Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slow Saturday Special: Third Antichrist to Come From Libya

Hister, Hitler, Hifter, what's the difference?

What I remember is I wasn't told the truth.

"Libyan general provokes contempt; Wants Parliament, Cabinet dissolvedy Esam Mohamed and Maggie Michael |  Associated Press, February 15, 2014

TRIPOLI, Libya — A top general on Friday called for Libya’s Parliament and Cabinet to be dissolved to ‘‘rescue’’ the country from turmoil, prompting accusations that he was fomenting a coup and bringing derision from many at the presumption that the deeply weakened military could impose control in a country dominated by rival armed militias.

I wouldn't worry; it will not affect anyone.

The statement by General Khalifa Hifter came amid a mounting confrontation over Parliament that is threatening to turn into outright armed conflict between militias, which are the real power in Libya. The divided militias have lined up behind rival political factions in the power struggle between the Western-backed prime minister and Islamist factions in Parliament trying to remove him.

And don't forget the remnants of the Khadafy regime in Surt and other such places.

On Monday, Libya marks the anniversary of the start of the 2011 revolt that brought down longtime dictator Moammar Khadafy. Three years later, the weak central government still has little authority in the North African nation.

Oops. Killed the wrong one again.

It is not clear what support Hifter has in the military, or other armed factions. There were no unusual military movements in the capital after his statement.

Hey, the other guy got started with a failed beer hall putsch, so....


I think I'm pretty much up-to-date on Libya (I will double-check and confirm), folks, so scroll away at your own speed. As for that other fella, I'm just about ready for some lunch and then I will have to get into some snow gear for some more shoveling so I may not be back today.

"Seven workers die in building collapse

PANAJI — A five-story building under construction in the south India state of Goa collapsed on Saturday, killing at least seven workers and leaving dozens more feared trapped under the rubble, police said. Authorities were trying to determine how many people were at the construction site when the structure crumpled in Canacona, about 44 miles from the state capital. Building collapses are common in India, as housing demand and lax rules cause builders to cut corners (AP)." 

I wonder what the great leader would have said to that.

Also see:

Fire aboard train kills at least 26 in India
9 die as fire sweeps through India train

Just keeping the Indian fires lit.

As for my views on all the antichrist stuff, I see the general crop of EUSraeli war criminals all in the same light. Pin me down on prophecy and I will lay it at the feet of W. Bush for the invasion of Iraq with AmeriKan troops literally destroying Babylon and a following wave of Christian persecution (by Al-CIA-Duh, no doubt) across the Middle East, but I'm no longer a believer in all that religious garbage. We live in the here and now and the future is up to us. 

Needless to say, I'm Obumming about the current occupant of the Devil's Throne and fearful of another Hitlery soon.