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Kurds Battle Al-CIA-Duh in Syria


"a new refugee or internally displaced person somewhere in the world every 4.1 seconds"

In actions mostly initiated by U.S. allies or assets, but my jewsmedia is going to wave Syrian children at me as well as a false flag fake to get my war fever going. 

Well, in keeping with the phonetics of the thing, f*** you.

"UN reports child refugees exceed 1 million" by John Heilprin |  Associated Press, August 24, 2013

GENEVA — It is shaping up to be a lost generation: The number of child refugees fleeing Syria’s violence has now topped 1 million.

How many generations have Palestinians lost, and how many new refugees typing this sentence?

The grim milestone announced Friday by UN officials means that as many Syrian children have been uprooted from their homes or families as the number of children who live in Wales, or in Boston and Los Angeles combined, said Antonio Guterres, the head of the Office for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Just as the propaganda campaign for war with Syria ramps up, wow! 

So let's let the cruise missiles fly and create even more refugees. At least that will get rid of Assad, right? Right? Right?

‘‘Can you imagine Wales without children? Can you imagine Boston and Los Angeles without children?’’ Guterres said to reporters in Geneva....

Can you imagine rancid propaganda in the form of a rank analogy being rolled out in a jewspaper?

Guterres said the horrors of war experienced by these children puts them in grave danger of becoming a ‘‘lost generation.’’ With emotion he recounted some of his personal visits with Syrian child refugees, including seeing one compulsively shoot a toy gun and others who drew pictures of dead children, planes with bombs, and destroyed homes.

‘‘This is totally unacceptable,’’ he said. ‘‘They will be paying for it the rest of their lives.’’

What is totally unacceptable is having rancid propaganda waved at me day after day after day in the jewspaper.

Yoka Brandt, deputy head of UNICEF, called the exodus from Syria’s civil war ‘‘truly a children’s crisis. And the unacceptable thing is that it is children who have nothing to do with this crisis that are paying the price.’’

Ever notice how the U.N. is SO SELECTIVE! 

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Yeah, they are all about protecting children.

But the children’s ordeals are not over once they escape Syria, Guterres said. Even after they cross a border to safety, they are often traumatized, depressed, and in need of a reason for hope.

Oh, is that where you think they have gone, to safety? The self-internalized bias of his Jewish payma$ters is shining through! 

And you know what the "hope" is? An Obomber bombing campaign.

The threats to refugee children are rising, the agencies say, including child labor, early marriage, and the potential for sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

Like the 2 million or so Iraqis that fled to Syria after the U.S. invasion and occupation? 

You know, the ones the Syrian were generous enough to billet in refugee camps and clean up our mess without so much as a thank you? The ones now met with an overthrow attempt and threatened bombings.


So where do the Kurds fit into all this? It is an interesting story, and one that is mostly opaque  in my jewsmedia for obvious reasons. 

Well, Kurds are quite an independent people who span across several countries in this strategic area. They have often been used as a base for intelligence operations for the CIA and Mossad, and some Kurdish assets carry out attacks against Iran for them. 

At the same time, they are fighting nominal allies in Turkey and Iraq for their own independence, having experienced the double-cross from the CIA numerous times (Kissinger's exhortations to rise against the Iranian Shah only to be abandoned; Bush I's call to rally against Saddam only left high and dry on mountainsides) as well as oppression at various times from those governments. 

As for Syria, they had pretty much been living in peaceful coexistence, and the U.S.-backed insurgency actually moved them closer to Assad. This latest move against Al-CIA-Duh elements shows that the Kurds have above all their own interests at heart, and who can blame them?

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you some context behind these shallow offerings from the war-promoting mouthpiece I call a regional flagship.

"Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Iraq; Exodus follows battles between militia, extremists" by Sinan Salaheddin |  Associated Press, August 20, 2013

BAGHDAD — Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds swarmed across a bridge into neighboring Iraq’s northern self-ruled Kurdish region over the past few days in one of the biggest waves of refugees since the rebellion against President Bashar Assad began, UN officials said Monday.

The sudden exodus of around 30,000 Syrians amid the summer heat has created desperate conditions and left aid agencies and the regional government struggling to accommodate them, illustrating the immense strain the 2½-year-old Syrian conflict has put on neighboring countries.

You can thank the introduction of the Al-CIA-Duh mercenary army there. And now we are being told we need to fork over more money and compassion to care for a problem that shouldn't even exist.

The mostly Kurdish men, women, and children who made the trek join some 1.9 million Syrians who already have found refuge abroad from the civil war’s relentless carnage.

‘‘This is an unprecedented influx of refugees, and the main concern is that so many of them are stuck out in the open at the border or in emergency reception areas with limited, if any, access to basic services,’’ said Alan Paul, emergency team leader for the Britain-based charity Save the Children.

‘‘The refugee response in Iraq is already thinly stretched, and close to half of the refugees are children who have experienced things no child should,’’ he said, adding that thousands of refugees were stranded at the border, waiting to be registered.

The United Nations said the reason for this flow, which began five days ago and continued unabated Monday, is unclear. But Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria have been engulfed by fighting in recent months between Kurdish militias and Islamic extremist rebel factions with links to Al Qaeda. Dozens have been killed.

Following the assassination of a prominent leader late last month, a powerful Kurdish militia said it was mobilizing to expel Islamic extremists.

On Monday, activists said fighters from Al Qaeda-linked jihadi groups shelled areas in the predominantly Kurdish town of Ras al-Ayn, coinciding with clashes in the area between Kurdish gunmen and jihadi fighters.

‘‘Syrian refugees are still pouring into Iraq’s northern Kurdish region in huge numbers, and most of them are women and children,’’ said Youssef Mahmoud, a spokesman for the UN refugee agency in Iraq’s Kurdish region. ‘‘Today, some 3,000 Syrian refugees crossed the borders, and that has brought the number to around 30,000 refugees since Thursday.’’ 

Obomber has got to bomb, he has got to! It's the only way to save the Syrian children.

The latest wave has brought the overall number of Syrian refugees in the Kurdish region to around 195,000, he added.

The UN’s high commissioner for refugees has set up an emergency transit camp in Irbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdish autonomous region, to house some of the new arrivals.

The commission said it is sending 15 truckloads of supplies — 3,100 tents, two prefabricated warehouses, and thousands of containers to carry water — from its regional stockpile in Jordan. It said the shipment should arrive by the end of the week.

Welcome to your new home.


"Kurds, Al Qaeda-tied fighters battle in Syria; Combat sends refugees fleeing to Iraq" by Ryan Lucas |  Associated Press, August 21, 2013

BEIRUT — Kurdish militias battled Al Qaeda-linked rebel groups in northeastern Syria on Tuesday in the latest round of heavy fighting that has helped fuel a mass exodus of civilians from the region into neighboring Iraq, activists said.

Clashes between Kurdish fighters and Islamic extremist rebel groups have sharply escalated in Syria’s northern provinces in recent months. The violence, which has left hundreds dead, holds the potential to explode into a full-blown side conflict within Syria’s broader civil war.

Well, once the Kurds expel the Al-CIA-Duh things should simmered down. Already are, in fact, because from what I read on the blogs this morning Al-CIA-Duh is in full retreat mode.  

And to where are they retreating? Well, ironically enough, Iraq.

Tuesday’s fighting, which pitted Kurdish militiamen against rebels from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, was focused in three villages near the town of Ras al-Ayn in the predominantly Kurdish Hassakeh province, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group. There was no immediate word on casualties. 

I hope the Kurds kill 'em.

Around 30,000 Syrians, the vast majority of them Kurds, have fled the region over a five-day stretch and crossed the border to the self-ruled Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Another 4,000 made the trek across the frontier Tuesday, said Youssef Mahmoud, a spokesman for the UNHCR in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The new arrivals join some 1.9 million Syrians who already have found refuge abroad from the country’s relentless carnage.

With belongings loaded onto mules, thousands of Syrian refugees continued to flow into northern Iraq through the border town of Peshkabour on Tuesday, some describing hometowns where food, water, and electricity have become scarce amid the combat....

The massive exodus has put a severe strain on Iraqi Kurdistan’s regional government and aid agencies ability to accommodate them all....

Don't complain to me, complain to the AmeriKan empire and it's regional allie$.

The UNHCR said it is sending 15 truckloads of supplies — 3,100 tents, two prefabricated warehouses, and thousands of jerry cans to carry water — from its regional stockpile in Jordan. It said the shipment should arrive by the end of the week....

Hey, it's home.

Nancy Lindborg, a USAID assistant administrator for democracy, conflict, and humanitarian assistance, told reporters in Amman that the United States is ‘‘watching closely’’ the Kurdish exodus from Syria to northern Iraq.

AID = CIA, and the whole world knows it!

‘‘Today, there are about 40,000 people who already crossed,’’ she said. ‘‘Iraq opened its borders and we applaud their generosity in taking in more people.’’

She said Washington had allocated $45 million out of $1 billion in aid for Syrian refugees in Iraq and ‘‘we’re looking at how we can contribute more.’’


"The White House also announced Monday an additional $300 million in humanitarian aid for Syria and neighboring countries absorbing refugees escaping the violence. The new money brings the total US humanitarian assistance to $800 million, according to the White House..... The new funding could be used for such things as buying radios and establishing an interim police forces; rebuilding schools; or hiring teachers and buying books."

But YOU will receive the LASH of AUSTERITY, AmeriKan taxpayer!

Kurds are Syria’s largest ethnic minority, making up more than 10 percent of the country’s 23 million people.

They are centered in the poor northeastern regions of Hassakeh and Qamishli, wedged between the borders of Turkey and Iraq. There are also several predominantly Kurdish neighborhoods in the capital, Damascus, and Syria’s largest city, Aleppo.



"Kurds vow fight extremists in Syria" by Bassem Mroue  /  Associated Press /  July 30, 2013

This is a summary. To read the whole story subscribe to

BEIRUT (AP) — A powerful Kurdish militia said Tuesday it is mobilizing against al-Qaida-linked rebels in northeastern Syria after a Kurdish opposition leader was killed in the area.

The fight between the Kurds and the extremists has become a war within a war in Syria’s oil-rich region.

Amazing how the "terrorists" always show up in those places.

Clashes between Kurdish gunmen and members of al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant over the past weeks left dozens of gunmen dead from both sides.

The fighting claimed a prominent casualty Tuesday, as a car bomb killed Kurdish leader Issa Hisso, said the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, the most powerful faction of the ethnic group in the region.

That must have been the assassinated leader referred to above.

Full story for subscribers.

Of which I am one, and yet:

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Won't find it there either last time I looked, and yet I'm staring at the clipping right now.

"We condemn this ugly criminal act and we promise the martyr and his comrades that we will stand idle," the party said in a statement.

Hisso opposed and was imprisoned in the past by President Bashar Assad's regime. He also spoke out against radical Islamic groups, including the al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Both groups have gained influence in the opposition after leading several battles.

Though no group claimed responsibility Tuesday for Hisso's slaying, suspicion fell on the al-Qaida-linked organizations. Nawaf Khalil, a spokesman for the party, said fighters hoped to clear the groups out of Kurdish areas.

"The military units have declared mobilization," he said. "The jihadi forces or forces of darkness have been attacking Kurdish areas so it is normal that there be military and political mobilization.

Kurdish gunmen and al-Qaida-linked groups already have fought sporadic battles over the past months."

And yet it is only an issue in the mouthpiece media now as the criminal Obama administration wishes to advance military action.

So what other sectarianism can the intelligence operation spewing the Jewish narrative of the world come up with?

"Activist priest feared dead in Syria" by Ben Hubbard |  New York Times, August 15, 2013

BEIRUT — An Italian Jesuit priest who spent decades promoting religious dialogue in Syria and championed the uprising against President Bashar Assad embarked recently on a new mission: persuading an extremist Islamic group to release its prisoners and halt the battles that had spread violence across the country’s northeast.

That was a few weeks ago. He has not been heard from since, and unconfirmed reports that he has been killed have become common.

The disappearance of the Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio has worried Catholic leaders all the way up to Pope Francis, who has called for his release and offered prayers for his well-being. It has also struck many in the Syrian opposition as a dark symbol of where the uprising against Assad stands and how far some of its principal actors have deviated from the movement’s original aims....

Blah, blah, blah. Who benefits from divide-and-conquer?

Fawaz Tello, an opposition activist based in Germany who knows Dall’Oglio, said the priest had gone too far by seeking a cease-fire between Kurdish militias and a group linked to Al Qaeda....

Last month, he traveled to Raqqa in northeastern Syria, the only provincial capital that is completely under rebel control....

At the time, Syria’s most radical militant group, the Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was battling Kurdish militias across a wide area of northern Syria and had detained activists who opposed its agenda.

Dall’Oglio decided to try to engage the group to ask it to release the detainees and negotiate a cease-fire with the Kurds, said Friedrich Bokern, chairman of Relief and Reconciliation for Syria, based in Brussels.

On July 29, Dall’Oglio entered the group’s headquarters in Raqqa and has not been heard from since, Bokern said.


"Christians take brunt of Syria roadside attack" by Albert Aji and Bassem Mroue |  Associated Press, August 18, 2013

DAMASCUS — Gunmen shot dead 11 people, mostly Christians, near a town in central Syria on Saturday, state media and activists said, an attack described by a local resident as aimed at members of the religious minority. 

Christians who are mostly aligned with Assad and were protected by his government.

The resident, citing eyewitnesses, told the Associated Press that the gunmen randomly opened fire on roadside restaurants in a drive-by shooting outside Ein al-Ajouz as Christians were celebrating a feast day. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The state-run SANA news agency described the attack as a ‘‘massacre’’ and said women and children were among the dead.

Activists however said that many of those killed were pro-government militiamen manning checkpoints.

I know who I believe these days, and it is not some agenda-pushing activists cited by my paper!

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that nine of those killed were Christians.

It said rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad attacked checkpoints manned by the pro-government National Defense Forces militia, killing five of them. It said the other six were civilians, including two women.

A Facebook page run by pro-government activists in the area said a checkpoint was targeted and six civilians and five pro-government militiamen were killed. It posted portraits of five ‘‘martyrs’’ from the militia wearing military fatigues, saying the attackers came from the nearby rebel-held town of al-Hosn where extremist rebel groups are known to operate.

I believe those activists. It's simple; that's the way you have to read the jewspaper. The "enemy" is the one telling the truth.

Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Syria’s population, say they are particularly vulnerable to the violence sweeping the country of 22 million people.

Many rebels, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, consider Christians to be supporters of Assad’s regime. The regime is dominated by members of Assad’s minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam, and members of some other religious minorities consider it a bulwark against extremists among the country’s Sunni majority.

SANA said the attack occurred after midnight Saturday on a road in Homs province linking Ein al-Ajouz with another Christian village, Nasrah.

Eleya Dhaher, archbishop of the Wadi al-Nasarra region that includes the villages where the attack occurred, said 15 people were killed in the ‘‘massacre.’’

“It seems that tension and the sectarian rift have reached a level where no area can enjoy peace,’’ he said by telephone.

Wadi al-Nasarra, or Valley of the Christians, has been a relatively safe area compared with other parts of Syria, and many Christians have fled there from violence elsewhere in the country.

Oh, no, the rank smell of covert western intelligence operations!

Dhaher denied claims that the recent attacks on the areas aim to empty them of Christians, adding that sectarian rifts have ‘‘reached every spot of the homeland.’’

The resident who spoke to the AP said some of the dead were refugees from the central city of Homs, which has witnessed heavy clashes over the past two years. Tens of thousands of Christians left downtown districts in Syria’s third largest city because of the fighting.

Attacks against Christians have not been uncommon in Syria since the country’s crisis began more than two years ago. Two bishops were abducted in rebel-held areas in April and an Italian Jesuit priest, Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, went missing last month while on a trip to the rebel-held northeastern city of Raqqa. On Monday, a bomb explosion killed an 8-year-old Christian girl in Homs province.

Also Saturday, a bomb exploded near a Kurdish Red Crescent ambulance in the northeastern province of Hassakeh, killing two paramedics and wounding another, the Observatory said.

Hassakeh, which borders Turkey, has been witnessing almost daily clashes between Kurdish gunmen and members of Al Qaeda-linked groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra or Nusra Front over the past months that left scores of people dead.

The Observatory said Friday’s clashes in Hassakeh left four Kurdish gunmen and 11 jihadis dead.