have the means for saving,” Walsh said in an interview. “They need it to buy food, they need it to heat their house, and they need to pay their rent. It goes right back into the economy.”

I didn't know Walsh was the mayor of Massachusetts. I thought he was the mayor of Boston -- and never you mind those heating aid cuts or $1.8 trillion in cold hard cash corporations are sitting on. Besides, Obummer has your retirement taken care of.

Meanwhile, small business is complaining because their extenders haven't been renewed

Hey, maybe they will get lucky and get a gift.

The Globe then advises you to use the free software and file online to speed that refund (in contradiction to the part 1 of 2 IRS special on page A1 regarding identity theft; and you wonder why I'm subdued this morning?) in the face of the hacking epidemic

(where the solution to a sophisticated swindle can sometimes be the simple action most people would take if a stranger knocked on their door at night: They wouldn’t answer. 

Just don't do it in Detroit or North Carolina), and despite the fact that 

"in case after case, court records show criminals have used tax-filing software to obtain refunds,"

even though my personal information isn't worth much?

But it is really drug dealers, gangs, and and arrogant individuals like Rashia Wilson, who

"posted on her Facebook page that she was the “queen of IRS tax fraud,” along with a picture that showed her hoisting bound wads of bills, according to court records. She dared the government to catch her, writing on Facebook, “I’m a millionaire for the record, so if U think indicting me will B easy it won’t, I promise you!”, according to prosecutors. The money piled up as Wilson submitted one false return after another, the indictment said." 

So all the spying and all the tyranny doesn't amount to $hit, huh?

The main agenda-pu$hing point one takes away from this collection of whoreporate pre$$ articles in the government mouthpiece is to file and get those taxes paid! Get some money into the coffers of this fraudulent and corporate looting machine called government -- so the money can then be doled out to certain $elect intere$ts (can you really believe anything you see on your TV anymore). Nothing new there! 

I hope the higher tax bill makes you happy! Never mind what the vendors and federal workers owe! No need for a refund there!

Forgotten amongst all this is the impeachable use of the IRS by the Obummer administration. That's all down the memory hole because the problem has been fixed (by an Obummer loyalist).


Of course, none of this fools you kids because I'm told:

 "Today’s young adults are the best-educated generation in history.... 

What has she been smoking?!

With the rising cost of college, people have been asking if it’s worth the investment. But that might be the wrong question. We know that many employers demand a college degree as a requirement for someone to be considered for an interview

Just for an interview?

It’s frustrating for laid-off workers without degrees to be ignored or undervalued despite their experience and skills. That’s the economy we have, with more people than jobs available

Yup, that's the economy we have after all the $hit $pew from the whoreporate pre$$ and $hit-$pewing political $laves. 

Still, if you have to borrow to go to college, the real question is not about the degree but rather the debt. Since it will take years to pay off, is that really worth it?"

Not any more, unless you work in school administration

Thus is is that we come to the return of Filipov, and now I see he has taken up the mantle of Russia's poor (ever hear of the Appalachias in Amerika, Dave?). I see the Russians are complaining about the price of a bus ticket going up, according to Filipov, and quite honestly I've gotten so sick of the insults directed at Russia I've stopped watching the Olympics -- although I did notice an ultimatum from the Ukraine in my Globe today. 

The final story on my front page is the out-of-touch and delusional elitist that is Deval Patrick:

“It’s a big organization. Things are going to come up, and when things go wrong and the mob forms, it’s really hard for them and for everybody to stay focused on solutions.” The governor said he is “heartsick” over the loss of Jeremiah Oliver and “outraged” that the case workers charged with protecting him were not doing so. He noted, however, he has also called for more resources, and would rather be involved in problem-solving than in firings — a move he considers “more about the theater of public life. Let’s not trash everybody because they work in an agency, frankly, where hundreds of miracles are performed every week.”

OMG! The man is INSANE! He says more resources when they have been his budgets!

Also see: Massachusetts DCF: Then and Now 

And we are DEAD LAST in the nation, too -- yet Patrick sees miracle workers!

In contrast to some political scandals that ensnare elected officials — patronage controversies or campaign finance discrepancies, for example — the challenges confronting the Patrick administration in recent years have had a tangible impact on people far beyond Beacon Hill. 

That's why he isn't worried or concerned. 

In 2012, for example, contaminated steroid injections from a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy licensed by the state killed 64 people and infected more than 750 nationwide. 

See: Compounding Conundrum 

Related$100 million agreement close in meningitis outbreak case

Chump change for all the suffering, and no one goes to jail?

Also that year, tens of thousands of criminal convictions were thrown into jeopardy after it was discovered that a state crime lab chemist tampered with evidence; State Police said her supervisors dismissed coworkers’ suspicions. 

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That why she got a great deal? 

Also see: Florida's Reverse Dookhan 

I suppose Patrick can point to that as a distraction.

More recently, people trying to file for unemployment benefits have been stymied by an expensive but problematic new website contracted for the state. 

Sound familiar?

RelatedGoldstein is Going 

No such luck with the unemployment check.

See$46m jobless benefits system has over 100 defects

Mass. labor chief ‘obviously tried to neutralize me,’ official says

But she is such a good woman she was rewarded with a position as an associate vice president at Northeastern University.

And those trying to meet the new federal deadline for health insurance coverage found the Massachusetts Health Connector’s site stopped working after a vendor tried to overhaul it to accommodate the federal health law

Yeah, Obummer destroyed the Mass. health website!

At a meeting of the Health Connector last week, executive director Jean Yang’s tears fell as she described the Sisyphean task that her staff faces — trying to process a backlog of 50,000 paper applications. 

See: Wishing You a Healthy Valentine's Day 


Even when the Patrick administration gets one problem under control, however, it seems another crops up. Troubles have also erupted over state oversight of companies venturing into two potentially lucrative areas newly permitted in Massachusetts — casino gambling and the sale of medical marijuana.

In December, a commission that had ostensibly vetted would-be casino operators had to reconsider one land deal after the Globe reported that a convicted felon had been a silent partner. The board’s chairman, meanwhile, had to recuse himself from the discussions after the Globe reported another landowner was a former business partner

See: Caesars Sues Crosby 

Hey, at least the state is getting its cut.

And almost immediately after the state Department of Public Health awarded 20 provisional licenses to applicants who want to sell medical marijuana, complaints erupted that some of the winning applicants did not have the support of the local politicians they had cited.”

RelatedMass. Marijuana License Process Leaves Lingering $tench

All offset by hundreds of miracles every week!

I say let's not wait a year; get rid of him now! IMPEACH!

Is it any wonder that I do not look forward to turning the page?

Upon doing so I find that the NSA has been spying on lawyers involving trade talks regarding Indonesia. 

"Most attorney-client conversations do not get special protections under US law from NSA eavesdropping.... 

Nothing does.

The NSA is banned from targeting Americans, including businesses, law firms, and other organizations based in the United States, for surveillance without warrants, and intelligence officials have repeatedly said the NSA does not use spy services of its partners in the so-called Five Eyes alliance — Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand — to skirt the law

The original ECHELON that has been monitoring communications for decades! 

Related: New Zealand Sucked Into NSA Scandal

Of course, it isn't like the U.S. government would use such information to steal trade secrets,  get an unfair advantage, or steal someone's idea. They just want to know what is going on, right?

Still, “I always wonder if someone is listening, because you would have to be an idiot not to wonder in this day and age,” he said in an interview. “But I’ve never really thought I was being spied on.”"

It's called denial, and I assume everything is being monitored.


Indonesia voices concerns with Australia over spying
Indonesia recalls ambassador from Australia
Australia should apologize for spying on Indonesian president

So sayeth the Boston Globe!

"Notably absent from the list of countries reportedly being surveilled by the program are the staunchest US allies in Asia: Japan and South Korea." 

Further on in the paper I find that John Kerry will be arriving soon:

"Kerry flew to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Saturday, where he is scheduled to give a speech Sunday in which he is expected to urge the country to do more to tackle climate change."

While it really depresses me to see the Chinese government buy into the fart mi$t, I agree pollution is a problem. Kerry should stop talking and ground the plane if he wants to help the greenhouse gas problem -- if he can land at the airport, that is (a bit of deja vu there).

At least there is always the Army as a paragon of AmeriKan virtue:

"The number of US soldiers forced out of the Army because of crimes or misconduct reflects the Army’s rapid growth in the middle part of the decade, and the decisions to relax standards a bit to bring in and retain tens of thousands of soldiers to fill the ranks as the Pentagon added troops in Iraq and continued the fight in Afghanistan. Over the past year, a series of high profile scandals — from sexual assault and damaging leadership to mistreatment of the enemy and unauthorized spending — has dogged the military, leading to broad ethics reviews and new personnel policies." 

As if any or all of that is something new. 

See: 2.3 Trillion $ Missing from DOD

Buried in the Pentagon rumble of 2001 -- or not.

I'm going to step past this next pile of horse shit if you don't mind, readers.

"Every Monday, buyers for foreign meat factories snap up horses — many still young and healthy — that once pulled plows, buggies, and carts, or even served as family pets. All have been discarded because of lackluster performance or rising costs of care."

Remember way back when they found horse meat as hamburger

Not as bad as rat for lamb, but the key point is your corporate and global food supply isn't safe. 


I've kind of excommunicated myself from the Church so there is really no point in reading it other than because it is there. What did draw my attention is the attempted rehabilitation of LBJ:

"They are seeking a reconsideration of Johnson’s legacy as president, arguing that it has been overwhelmed by the tragedy of the Vietnam War, “Nobody wanted that war less than Lyndon Johnson” 

Then why did he start it? 

Notice, too, that the whole thing is a tragedy, not a planned and calculated effort resulting in the deliberate mass-murder of millions.  

Yeah, the it's a war pre$$, all right, right down to the self-internalized values and terminology. 

Heck, nearly everything in my paper is framed as a war. 


Page A4 brings word that Lakhdar the lackey is worried about his legacy because Geneva is and always was about regime change. 

"Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments reflect increased concern within the US government and nongovernmental organizations over the escalating humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

And yet there are so many they don't give a shit about. You know, the ones caused and created by the EUSraeli Empire -- which turns out to be how they are all created.

They also reflect frustration that Assad appears to have little interest in negotiating the establishment of a transitional government in which he would not play a role

And that surprises arrogant asshole AmeriKan leaders?

Related: Syrians have decided Assad should run in elections 

That is NOT their decision to make, according to AmeriKa!

The United States has repeatedly asserted that the negotiation of such a transitional body is the main purpose of the talks

Need I type more? This conference was designed to fail, like all AmeriKan peace conferences.

Assad’s negotiators have sought to focus on ways to combat what they call terrorism, a blanket description for armed opposition to him. 

U.S. does the same thing!

Kerry did not say what options might be under consideration within the Obama administration or whether they included stepping up the covert CIA program to train and arm the moderate Syrian opposition or even the threat of military force to compel the delivery of aid." 

Oh, then they are back to THREATENING AN ATTACK on Syria as they have ALWAYS WANTED!

I had intended to do a post about the Syrian peace conference(?), but why bother? I'm tired of the agenda-pu$hing jewpre$$ pushing the humanitarian suffering of the Syrian people (caused by the CIA-Duh coup attempt) as a cause for war, along with the chemical weapons and all the rest. I think I'm going to scrap all those articles. Sorry. 

It's obvious to me that Nigeria is in hot water over certain things because of the oil, and when it comes to Lebanon I would rather go other places to see what happening rather than my Globe. I'm glad I missed the taxi in England; however, I did notice drought in Brazil and protest in Bahrain, rare coverage indeed! As for the fight in the Turkish parliament and the dead soldier in Afghanistan, I don't care. Should have never been there, and should have left long ago. 

For some reason, this article didn't make my printed paper:

"Abdullah met last week with President Obama in California. 

Related: Obummer is All Wet 

That was this week. 

AmeriKan media can't even get that right?

Late Friday, the president announced that he will ask Congress to approve a new round of financial aid for Jordan to help manage the influx of refugees from Syria. 

So they CREATE the REFUGEES, and then AUSTERITY-STRAPPED U.S. TAXPAYERS have to pick up the TAB?

The US Agency for International Development has estimated that it will cost the government of King Abdullah II about $900 million to host the refugees this year alone. Obama said he will seek $1 billion in loan guarantees for Jordan, using the full faith and credit of the United States to help make it easier for Jordan to borrow money

OMG, what an a$$hole! At least the bank$ters will be happy, although I had to laugh when I read full faith and credit of the United States government -- as if they had either!

The new guarantee would be on top of a $1.25 billion loan guarantee Congress approved last year, the first one ever for Jordan. 

Meanwhile FOOD STAMPS are CUT here and UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS are stuck in parti$an gridlock! 

And you WONDER WHY the American people are FURIOUS? 

Under a loan guarantee, the United States essentially acts like a cosigner on loans and would be responsible for repaying the principal and interest should Jordan default

And yet he doesn't give a f*** about you, Americans! 

Related: Behead Boehner 

Why don't you do the rest of Wa$hington, too, while you are at it?

Obama also will seek a new, five-year funding agreement for Jordan. Administration officials did not immediately say what level of funding would be sought, saying that detail remained to be worked out. An existing five-year funding agreement with Jordan expires in September. Both the loan guarantees and the funding agreement require approval from Congress

Think Republicans will block it?

These are perilous times for the monarch. 

See: Jordanian Smoke 

Lacking oil, short on water, and overwhelmed by Syrian refugees, Jordan is burdened with more than $25 billion in public debt and suffering through an economic crisis. A few pennies’ rise in the cost of electricity, tobacco, or fuel can send protesters into the streets."

Obviously not a CIA-sponsored, controlled opposition effort; if it were, it would receive a lot more pre$$.

The final story in my front section will leave some sour, I'm sure.

That gets me to the Metro section, and I can happily say we only got an inch out here. I attribute it to karma, folks. I'm not a fart-mi$ting liar. At least it was good to see Patrick all concerned about citizens, even if the snowfall has been twice the average and another storm is coming in Tuesday.

There is barking about the bomb squad as they chase a bicycle (you better pedal faster; whatever you do, don't take the T). 

Apparently some sort of personal dispute led to a murder-suicide so be careful heading home from the bars, ladies.

Also see:

Pilot misses Mansfield runway
Snowplow hits propane tank, ignites fire
Woman indicted over embezzlement
Move on to fix up Worcester Civil War monument
Governor to meet with new rail chief
WOOL-FM off air pending power boost

I took a look at them, that's all. Didn't really read them, a more and more common occurrence when it comes to the Globe.

What I didn't see in my printed Globe was this:

Four arrested after heroin, oxycontin bust

I suppose it is not a good idea to continue with this post. Sorry I'm no longer hungry for the Globe (despite the puffs of pot on the opinion page), not a good $ign for them. Everything I want to know about Garfield (a pitch for Romney?) can be found somewhere else -- which gets us right back to the where we are and were

Sorry I'm so down on my Boston Globe, readers. Sorry I am falling further behind. Sorry that I've failed you. 

All I can say is I tired and became weary of the never-ending distortions, divisions, diversions, omissions, obfuscations, propaganda, and elitist insult of the agenda-pu$hing, war-promoting, Muslim-hating, Zionist-controlled, Jewish War Pre$$. 

I hope you can forgive me.