Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obama to Use Serbian Template in Syria

Just had to change a few letters around.... Serbia, Syria.... Iraq, Iran.... hmmmmm.

"In 1999, President Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the rationale of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of air strikes."

Before going any further, I just want to be on record before the fact as a human being of planet earth and citizen of the criminal AmeriKan regime that I preemptively condemn the actions that are being telegraphed, and damn to hell for all eternity Obama and his coterie of War Cabinet criminals.

What is amazing to me is the insane psychopaths making policy think that they will be able to carry out a three-month bombing campaign with absolutely no consequences with Russia, China, and Iran.

Of course, WWIII is exactly what they have been working on and this will simply be the last act that will make it official in the official narrative of history. Only one problem. The "good guys" are going to lose this one.

"Kosovo could be example for action in Syria; Obama looking to ’99 NATO air war for guidance" by Mark Landler and Michael R. Gordon |  New York Times, August 24, 2013

WASHINGTON — As President Obama weighs options for responding to a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, his national security aides are studying the NATO air war in Kosovo as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations.

Oh, he is going to SIDESTEP the U.N. like BUSH DID, huh?

With Russia still likely to veto any military action in the Security Council, the president appears to be wrestling with whether to bypass the United Nations, although he warned that doing so would require a robust international coalition and legal justification.

“If the US goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, do we have the coalition to make it work?” Obama said Friday to CNN, in his first public comments after the deadly attack on Wednesday.

Fuck you , Mr. President. It's not my language that is offensive, it is you and your odious, war-criminal regime that is nothing but a slave to Israel that is the abominable offense.

Obama described the attack as “clearly a big event of grave concern” and acknowledged that the United States had limited time to respond. But he said UN investigators needed to determine whether chemical weapons had been used.

Yes, the proposed assault on Syria will be just that. 

I wish I could say it was a pleasure having served you these many years, dear readers; however, I started this blog out of concern and frustration with failed protests and as my writing style and commentaries indicate, this has been anything but a pleasure. As for you, Mr. President, I will see you in hell where I will feast upon your bowels and innards.

Kosovo is an obvious precedent for Obama because, as in Syria, civilians were killed and Russia had longstanding ties to the government authorities accused of the abuses. In 1999, President Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the rationale of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of air strikes.

That's two-and-a-half months of aerial bombardment and littering the place with depleted uranium munitions. 

Btw, did you Bill Clinton used CIA-Duh against Serbs who were punished for merely being recalcitrant when it came to the Jew World Order?

A senior administration official said the Kosovo precedent was one of many subjects discussed in continuing White House meetings on the crisis in Syria. Officials are also debating whether a military strike would have unintended consequences, destabilize neighbors like Lebanon, or lead to even greater flows of refugees into Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt.

Nothing about the refugees pouring into Iraq? Hmmmmmm.

“It’s a step too far to say we’re drawing up legal justifications for an action, given that the president hasn’t made a decision,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the deliberations. “But Kosovo, of course, is a precedent of something that is perhaps similar.”

All I want to know is WHO LEAKED THIS?!?!

On Friday, the Russian government called on President Bashar Assad of Syria to allow UN investigators into the areas east of Damascus where the attack occurred. But US and foreign diplomats said Russia’s move did not reflect any shift in its backing of Assad or its resistance to punitive measures in the Security Council.

In a statement, Russia’s foreign ministry put the onus on Syria’s opposition forces to provide secure access to the site of the “reported incident.” A second statement suggested the Russians believed the attack was actually a provocation by the rebels. It cited reports criticizing government troops that were posted on the Internet hours before the attack.

And then.... the web version is markedly differnet from my print version, and I suppose it is no wonder why:

More and more evidence emerges indicating that this criminal act had an openly provocative character,” Aleksandr K. Lukashevich, a spokesman for Russia’s foreign ministry, said in the statement. “The talk here is about a previously planned action.”

However, Mr. Lukashevich may have been confused by YouTube’s practice of time-stamping uploaded videos based on the time in its California headquarters, no matter the originating time zone. The attacks occurred early Wednesday in Syria, when it would still have been Tuesday in California for about eight more hours. 

Uh-huh! That's the lame-ass excuse they are using for their deceptive social media practices?

Readers, we TRULY ARE HAVING a COLLECTIVE EFFECT if the crap corporate media and JYT is being forced to respond to such things. The jig is up!

In the Mediterranean, the Navy’s regional commander postponed a scheduled port call in Naples, Italy, for a destroyer so that the ship would remain with a second destroyer in striking distance of Syria during the crisis. Pentagon officials said the decision did not reflect any specific orders from Washington, but both destroyers had on board Tomahawk cruise missiles, long-range weapons that probably would be among the first launched against targets in Syria should the president decide to take military action."

Well, at least the Syrians know what is coming.

What the pos update added:

The Pentagon is moving naval forces closer to Syria in preparation for a possible decision by Obama to order strikes, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested on Friday.

It is not a question of if, but when. This administration is so embroiled in scandal it thinks starting another war will take the attention off it and get us all to forget. How self-delusional and insane.

Hagel declined to describe any specific movements of US forces. He said Obama asked that the Pentagon to prepare military options for Syria and that some of those options ‘‘requires positioning our forces.’’

US Navy ships are capable of a variety of military action, including launching Tomahawk cruise missiles, as they did against Libya in 2011 as part of an international action that led to the overthrow of the Libyan government.

Yeah, Obomber has done this before.

‘‘The Defense Department has a responsibility to provide the president with options for contingencies, and that requires positioning our forces, positioning our assets, to be able to carry out different options — whatever options the president might choose,’’ Hagel said.

We know what that kind of talk means. 

So when is the attack?


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Oh, did I mention the latest log roll of fictitious propaganda is was complete crap?

"UN experts to investigate alleged Syria chemical attacks" by Edith M. Lederer |  Associated Press, August 01, 2013

UNITED NATIONS — UN experts will travel to Syria as soon as possible to investigate three alleged incidents of chemical weapons, the United Nations announced Wednesday.

UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said the green light for the investigation followed ‘‘the understanding reached with the government of Syria’’ during last week’s visit to Damascus by UN disarmament chief Angela Kane and the head of the chemical weapons investigation team, Ake Sellstrom.

Translation: Assad won -- and then used chemical weapons to bring down the wrath of the EUSraeli Empire after its Sunni lackeys in the region failed in their overthrow attempt.

And who benefits? Any surprise we really knew where this was headed all along?

Nesirky said Sellstrom’s team will visit Khan al-Assal, a village on the southwestern outskirts of the rebel-captured city of Aleppo, which was under attack by government forces Wednesday. The government and rebels blame each other for a purported chemical attack on the village on March 19 that killed at least 30 people.

Nesirky did not give any details of the other two incidents to be investigated. A well-informed UN diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Sellstrom is expected to choose the two other sites based on the technical and scientific information the UN has received.

Syria initially asked Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to investigate the Khan al-Assal incident and balked at a broader investigation sought by the UN chief after Britain, France, and the United States sent the UN information about a dozen other alleged attacks in Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, and elsewhere.

Kane and Sellstrom’s visit to Damascus last week led to Syria’s agreement to the probe of three incidents. The diplomat stressed that the chemical weapons experts should have access to all 13 sites.

The investigation team’s mandate is to report on whether chemical weapons were used, and if so, which chemical weapon, but not to determine the group responsible for an attack.

We know who was responsible. Rebels carrying out a false flag attack -- if it happened at all.


"Syria warns US against military intervention" by Albert Aji |  Associated Press, August 24, 2013

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — The Syrian government accused rebels of using chemical weapons Saturday and warned the United States not to launch any military action against Damascus over an alleged chemical attack last week, saying such a move would set the Middle East ablaze.

The accusations by the regime of President Bashar Assad against opposition forces came as an international aid group said it has tallied 355 deaths from a purported chemical weapons attack on Wednesday in a suburb of the Syrian capital known as Ghouta.

Syria is intertwined in alliances with Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militant groups. The country also borders its longtime foe and U.S. ally Israel, making the fallout from military action unpredictable.

Violence in Syria has already spilled over the past year to Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Battle-hardened Hezbollah fighters have joined the combat alongside Assad’s forces.

No role by of for the Al-CIA-Duh-backed rebels, huh?

Meanwhile, U.S. naval units are moving closer to Syria as President Barack Obama considers a military response....

Well, he pretty much has to do something now after talking all tough and moving things around!

U.S. defense officials told The Associated Press that the Navy had sent a fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles into the eastern Mediterranean Sea but without immediate orders for any missile launch into Syria. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss ship movements publicly.

What, one not enough? 

And WHO LEAKED THIS?!!!!!???

Obama emphasized that a quick intervention in the Syrian civil war was problematic, given the international considerations that should precede a military strike.

That has never stopped them before, and certainly didn't with non-nuclear-armed Libya.

If anything, that statement is a deception. For all I know, the missiles could be flying right now. The TV is off.

The White House said the president would meet Saturday with his national security team to consider possible next steps by the United States. Officials say once the facts are clear, Obama will make a decision about how to proceed.

You think you are getting facts from U.S. intelligence services? 


Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi dismissed the possibility of an American attack, warning that such a move would risk triggering more violence in the region.

‘‘The basic repercussion would be a ball of fire that would burn not only Syria but the whole Middle East,’’ al-Zoubi said in an interview with Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV. ‘‘An attack on Syria would be no easy trip.’’

No, it certainly would not.

In Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Abbas Arakji, warned that an American military intervention in Syria will ‘‘complicate matters.’’

‘‘Sending warships will not solve the problems but will worsen the situation,’’ Arakji said in comments carried by Iran’s Arabic-language TV Al-Alam. He added that any such U.S. move does not have international backing and that Iran ‘‘rejects military solutions.’’

That's the true objective here. Obomber needs a war!

In France, Doctors Without Borders said three hospitals it supports in the eastern Damascus region reported receiving roughly 3,600 patients with ‘‘neurotoxic symptoms’’ over less than three hours on Wednesday morning, when the attack in the eastern Ghouta area took place.

Yeah, they are a FRENCH OUTFIT, huh? I used to like doctors without borders, but now I will dismiss anything they say.

Of those, 355 died, the Paris-based group said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.... 

I don't care what a self-serving, agenda-pushing group has to say.

Al-Zoubi blamed the rebels for the chemical attacks in Ghouta, saying that the Syrian government had proof of their responsibility but without giving details. ‘‘The rockets were fired from their positions and fell on civilians. They are responsible,’’ he said.

With the pressure increasing, Syria’s state media accused rebels in the contested district of Jobar near Damascus of using chemical weapons against government troops Saturday.

State TV broadcast images of plastic jugs, gas masks, vials of an unspecified medication, explosives and other items that it said were seized from rebel hideouts Saturday.

One barrel had ‘‘made in Saudi Arabia’’ stamped on it. The TV report also showed medicines said to be produced by a Qatari-German medical supplies company. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are strong supporters of the Syrian rebels. The report could not be immediately verified.

Are you sure they weren't stamped Cargill like the other chemicals the government found after overrunning rebel hideouts?

An army statement issued late Saturday said the discovery of the weapons ‘‘is clear evidence that these gangs are using chemical weapons against our people and soldiers with help from foreign sides.’’

It just confirms what we already knew.

The claims could muddy the debate about who was responsible for Wednesday’s alleged gas attack, which spurred demands for an independent investigation and renewed talk of potential international military action if chemical weapons were used.

Oh, no, it might PUT a BRAKE on Obomber's war threats?

Just hours before the state media reports, the U.N. disarmament chief arrived in Damascus to press Assad’s regime to allow U.N. experts to investigate the alleged Wednesday attack. The regime has denied allegations it was responsible, calling them ‘‘absolutely baseless’’ and suggesting they are an attempt to discredit the government.

The U.S., Britain, France and Russia have urged the Assad regime and the rebels fighting to overthrow him to cooperate with the United Nations and allow a team of experts already in Syria to look into the latest purported use of chemical agents. The U.N. secretary-general dispatched Angela Kane, the high representative for disarmament affairs, to push for a speedy investigation into Wednesday’s purported attack. She did not speak to reporters upon her arrival in Damascus Saturday.

That's where my printed paper ended the article.

The state news agency said several government troops who took part in the Jobar offensive experienced severe trouble breathing or even ‘‘suffocation’’ after ‘‘armed terrorist groups used chemical weapons.’’ It was not clear what was meant by ‘‘suffocation,’’ and the report mentioned no fatalities among the troops.

‘‘The Syrian Army achieved major progress in the past days and for that reason, the terrorist groups used chemical weapons as their last card,’’ state TV said. The government refers to rebels fighting to topple Assad as ‘‘terrorists.’’

Yeah, the Globe wouldn't want you Sunday Globe swillers to know that.

State TV also broadcast images of a Syrian army officer, wearing a surgical mask, telling reporters wearing similar masks that soldiers were subjected to poisonous attack in Jobar. He spoke inside the depot where the alleged confiscated products were placed.

‘‘Our troops did not suffer body wounds,’’ the officer said. ‘‘I believe terrorist groups used special substances that are poisonous in an attempt to affect this advance.’’

Al-Mayadeen aired interviews with two soldiers hospitalized for possible chemical weapons attack. The two appeared unharmed but were undergoing tests.

‘‘We were advancing and heard an explosion that was not very strong,’’ a soldier said from his bed. ‘‘Then there was a strange smell, my eyes and head ached and I struggled to breathe.’’ The other soldier also said he experienced trouble breathing after the explosion.

Al-Mayadeen TV, which has a reporter embedded with the troops in the area, said some 50 soldiers were rushed to Damascus hospitals for treatment and that it was not yet known what type of gas the troops were subjected too.

In Turkey, top Syrian rebel commander Salim Idris told reporters that opposition forces did not use chemical weapons on Saturday and that ‘‘the regime is lying.’’

Well, someone is and I do not think it is them.

For days, the government has been trying to counter rebel allegations that the regime used chemical weapons on civilians in rebel-held areas of eastern Damascus, arguing that opposition fighters themselves were responsible for that attack.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius dismissed the Syrian government’s claims.

‘‘All the information we have is converging to indicate there was a chemical massacre in Syria, near Damascus, and that Bashar Assad’s regime was behind it,’’ Fabius told reporters during a visit to the West Bank city of Ramallah. He did not elaborate.

France has suggested that force could be used against Syria if Assad’s regime was proven to have used chemical arms.

Those expenditures should go over well with the austerity-laden French people.

The new talk of potential military action in in the country has made an independent investigation by U.N. inspectors critical to determine what exactly transpired.

Comes just as Al-CIA-Duh has been routed, imagine that.

The U.N. experts already in Syria are tasked with investigating three earlier purported chemical attacks in the country: one in the village of Khan al-Assal outside the northern city of Aleppo in March, as well as two other locations that have been kept secret for security reasons.

It took months of negotiations between the U.N. and Damascus before an agreement was struck to allow the 20-member team into Syria to investigate. Its mandate is limited to those three sites, however, and it is only charged with determining whether chemical weapons were used, not who used them.

Yeah, amazing how Assad would take this exact moment to launch a chemical attack.

Leaders of the main Western-backed Syrian opposition group on Saturday vowed retaliation for the alleged chemical weapons attack.

Meaning what, more false flag chemical attacks?

From Istanbul, the head of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmad Al-Jarba, also criticized the lack of response to the attack by the United Nations and the international community, saying the UN was discrediting itself.

It's already been discredited, so....

‘‘It does not reach the ethical and legal response that Syrians expect,’’ he said. ‘‘As a matter of fact we can describe it as a shame.’’

That's what I picked up at the newsstand this morning. We call it a newspaper.


Also seeSyrians rally against Assad regime, protest reported chemical attacks

Chemical weapons likely used in Syria, US official says

Yeah, well, FUCK YOU, you god-damned fucking LIAR!!!!!!!!!!

Syria agrees to UN probe of purported attacks

That doesn't work; Saddam Hussein found that out the hard way. 

No chance you Syrians have a nuclear bomb lying around, is there? 

Right now might be a good time to explode it and announce the test to the world.  


"United States tone turns harder on Syrian acts; Military response to toxic arms use appears possible" by Scott Shane and Ben Hubbard |  New York Times, August 26, 2013

WASHINGTON — Moving a step closer to possible US military action in Syria, a senior Obama administration official said Sunday that there was “very little doubt” that President Bashar Assad’s military forces had used chemical weapons against civilians last week and that a Syrian promise to allow UN inspectors access to the site was “too late to be credible.”

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Thus, the Obomber administration is EVIL!!

The official said that “based on the reported number of victims, reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured, witness accounts and other facts gathered by open sources, the US intelligence community, and international partners, there is very little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the Syrian regime against civilians in this incident.” 

Yup. And they were SURE IRaq had WMD, too! 

Nothing like opening a morning before sunrise and already boiling in anger.

The conclusion was described in a written statement released Sunday morning on the condition that the official not be named. 

So WHO LEAKED THIS, and why isn't Obomber furious?

It reflected a marked shift in tone after President Obama’s meeting at the White House on Saturday with his national security team, during which advisers discussed options for military action.

The president, who warned a year ago that the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces would be a “red line,” has faced criticism from congressional Republicans and others for failing to respond more forcefully to evidence of earlier, smaller-scale chemical attacks.

Obama, who inherited two costly wars — in Iraq and Afghanistan — has been extremely reluctant to commit US military forces, even in the form of missile strikes, to a tangled conflict in the Middle East.

Yeah, somehow the WHOLE LIBYA THING has been forgotten, as well as his surge into Afghanistan and Africa and recent foray into Yemen and continuing drone strikes in Pakistan. But he's reluctant to use force. God help us all if he felt unrestrained, 'eh?

But on Sunday, the White House seemed to take a harder line, dismissing the Syrian promise of possible access by UN inspectors. That raised at least the possibility that a strike on Syrian targets would come soon, perhaps using cruise missiles fired from ships off shore.

I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again: 

FUCK YOU, Mr. President! 

It is TIME TO IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama spoke Sunday with the French president, Francois Hollande, and the White House said they had expressed “grave concern” about the reported Syrian chemical attack and “discussed possible responses by the international community.”

But they aren't going to the U.N.

Obama had spoken Saturday to the British prime minister, David Cameron. Analysts have said that Britain and France could well be part of an international coalition conducting strikes against Syria.

Oh, I expected that they would be. We don't call it the EUSraeli Empire for nothing!

Early Sunday, the White House said Syrian officials had refused to let the inspectors see the site of the attack. But Syrian television subsequently reported that there was a deal to allow access beginning Monday.

Too late. White House already decided to do this. That is why they put out the staged and scripted propaganda.

The administration official who released the statement said the offer, even if sincere, might be meaningless because of the time that had already passed since the attack. “The evidence available has been significantly corrupted as a result of the regime’s persistent shelling and other intentional actions over the last five days,” the official said.

These guys are incredible. Then why even send that U.N. team that is there now to investigate months ago? What was with all that? Just shit-show fooleys to justify the war criminal action that has already been decided upon? 

Or is what was said above just a LAME-ASS EXCUSE to carry out the coming cruise missile strikes?

The official, however, did not suggest that Obama had decided to take action. “We are continuing to assess the facts so the president can make an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons,” the official said.



Obomber has WOOFED HIMSELF INTO A CORNER to please the shit-stinking stain of Israel!!!!!!!!!!!

But by labeling as “indiscriminate” the attack Wednesday in a Damascus suburb, which reportedly killed hundreds of civilians, the official suggested that the United States viewed the latest assault as different from the smaller suspected chemical attacks that had not brought US military action.

I should have known there was a BUT coming!!! 

And in other words, this latest FALSE FLAG ATTACK had to be BIG, BIG, BIG, to ROLL THIS SHIT LOG over the objections of the entire world!!!

Several members of Congress from both parties said in televised interviews Sunday that they supported a proportional and quick US military response to the apparent use of toxic weapons.


The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons, and Saturday it said its soldiers had found chemical supplies in areas seized from rebel forces. Russia, an ally of the Syrian government, accused the rebels of using the weapons, but few analysts think they have the supplies or ability to do so.

Isn't this WONDERFUL PROPAGANDA, folks!!? 

The TRUTH is put out there, and then the lying, agenda-pushing, war-promoting paper qualifies it with "few analysts think." 

Well, WHO are these FEW ANALYSTS -- as opposed to MANY, right? -- that think such a thing? 

You know, SOME SAY (another favorite saying of the shit jewspaper).... 

In a response that suggested concern about a possible imminent US attack, Moscow welcomed Syria’s acceptance of inspections and cautioned against a rush to judgment.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander K. Lukashevich, said that those who advocated an armed response to any chemical weapons attack — without citing the United States or other countries — were prejudging the results of the UN inspections.

“In these conditions, we again resolutely call on all those who are trying to impose the results of the UN investigations and who say that armed actions against Syria is possible to show common sense and avoid tragic mistakes,” Lukashevich said in a statement Sunday on the ministry’s website.

Thanks for your helpful advice, but the insane psychopaths bent on world domination -- including a sycophantic president -- have made up their mind. Our only hope now is Russia and the rest will beat the hell out of it in a war, which means Obomber will loose AmeriKa's nuclear arsenal and that's that. 

Syria warned that any US military action would inflame the Mideast. Iranian state news media quoted the Tehran government as saying that any intervention by Washington would have hard consequences.

They don't hear you because they think this is going to be like Serbia. They will bomb the place to rubble, twice, and then install their own puppet to lord over it. Assad, if he survives, will be carted of the the Hague like Milosevic.

The attack Wednesday took place in an area behind rebel lines, which complicates the task of the UN team.


While activists reached in the area said they would welcome the team, many are deeply skeptical that its work will result in action against Assad’s government.

Don't worry; Obomber is on the way!

The team’s original mandate was limited to determining whether or not chemical weapons had been used, not to assign responsibility for their deployment.

Israel sharpened its message Sunday, suggesting that the use of such weapons in the region should not go without a response. 

That is VERY INTERESTING seeing as ISRAEL has dumped WMD like white phosphorous on GAZA and LEBANON! 

Despite that, it was not met with a response at all other than silence. 

“This situation must not be allowed to continue,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, referring to the Syrian civilians “who were so brutally attacked by weapons of mass destruction.”

And NOW YOU KNOW WHY Obomber is DOING what he is DOING!!

“The most dangerous regimes in the world must not be allowed to possess the most dangerous weapons in the world,” Netanyahu said.


Remember the GENERAL RULE of THUMB, readers: ANY CHARGE ISRAEL MAKES is one it is GUILTY OF ITSELF! It PROJECTS ITS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR on those it wishes to attack!

Some Israelis have argued that international intervention in Syria would distract the world from the crucial effort to prevent a nuclear Iran.

It's all one and the same. An attack on Syria is an attack on Iran.

But there is a growing sense among Israelis that Syria presents a test of how the world might respond to Iran as it approaches the capability of making a nuclear weapon.

Aaaaaah, ISRAEL is TESTING Mr. Obomber and its EU puppets!!

“Assad’s regime has become a full Iranian client, and Syria has become Iran’s testing ground,” Netanyahu added. “Now the whole world is watching. Iran is watching, and it wants to see what would be the reaction on the use of chemical weapons.”

Yes, WE ARE, you fucking war criminal scum!

On Saturday, Doctors Without Borders, an international aid group, said that on the morning of the reported attack, medical centers it supported near the site received about 3,600 patients showing symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic nerve agents. Of those, 355 died, the group said.

I no longer respect or believe the FRENCH doctors Without Borders. 

So how many of you guys are spies, anyway?


At least we have a confrontational Congress filled with partisanship to check Obomber:

"Some in Congress expect military response in Syria" New York Times, August 26, 2013

WASHINGTON — Several lawmakers from both parties said Sunday that they now expected the United States to take limited military action to punish Syria or deter further chemical attacks in that country’s civil war.

The CHOICE has ALREADY BEEN MADE despite the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, mouthpiece no decisions made yet shit.

But lawmakers who appeared on Sunday talk shows said it would be reckless to add ground troops into a war in a region already in turmoil, and there was a general call for any action to be taken under the broadest possible international auspices.

Yeah, we aren't going to do that anymore because we have a broken army and occupying places is no longer possible. 


It will then be called VICTORY!

“I hope the president, as soon as we get back to Washington, will ask for authorization from Congress to do something in a very surgical and proportional way,” Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on “Fox News Sunday.”


He's RUNNING an END-RUN around the U.N. and you think he is going to ASK PERMISSION from Congress to do something he has to do quick? 

You better put that corker back in the moonshine, Bob!

But Representative Eliot Engel of New York, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the situation might be too urgent to wait for Congress, which does not return from its summer recess until Sept. 9. He suggested that there were many options for air attacks launched from outside Syrian airspace.

Engel is Jewish, isn't it?

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a Democrat and an Armed Services Committee member, said any military option should be carefully circumscribed.

“We can’t let ourselves get into a situation where this becomes a springboard for general military operations in Syria to try to change the dynamic” of the hostilities there, he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “This has to be an international operation. It can’t be a unilateral American approach.”

Shut up and save your breath, Jack. Britain and France have already agreed to join so Israel will not have to.

If the United States wants to send a message to Assad, defense officials have previously indicated the most probable military action would be a Tomahawk missile strike, launched from a ship in the Mediterranean. The Navy has sent four warships equipped with cruise missiles to the Mediterranean.



Well, here is a MESSAGE to YOU war criminal assholes!!

Syrian State TV announced that Bashar Assad’s government would allow UN inspectors to visit the site Monday, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said Sunday in a statement. US officials said the decision was too late to be useful. The reported assent came several days after Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, one of the top-level contacts between the two governments, the Associated Press reported.

Kerry had warned the regime it needed to give inspectors immediate and unimpeded access to the site ‘‘rather than continuing to attack the affected area to block access and destroy evidence,’’ according to a senior State Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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And then it is ON to IRAN!


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