Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Kerry is a Jerk

I had a stronger word in it's place, but in the interests of moral clarity and decorum I changed it to jerk. 

I watched the press conference and my moral compass was pointing away from that sorry sack of shit that passes for a human being. And to think he was the senator of my state for so long, and that I actually cast a ballot for him in 2004 (my lowest point ever as a voter; back then I was immersed in the false left-right, Repug-Democrap phase and thought Democraps were good) against Bush.

"The toughest talk came from the nation’s top diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry said chemical weapons were used in Syria, and he accused Assad’s regime of destroying evidence. He said the United States has additional information about the attack and will make it public." 

Okay, John, so WHERE IS IT? Why didn't you present it at your news conference? Why are you giving us Bush treatment?  They never presented a scintilla of evidence to anyone it was bin Laden that did 9/11, and how could they? It turns out Muslims didn't do 9/11Israel and her helpers in various western governments and intelligence agencies did.  

You did know Israel did 9/11, right, John? You certainly know about WTC 7; ever give it a further look-see, you f***? 

As for his war-criminal boss: 

“I think it is absolutely clear that President Obama will respond militarily,” Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in an interview. “His credibility is at stake. This is a horrible weapon that should never be used.”

That's from the human rights tool. 

Translation: There is NO HOPE of STOPPING THIS

Once it happens I will be running a God Damn Obama: Day __ series of posts to the exclusion of all else.

Swift military action would essentially pit the United States and regional allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar in a proxy war against Iran, along with Hezbollah."

And they will call it the start of WWIII, even though WWIII has been going on for a decade now. 

Nothing about the RUSSIANS getting INVOLVED, huh? Are you guys down there THAT DELUSIONAL in your DENIAL?

"US assails Syria, moves closer to military strike; Kerry says use of toxic arms a certainty, urges an international response" by Bryan Bender |  Globe Staff, August 27, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Monday that it had “undeniable” evidence that the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of civilians, significantly raising the possibility that the United States would take military action in the conflict.

The U.N. hasn't even analyzed it yet and they are saying it is "undeniable!" 

Talk about BRAZEN, BRASH, and BOLDNESS with the level of lies from the Obomber administration.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry, in the government’s toughest public stance yet on last week’s attack, said Syrian forces used nerve agents against men, women, and children in a rebel-held neighborhood. He appealed to other countries to join the United States in taking action for what he called a “moral obscenity.”

The moral obscenity was him on that TV screen.

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Even that simple search is skewed by Joogle.

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That was in 2006. No such moral outrage from Kerry or the U.S. then.

“Make no mistake: President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people,” Kerry said in a brief appearance at the State Department, insisting that “all peoples in all nations who believe in the cause of our common humanity must stand up to assure there is accountability for the use of chemical weapons so that it never happens again.”

Yeah, never mind the FUMIGATION of SOUTH AMERICA and AFGHANISTAN with CHEMICAL WARFARE in the name of a "DRUG WAR," -- and still doing it --  or the use of Willie Pete in Iraq! 

And how could senator Kerry ever forget what happened in VIETNAM

Also see: DOJ wants Bush, senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial 

Well, there is accountability, and then there is accountability.

But it was not immediately clear whether other nations would join the United States in a possible strike against Syria.

Yes it was. Austerity-laden France and Britain stepped right out front. 

Can't I get one sentence without a falsehood or distortion? Just one?

Russia has said there is no evidence that chemical weapons have been used and would probably block an effort at the United Nations for a resolution demanding action. That could put the Obama administration in the position of deciding whether to act unilaterally or with a small coalition....

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Can there be any doubt? He's not going to go to Congress and he is going to avoid the U.N. Same as Libya! He's not just an AmeriKan dictator, he is dictator of the world. 

Kerry’s harsh words were delivered hours after UN inspectors trying to reach the site of the attack were fired upon.

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The prospect of even a limited air or missile campaign has fueled fears among some that the United States could be dragged into another quagmire shortly after ending its involvement in the Iraq war and as it prepares to withdraw forces from Afghanistan.

That was the plan all along. 

As a result, much of the discussion Monday was about limited action and surgical strikes, which in turn prompted analysts to question whether that would be enough.

We aren't falling for the "surgical strike" shit that will KILL HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS, and CREATE EVEN MORE REFUGEES -- while POSSIBLY LOOSING the EXACT CHEMICALS THEY CLAIMED THE SYRIANS USED! I guess U.N. investigations WILL BE USELESS after that!

Leading Republicans and Democrats called for a US military response.

Because they are controlled by AIPAC and Israel.

Senator Edward J. Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat and member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said he would support “a surgical set of strikes” if they were made against the sites that could be used to launch the chemical weapons.

“I think it is important for the United States to make this statement and to be a leader on this issue,” he said in an interview. 

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Looks like the same old asshole to me.

Markey also called on the White House to seek approval for any military action from Congress.


You gonna object when they don't, Ed? Then shut up!

Some leading humanitarians who are commonly wary of military engagements saw few other options after Syria’s apparent use of chemical weapons.

Those are the ones the war paper would talk to, yeah.

“I think it is absolutely clear that President Obama will respond militarily,” Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in an interview. “His credibility is at stake. This is a horrible weapon that should never be used.”

See: Syrian strikes sooner rather then later

 Israeli intel lights the way to.... Iran.

Roth said the last attack of such scale appeared to be the use of poison gas in the town of Halabja in Iraq in 1988 by the regime of Saddam Hussein....


Navy officials confirmed Monday that four destroyers have been dispatched to the eastern Mediterranean. The destroyers Gravely, Mahan, Barry, and Ramage are each outfitted with long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles and artillery guns that could strike Syrian military targets.

The actions came amid debate about whether any US-led military action should be a limited strike to punish the regime and deter future use of chemical weapons, or a broader effort aimed at toppling Assad, who has been battling rebel groups with varying agendas, including those with ties to Al Qaeda terrorists.

It's the second, even if they claim the first. Or you can believe U.S. government and mouthpiece media liars. Your choice.

Among those calling for a stronger air campaign was Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, who on Sunday said any US military intervention should be intended to remove Assad from power and end the civil war.

“We can significantly degrade Assad’s air power and ballistic missile capabilities and help to establish and defend safe areas on the ground,” McCain said in a joint statement with Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican.


Others agreed that pinpoint strikes probably would not affect the outcome of the conflict.

“I am not sure Tomahawk missile strikes are going to make a difference,” said Nawaf Obaid, a research fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School. “It’s too little too late. There needs to be a strategy that is much more robust.”

But others have warned against embroiling the United States in another war.


The nation’s top military officer, General Martin Dempsey, has urged caution, warning Congress that any US military involvement could empower the Sunni extremists that intelligence officials believe have become a major player in the anti-Assad opposition.

Senator Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat and member of the Armed Services Committee, echoed those concerns Monday.

“We have to be very careful to define what our objective is,” he said in an interview. “Our objective is primarily to dissuade permanently the Syrians or any other power from using chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. That needs to be the focus.”

Recent polls suggest that Americans have deep reservations as well. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Monday indicated that nearly 60 percent of Americans believe the United States should stay out of Syria’s civil war, even if chemical weapons are used.

And that is an agenda-pu$hing, crap corporate pre$$ poll. That means the TRUE FIGURE is closer to 90%!! The only ones for this are the 10% that are benefiting from it all. What the Globe also neglected to mention is ONLY 9% SUPPORT action!

So DON'T BLAME US, world. We have DONE ALL WE CAN to STOP THIS! We wrote letters to the lamestream media, protested time and again, and have been on this blog for seven long years saying the same damn things over and over again! Our leaders are NOT LISTENING TO US, and we all saw how Occupy was smashed!

Even some hawkish voices questioned whether a robust air campaign would achieve US goals. 

Oh, look, a "hawkish friend" for all us "doves."

“There is no way the US can quickly use any amount of force to destroy the Assad regime with any confidence that Syria will not come under Sunni Islamist extremist control, or divide into Alawite, Sunni, and Kurdish blocs in ways that prove to be even more violent and lasting than such sectarian and ethnic divisions have in Iraq,” Anthony Cordesman, a specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in a new paper Monday.

Secretary of Defense Chuck R. Hagel said any US military action would require international support.

“We are analyzing the intelligence and we will get the facts and if there is any action taken it will be in concert with the international community and within the framework of a legal justification,” Hagel told reporters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

But the toughest talk came from the nation’s top diplomat, Kerry, who spent the weekend conferring with US allies.

“What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world,” he said Monday. “The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity.

You are the obscenity, sir.

Kerry said a decision on how to respond would be made in the coming days.

“The administration is actively consulting with members of Congress and we will continue to have these conversations in the days ahead,” he said. “President Obama has also been in close touch with the leaders of our key allies, and the president will be making an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.”

Meaning he is not going to the Congress or U.N.


Also see: Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag Attack: Liar John Kohn (Kerry) Lying In Front Of The American Nation! 

Believe it or not (and I do), but Kerry is actually Jewish. They just changed their name! Kind of explains why he is such a jerk.

Of course, the RADIOACTIVE WATER LEAKS COMING from FUKUSHIMA is of FAR MORE CONCERN and CONSEQUENCE for FAR MORE PEOPLE, and yet it is the Syrian insurgents chemical weapons false flag attack that is gobbling up the attention of the AmeriKan jewsmedia and my regional flagshit:

"UN team investigating chemical attack fired on; Syria warns West against taking military action" by Lee Keath Karam |  Associated Press, August 27, 2013

DAMASCUS — Swift military action would essentially pit the United States and regional allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar in a proxy war against Iran, along with Hezbollah.... 

And off we go!!!!!

In addition to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, and Turkey said a military response against the regime should be an option.

Syria’s deputy foreign minister, Faysal Mikdad, said that an attack would trigger ‘‘chaos in the entire world.’’

‘‘If individual countries want to pursue aggressive and adventurous policies, the natural answer . . . would be that Syria, which has been fighting against terrorism for almost three years, will also defend itself against any international attack,’’ he added.

Assad told a Russian newspaper that any military campaign against his country was destined to fail.

It was unclear what US action would mean for relations with Russia, which warned Monday against the use of force not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, calling it ‘‘a crude violation of international law.’’

I saw FM Lavrov on video yesterday and he looked weary, tired, and down. 

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It would look odd and awkward if the war criminal president were to be glad-handing it with others as his nation slaughters thousands over damnable lies.

Support for some sort of international military response was expected to grow if it is confirmed that Assad’s regime was responsible for an Aug. 21 attack in the Damascus suburbs....

OPPOSITION is ALREADY BUILDING, you lying sack of shit! That's why Kerry was out there and why the bombing will begin in days!

Secretary of State John Kerry said chemical weapons were used in Syria, and he accused Assad’s regime of destroying evidence. He said the United States has additional information about the attack and will make it public. 

I addressed that damn lie above. Fuck you, senator. Fuck you.

Assad has denied launching a chemical attack, blaming the rebels instead, and has authorized a UN team of experts currently in Syria to investigate, although the United States said it was a step that came ‘‘too late to be credible.’’



Germany suggested for the first time Monday that it may support the use of force. ‘‘The suspected large-scale use of poison gas breaks a taboo even in this Syrian conflict that has been so full of cruelty,’’ said Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

That's disappointing.

France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said ‘‘all the options are open. The only option that I can’t imagine would be to do nothing.’’

And there you have it.


As for those OTHER PEACE TALKS that are such a success for the U.S. Secretary of State:

"Palestinians say talks in jeopardy after killings; Israeli refugee camp raid leaves 3 dead, 15 hurt" by William Booth |  Washington Post, August 27, 2013

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Palestinian leaders said peace negotiations were threatened Monday after Israeli security forces fatally shot three Palestinian men during an early-morning clash in the Qalandia refugee camp here. 

Literally killing any chance of peace.

It was one of the deadliest incidents in the West Bank since 2009, when three Palestinians were killed in Nablus after a standoff with Israeli forces.

In addition to the three dead in the Qalandia incident, 15 were wounded and six were in critical condition in Ramallah hospitals, according to Palestinian officials.

A senior member of the Palestinian Authority said a gathering scheduled for Monday, as part of the US-led peace negotiations, was postponed to protest the killings.

Citing a promise to keep initial talks secret, Israeli officials refused to comment on whether a meeting was scheduled or canceled. 

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What, Indyk is waiting outside?

State Department spokeswoman Mari Harf told Reuters, ‘‘I can assure you that no meetings have been canceled.’’ She said, ‘‘The parties are engaged in serious and sustained negotiations.’’

Because Israel told us so.

The incident began when members of the Israeli border patrol, in civilian cars and clothing, arrived before dawn in the tough Qalandia refugee camp at the southern edge of Ramallah to arrest a ‘‘terror operative,’’ according to military officials.

As the officers was searching for a man named Yossif Khatib, who was recently released from prison, groups of young men who had been alerted to their presence arrived to confront them, followed by Israeli soldiers who came to assist the border patrol, according to eyewitnesses and Israeli military spokesmen. 

I told you Israel would start rounding them up! And that was only after the first batch was released!

The Israeli military said the Palestinians attacked their forces using cement blocks and rocks, and posed an imminent threat to their lives.

So they OPENED FIRE! Sticks and stones!

‘‘Large, violent crowds such as this, which significantly outnumber security forces, leave no other choice but to resort to live fire in self defense,’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces.

We are tired of Zionist excuses justifying murder.

Palestinians said the Israelis acted with excessive force.

When don't they?

Video taken at the scene shows two Israeli jeeps slowly driving down a street in Qalandia as men on the rooftops bombard the vehicles with cement blocks, but it was not clear whether the rock throwing in the video occurred before or after the killings.

Video taken by who?

At the funeral for the three dead, senior Palestinian leaders and angry residents said they believed Israel provoked the attack by arriving in the refugee camp in the morning, when people were going to work, school, and mosque. 

They always do, from the Lavon Affair to the U.S.S. Liberty to 9/11!

Israeli military officials said the attempt to arrest their suspect was a ‘‘nighttime incursion’’ that led to a riot. Video showed and witnesses said that the violence took place after sunrise.

Translation: The Israelis lied. Real shocker there.

‘‘It is clear to us that the occupiers do not want a peace process and so the Israelis create these kinds of incidents,’’ said Mahmoud al-Aloul, the former governor of the Nablus district and a member of the central committee of the Fatah political party.

That's not Hamas.

As members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade fired automatic weapons in the air, a local Muslim cleric told the mourners that ‘‘the Israelis don’t want peace. They want to shed our blood.’’

Actually, they want LAND most of all! I'm sure if YOU GUYS ALL LEFT they wouldn't kill you.

Later, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, told reporters ‘‘the continued criminal acts by the Israelis, alongside the continued settlement construction, expose the true intentions of Israel’s government, and the actions it takes to foil the peace talks.’’

Rudeineh called on US officials to intervene now ‘‘to thwart the collapse of the negotiations.’’

We are too busy gearing up an attack on Syria over damnable lies to worry about you!

Omar Hammad, a resident of Qalandia who said he was an eyewitness to Monday’s events, said Israeli security forces shot one victim through the chest from the back of a jeep and another while he was on a rooftop. ‘‘I have seen many incursions by Israeli soldiers into our neighborhood,’’ Hammad said. ‘‘It seemed that this time they came to kill.’’

Fadi Matteer, 27, said he was coming into Qalandia when he heard sporadic gunfire. He said Palestinians were throwing rocks and the Israeli forces ‘‘got scared and started shooting.’’ Matteer, bandaged, said he was shot in the right arm.

In the weeks since US Secretary of State John Kerry persuaded Palestinian and Israeli negotiators to return to the table for talks, both sides have accused the other of attempting to derail the process.


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Yeah, turns out I was RIGHT -- AGAIN! He's concern has always been Syria

I'm at the point with this guy that I almost -- almost! -- wish the guy's wife had diedMaybe then he could reconnect with what it means to be human, and UNDERSTAND the PAIN he is about to bring to INNOCENT SYRIANS!