Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syrian Humanitarian Situation Inhumane

Glad to see my war-promoting, agenda-pushing Jewi$h War Media picking up the torch....

"On Monday, Syrian antigovernment activist groups reported what appeared to be a major escalation of the military’s prolonged siege of Aleppo, with video and witness accounts of a helicopter gunship attack in which crews dropped explosive barrels filled with TNT and shrapnel."

Assad must allow aid to Homs; Russia can turn up pressure

They will -- AGAIN (grumble, grumble, grumble, from western capitals).

Largest-ever UN appeal shows scope of Syrian refugee crisis

There are some small signs of progress. Russia, a top supplier of weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad, has previously given almost nothing for humanitarian relief. But recently, Moscow began airlifting food.

Town raises Assad’s flag to get food

Accepting symbolic humiliation in exchange for food

"Also Sunday, the Syrian government said it evacuated about 5,000 people from an embattled industrial town near Damascus where Al Qaeda-linked rebels have been battling government troops for more than two weeks, the state news agency said."

Syria may allow aid to reach besieged cities

US vows $380m to aid Syrian civilians

During this age of food stamp austerity and withheld unemployment checks? For a refugee problem you guys created? Now taxpayers who have had austerity imposed on them must pay?

"Kerry warned that the new aid would not be sufficient unless President Bashar Assad stopped “using starvation as a weapon of war

"The government’s decision to permit the supplies to enter appeared to be a good will gesture on as well as an attempt to present itself as a responsible partner ahead of a peace conference scheduled to open next week in Switzerland."

Yeah, Syria has ulterior motives; the EUSraeli Empires aims are always altrui$tic.

Deal nears to get food to blockaded Syrian city

And look who the agenda-pushing jew$media finally noticed:

"Palestinian camp in Syria gets food parcels" by ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE |  Associated Press, January 31, 2014

DAMASCUS, Syria — The United Nations delivered hundreds of relief parcels Thursday to a besieged rebel-held Palestinian neighborhood in the Syrian capital that has suffered from crippling shortages of food and medicine for months, UN and Palestinian officials said.

The Yarmouk camp, located on the southern edge of Damascus, is one of the hardest-hit of a number of opposition enclaves under tight blockades imposed by progovernment forces.

Reminds me of somewhere else close by.

Activists said Wednesday that at least 85 people had died in Yarmouk since mid-2013 as a result of starvation and illnesses exacerbated by hunger or lack of medical aid.

Like in, well, you know.... a Nazi concentration camp at the end of WWII. That's the imagery that is meant to be called to mind. Ready to invade Syria yet?

Activists and aid groups have accused forces loyal to President Bashar Assad of using starvation as a weapon of war, and called for immediate humanitarian access to the stricken areas.

The need to open humanitarian corridors to relieve civilian suffering in blockaded areas has been one of the topics discussed at ongoing peace talks in Switzerland between the Syrian government and the opposition.

Where is all the swirling "world community" when it comes to Palestinians in Gaza for God's sake? Not in my jew$media as such!

Despite encouraging signs early in the Geneva discussions, no concrete progress has been made on that front....

Geneva has flopped because it was never meant to succeed. Standard U.S negotiating tactic.


Yeah, when they are not shelling the place.  What rank rot from you-know-jwho.

"Syrian forces loyal to Assad have prevented the entry of food and medical aid into rebel-held parts of the city for over a year."

"The Syrian government has been under pressure from allies Russia and Iran to allow aid into the besieged areas of Homs to show good faith ahead of the second round of peace talks in Geneva, which begin Monday. At least four busloads of civilians were taken out of the city, according to the Associated Press, which described video of the operation that was broadcast on the Lebanese television station al-Mayadeen. In the video, children with prominent cheekbones, suggestive of malnutrition, stepped from a bus, assisted by aid workers. ‘‘Our life was a disaster; we had no food, no water,’’ one distressed woman said." 

I'm sensing a selling point, I mean, theme.

"In a statement Tuesday, the UN children’s agency said there were at least 500 children among those evacuated so far. UNICEF said the children were ‘‘terrified, frail, and emaciated.’’ “Mothers were anxious, and many were crying,’’ a statement from the UNICEF said. ‘‘All they wanted was for their children to reach safety.’’ 

What parent doesn't? 

"Weeping children begged for food and women picked grass to eat, according to a rare first-hand account in a Skype interview. “We are facing the worst humanitarian tragedy since the genocide in Rwanda in 1994,’’ France’s UN ambassador, Gerard Araud, said earlier this week. ‘‘Starvation is used as a weapon by the regime.’’’ 

It's reaching jump-the-shark time.

"British foreign secretary, William Hague, tweeted that the UN Security Councilmust now act to address the humanitarian crisis urgently.” But Russia, the Syrian government’s most powerful backer, sees Western attempts to require access for aid workers as a pretext for military action, and it has blocked previous Security Council measures on Syria." 

Yeah, well, the Russkies got burned in Libya the last time they went along with things.

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That doesn't bode well for Syria in the very near future. This from the guy who says we must invade Syria and clean up whatever mess we make. 

Don't these guys ever learn? 

Or are they so copse to completing the Project for the New AmeriKan Century that can't pull back, even in the face of self-destruction?