Thursday, August 22, 2013

Globe Nipping At Your Ankles

I'll bet you think this is about the length of the skirt in Islam. 

"Wide use of ankle bracelets creates headaches; Many unwatched amid white noise" by David B. Caruso |  Associated Press,  July 29, 2013

NEW YORK — Three decades after they were introduced as a crime-fighting tool, electronic ankle bracelets used to track an offender’s whereabouts have proliferated so much that officials are struggling to handle an avalanche of monitoring alerts that are often nothing more sinister than a dead battery, lost satellite contact, or someone arriving home late from work. 

That should make the public feel a lot safer. I guess the authorities are too busy collecting everyone's communications and setting up patsy terror plots in addition to all the other incompetent or designed behavior they engage in day after day.

Amid all that white noise, alarms are going unchecked, sometimes on defendants now accused of new crimes.

So if someone is loose..... sigh! Just wait until the next gruesome murder by some assailant under GPS ankle surveillance. Then the media and government will come rushing forward with even more ideas for surveillance.

Some agencies do not have clear protocols on how to handle the multitude of alerts, or do not always follow them. At times, officials took days to act, when criminals tampered with bracelets or broke a curfew.

I'm sure that makes many women feel much safer around the country.

‘‘I think the perception . . . is that these people are being watched 24 hours a day by someone in a command center. That’s just not happening,’’ said Rob Bains, director of court services for Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, which this spring halted its monitoring programs after two people on the devices were accused in separate shootings.

Then.... government isn't reading my pulse-of-the-people (the people that care) blog?

Correctional officials in Orange County, Fla., were so inundated with alerts that they halted all real-time notifications except when people tried to remove their bracelets.

Supporters of electronic trackers say such tragedies are the exception and that the devices are a key tool for authorities who previously relied on shoe leather and the phone to keep tabs on released prisoners.

Until the next tragedy garners days and days of coverage.

In many cases involving violence by people on trackers, the accused probably would have been free on bail or parole even if electronic monitoring did not exist, supporters argue.

Yeah, it would have happened anyway, so.... SIGH!!!!


 You know what happens when someone becomes annoyed at nipping?