Friday, August 30, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

What is mind-boggling about this piece is the completely out-of-touch the world in which the political and elite cla$$ live. Just asking this question shows his ignorance.

"Red Sox are winning, but attendance is lagging" by Nick Cafardo |  Globe Staff, August 29, 2013

Where are you, Red Sox fans?

Wednesday’s night’s attendance was 31,962. Not chopped liver, but really, what’s going on here? The Red Sox are involved in a tight race. Every game is like the playoffs. They’re playing American League East rival Baltimore, which prevented them from making the playoffs in 2011.

After last year’s 69 wins, this should be a joy to watch. The Red Sox have been one of the most consistent teams in baseball from Opening Day. No ups and downs like most of the teams they’re competing against. Steady, exciting. Thirty come-from-behind wins, including 4-3 over the Orioles Wednesday night, when the Sox scored three runs in the seventh and eighth to erase a two-run deficit.

Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy is anticipating another crowd in the 32,000 range Thursday night. What gives? The team had to advertise $20 seats the last two games. This from an organization that had a long sellout streak with some teams that weren’t this good.

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Another image-boosting illusion and lie? 

Bad enough we have a world based on such things, and now it has descending into the relatively meaningle$$(?) world of sports.

The Red Sox have had 20 sellouts all season. They’ve recovered somewhat attendance-wise from early in the season, and now are down about 2,900 fans per game from last year. There are 17 teams (out of 30) whose attendance has dropped from 2012, including the Yankees, who are down 3,677 fans per game....

There will be about 5,000 empty seats at Fenway again on Thursday night.

Late August, tight race, playoff-atmosphere baseball. Don’t get it.

Let me $ee if I can help you. I'll give you one gue$$ why attendance is down.



"It’s rare that we offer Part 2 to a column, but the response to Thursday’s piece about the lagging attendance at Fenway Park this season necessitated one. The majority of responders felt the cost of tickets and the overall experience are the biggest reasons Fenway attendance is down just under 3,000 fans per game this year. Many responders pointed out they’d rather watch [the game on] TV. Here’s the reason I don’t fully buy that.... Cost and economics is somewhere in the answer. But it’s not the entire reason one of the most embraceable Red Sox teams in recent memory has played in front of a full ballpark only 20 times this season.

Maybe the lying about sell-outs explains it. 


Game is on TV now and I'm heading over to a friend's house to watch it.