Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Syria Post Literally Goes Into the Toilet

Or to use the local terminology, the al qaeda.... 

"US artist, Syrian children add color to refugee camp" by Dale Gavlak |  Associated Press, July 24, 2013

ZAATARI, Jordan — Young Syrian children, refugees of their country’s grinding civil war, playfully grab paint brushes and rollers nearly as big as they are in this windswept desert camp, adding splashes of bright color to their bleak surroundings.

Most of the trailers and tents match the beige color of the swirling sand surrounding the Zaatari refugee camp, home to about 120,000 Syrians who fled the nearly three-year war still gripping the nation. Slowly though, that’s changing with the help of an American artist who is leading children haunted by the conflict to paint buildings and walls at the crowded camp with murals expressing their lives and hopes.

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‘‘So many children are bored in Zaatari. They just throw rocks because they have nothing else to do,’’ artist Samantha Robison said. ‘‘There’s a lot of violent tendencies and negative energy, so if you bring in art and give them a positive activity, it helps a lot.’’

For Palestinians it's been 65 years and counting with generations knowing nothing else, but at least a good Jew is on the case! 

You know, you think I'm making it up, but once you notice the subtle supremacism and truly self-internalized values of the pre$$ owners and ma$ters, it means you no longer believe or bother with it. They could be telling God's own truth -- I mean, they are not and never will, but -- and I wouldn't believe them. If Satan himself were to stand before me I would believe him before the AmeriKan jewsmedia. We have just reached that point. That's the way it is, I'm sorry, it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism or all the other labels and tags they would like to throw at me, it comes the unceasing streams of lies, distortions, diversions, and divisions.

The painting project gives a moment of color and self-expression for kids who have had their lives shattered by Syria’s war.

And you can THANK the AmeriKan-$pon$ored Al-CIA-Duh coup effort for that! And NOW the agenda-pu$hing jewspaper wants us to feel guilty and heartbroken so we will clamor for more slaughter of Syrians. 

Well, XXXXXXXXXXX, didn't make our survey!! 

For the record, you can SHOVE your god-damned escalation of the neo-con world domination plan, the last leg, I know, and all the swirling propaganda swill around it. As stated previously, I preemptively condemn the coming war criminal assault on Syria to be authorized by my lying, war-criminal government that I have disowned. They don't speak for me, and never did.

Last week, the special UN envoy for children and conflict warned about the effects of the upheaval on children, warning that Syria’s violence is producing a generation plagued with illiteracy and ‘‘filled with hate.’’

Yeah, the U.N. tool is used to trot out children before your eyes so you will insist upon military action from Obama. So let the cruise missiles fly and let's create more refugees who will be filled with hate and be subject to Al-CIA-Duh indoctrination! Good way to keep "enemies" in business and keep wars going, huh?

Just over half the refugees in Zaatari are under the age of 18. On what was once an empty patch of desert, the sprawling complex has grown in just a year into the second-largest refugee camp in the world and is Jordan’s fifth-largest populated city, with more refugees pouring daily across the border, 10 miles away.

What's the largest

Oh, it's another Al-CIA-Duh created hell hole, huh?

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Gee, MB only sent a warning to western-allied Jordan? Intere$ting -- that and the fact that at the bottom of the link you find the U.S. has been making preparations for action in Syria for months. Interesting.

Many families come from the southern Syrian province of Daraa, where the Syrian uprising began, and many of the children have directly experienced the trauma of having their neighborhoods bombarded and having relatives killed.

No such hand-wringing when it comes to what Israel did and does in Gaza!

Robison, 27, from the Washington, D.C.-area, works in the camp as part of an organization she founded called AptART. She has traveled to Cambodia, Congo, Iraq, and Syria to work on art projects before arriving at Zaatari.

Translation: She is a CIA or Mossad agent with that as aher non-official cover. 

You gotta know how to read the intelligence operation that is an AmeriKan jewspaper, folks.

Under Robison’s watch, children have already painted a number of structures. A onetime white trailer serving as a pediatric clinic now sports a bright blue facade, with cartoon images of doctors, children, and parents appearing in bold orange, turquoise, and red tones. Big Arabic calligraphy appears throughout, offering the adage: ‘‘Prevention is better than cure.’’

In another part of the camp, a giant purple tree spreads its branches over the length of a wall at one of Zaatari’s schools. Among the branches, refugee children painted a plane, an easel, and other symbols — objects representing jobs they hope to have when they grow up.

As South African artist Luc Van Der Walt, one of those working with Robison, poured out the paint into large canisters to mix, the children — from as young as 5 years old to their early teens — crowded around, anxious to dip their brushes. Tiny girls squealed as they dashed to the nearby wall to dab it with flashes of bright yellow. ‘‘Slow down, slow down,’’ Syrian volunteers repeatedly told the excited children, trying to get them to take turns at the paint bucket.

A 12-year-old girl who gave her name as Habeer sang while she and the kids painted a mural. ‘‘I am happy when I am painting,’’ she said. ‘‘I try to draw a lot at school. The best things I like to draw are trees, birds, and flowers. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.’’

Are you blubbering enough to sanction Obama's cruise missile and drone strikes yet?

Robison said the artwork helps children take a sense of ownership in the crowded refugee camp, where some have dismantled structures for their own use. 

Yeah, you kids better because that is your new home.

Particularly hard hit are communal bathrooms, as refugees take apart the bricks and piping to construct their own private showers and toilets, aid workers say.

I told you this post truly ended in the toilet!


That's where the stink is coming from!