Friday, August 30, 2013

Breaking News: Obama on Hotline to Russia

This is a wonderful and timely piece of propaganda I found this morning that let's you all know where we are headed.  

UPDATE: Report: US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday 

I'm told it will end Wednesday before he meets with Putin.

I must admit that is one of the good things about reading the AmeriKan corporate pre$$ and jewspaper. While filled with distortions, obfuscations, deceptions, and omissions, it clearly telegraphs the plans of the war cabal as we wind our way to WWIII. 

So WHAT will happen THIS WEEKEND, dear readers? 

Since I've got you on the line....  

"US-Russia hot line marks 50th year; Once a telegraph link, it now has e-mail, satellites" by David Dishneau |  Associated Press, August 30, 2013

FREDERICK, Md. — The Washington-Moscow Hot Line, used by US and Russian leaders for frank discussions about crises including the 1967 Six-Day War and the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, marked its 50th birthday Thursday with the nations still grappling with competing interests in regional conflicts.

The direct connection, established during the Cold War by a relatively simple telegraph system, now includes telephone and e-mail capabilities and will soon add video, said White House National Security Council spokeswoman Laura Lucas.

‘‘The president continues to value the direct communications link between Washington and Moscow,’’ Lucas wrote in an e-mail response to questions about the hot line.

The next crisis could be around the corner, said Roald Sagdeev, a former director of the Soviet space program, who spoke at an anniversary celebration at Fort Detrick, where the US Army maintains a satellite link for the hot line.

And where their biological weapons factory invented all sorts of nasty things like AIDS.

‘‘It’s very important to make sure we can keep this, especially at the time of what’s happening in Syria,’’ Sagdeev, a University of Maryland physics professor, said before the event.

I can't even hazard a gue$$ why.

Despite myth and movie lore, the president does not use a red phone to talk with his Russian counterpart. In fact, the connection established in 1963 was for written communications only. 

Gee, I wonder who did that -- and why.

Voice was added two decades later as the system evolved from an undersea telegraph cable to today’s satellite and fiber-optics system.

‘‘The system is very robust, as you might imagine,’’ said Craig Bouma, civilian executive officer at Detrick Earth Station, who manages the twin satellite dishes and 16 civilian Army employees — eight technicians and eight linguists. They work around the clock to ensure the system is operating correctly. The station also handles secure communication for the Pentagon and State Department, including a link the nations use to alert each other to missile tests. 

Isn't that a WA$TE in this age of INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS and the INTERNET??

The country is in sequester and and under austerity, and yet they have $$ to spend on this (as well as $75 million or so for the volley of war criminal missiles they intend to launch in Syria?)?

In June, the United States and Russia signed a pact to add a direct communications link to prevent the inadvertent escalation of misunderstood cybersecurity incidents.

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Oh, it is GOOD OLD USRAEL that is behind MOST if NOT ALL of it. Remember that when the banks are crashed by a hacking attack.

Until February, the Washington-Moscow link was operated by Honeywell under a five-year, $8.4 million contract.

Ooooooooh, NOW I $EE WHY WE NEED THI$!!!

Bouma said workers at Detrick interact daily with their Russian counterparts in written exchanges that sometimes reveal cultural differences.

‘‘The Russians express themselves in very flowery text: ‘Dear esteemed colleague, greetings.’ ’’ Bouma said. ‘‘My linguist says that’s very common in the Russian culture.’’

The link was set up after the 1962 Cuban missile crisis to prevent accidental nuclear war.

Do you know the story surrounding that event and why the hotline was established, readers

Well, let me enlighten you where the AmeriKan media will not.

"Vasili Arkhipov was made second in command on the b-59, one of four attack submarines that was ordered to travel to cuba on october 1st, 1962. The sub contained 22 torpedoes, one of which was nuclear, holding the same strength as the bomb that was dropped on hiroshima. The captains of each of the four subs were given permission to fire their nuclear torpedoes at their own discretion, so long as they had the backing of the political officer on board. Unknown to the crew of the b-59, the united states began their naval blockade of cuba on october 24th and informed the soviets that they would be dropping practice depth charges (think warning shots) to force subs to surface and be identified. Moscow could not communicate this information to the b-59 due to it being too deep underwater to receive radio transmissions. On october 27th, 1962, us destroyers and the aircraft carrier uss randolph located the sub, trapped it, and began dropping depth charges to force it to surface. The sub’s crew, which had been traveling for nearly 4 weeks with very little communication with moscow, was very tired and not aware of circumstances. The sub’s captain, valentin savitsky, believed that nuclear war had already broken out between the soviet union and the us and wanted to fire the nuclear torpedo. Fortunately, particularly given the heightened tensions at the time, in this case, one other person had veto power over firing besides the captain and the political officer, the second in command vasili arkhipov. Vasili, despite being second in command on the b-59, was the leader of the fleet of the four soviet subs sent. Had vasili not been present, nuclear war would have likely happened as both the captain and the political officer wanted to launch the nuclear torpedo. Vasili vehemently disagreed, arguing that since no orders had come from moscow in a long time, such a drastic action was ill-advised and the sub should surface to contact moscow. A heated argument broke out- legend, probably false- says punches were thrown. Eventually, though, vasili won the day."

I break out in tears just thinking about it and can barely see my keyboard. One thanks whatever force in the universe helped him calm that captain down. 

Known at the Pentagon as MOLINK, for Moscow Link, it went live Aug. 30, 1963, with this US-generated message: ‘‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’s back 1234567890.’’

The hot line’s first use in a crisis came during the six-day Arab-Israeli war in 1967, said Michael Bohn, a former Situation Room director and author. He said Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin sent a message to President Lyndon B. Johnson at 7:47 a.m. on June 5, 1967, after Israel preemptively attacked Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

Oh, wow, the ISRAELI ATTACK against the USS LIBERTY has received a reference in my paper! 

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New revelations in attack on American spy ship

Nothing new about the Israelis concealing something or lying about it. 

Turns out "the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel, [and] the U.S. government, anxious to spare Israel's reputation and preserve its alliance with the U.S., closed the case with what even some of its participants now say was a hasty and seriously flawed investigation." This damn government cared more about Israel's image than dead American servicemen even back then. 

And WHY is this IMPORTANT? Because it is my jewspaper's telegraphing of the COMING ISRAELI FLASE FLAG that is going to SINK US WARSHIPS in the Mediterranean. Who knows, they MAY EVER GO NUCLEAR and DESTROY the FLEET! 

Btw, You do know Israel did 9/11, right?

The message expressed Russia’s hope the US government would ‘‘exert appropriate influence on the Government of Israel particularly since you have all opportunities of doing so.’’

Now this government have no influence on them at all. They take orders from them.

Bohn said the leaders exchanged 19 messages during the Six-Day War. He also documented use of the link by presidents Richard M. Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.

Starting with President George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s, telephone calls replaced written messages as the preferred mode of communication, Bohn said. He said that when the link was created, written messages were seen as safer.

‘‘In a tough situation, you have to be careful what you say. The process of sitting down and writing it out clears your head a little bit and makes you slow down a little bit and think twice — that’s what people have told me,’’ Bohn said. 

Ummmmm, HELLO, people! 


Yeah, I'M NOT THE CRAZY ONE! I'm not the war criminal with a bloodlust to save oprivate central banking and the petro-dollar while enforcing Israeli hegemony. 

Sure, the CLEARED HEAD comes with a TON of ANGER, but what are ya' gonna do?

President Obama and President Vladimir Putin spoke in March. Obama phoned to welcome Russian cooperation on confronting Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Look at the way the damn jewspaper leaves it. So IRAN is at the END and the BOTTOM of this whole thing, huh?



Maybe that will stop him for a few more minutes. 


"National security adviser Susan Rice hosted a delegation led by Yaakov Amidror, the chairman of Israel's National Security Council. The meetings were part of a series of regular high-level bilateral consultations and touched on Iran, Egypt, Syria, and other regional security issues, the White House said."

That was three days ago. 

This is it, folks! This is it! This isn't going to be a LIMITED EFFORT! 

This is going to be the WHOLE SHMEER! 

When the U.S. launches missiles at Syria the ISRAELIS will be SENDING the BOMBERS to IRAN! 

This is it, and I would like to take ONE MOMENT to THANK ALL OF YOU who gave your time and came here to read me. I SEE the SURGE in my HITS, so I KNOW YOU ARE COMING HERE! 

The truth is, THAT is what has KEPT ME GOING because I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE! I do NOT WANT TO READ the Boston Globe anymore. I'm tired of the agenda-pu$hing, war-promoting, supremacist and elitist slop filled with insults.

May God Bless and Keep You All. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. We've done all we can.  


"What time is it? No it's not Howdy Doody time, or maybe, actually, it is. That would mean it's two different times at the same time. Yes, it's False Flag time. It's false flag time because of this. It's false flag time because the need for ♫my endless war♫ to the tune of Endless Love. It's false flag time because Israel wants what they want, no matter what the cost is, as long as it costs them nothing. Eventually this will happen and for the good of the human race it can't come too soon. Mr. Apocalypse is definitely on the set. The bloodthirsty fools who are not inclined to change their ways, may or may not be aware of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of them are and some of them are just tools. Meanwhile, very strange things are going on....

Our problem, as a population is easily identified and- it goes without saying- their policy is in the hands of Israel, the world's biggest crime syndicate and- like I said- it's that time again; false flag time and some of the same personnel from the last false flag, will be on hand in various location options. What makes this particular location option attractive, is....


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He already is one because of torture, drone strikes, and Libya.

'Syrian rebels take responsibility for the chemical attack admitting the weapons were provided by Saudis'

I was told by Obomber the evidence was undeniable that Assad did it.