Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Globe's Jive Talking on July Jobs Report

Even this jaded blogger is astonished at this pos propaganda that appeared in my Globe today:

"July jobless rate rises in 28 states; Unemployment in Mass. edges up to 7.2 percent" by Christopher S. Rugaber |  Associated Press, August 20, 2013

WASHINGTON — Unemployment rates rose in more than half of US states in July and fewer states added jobs, echoing national data that show the job market may have lost some momentum....

As if the job market had momentum, but we will let that slide for now.

Nationwide, hiring has been steady this year, but while the job market has improved over the past 12 months, the gains appear to be benefiting Southern and Western states most of all.

Unemployment in the West fell to 7.9 percent in July. That was down from 9.3 percent a year earlier and was the biggest decline of the four regions. In the South, unemployment fell to 7.3 percent, from 7.8 percent a year before.

Unemployment has barely changed in the Midwest, to 7.3 percent from 7.5 percent in the past year. In the Northeast, it dropped to 7.6 percent from 8.4 percent.


According to them, the RATE DROPPED EVERYWHERE! 

It dropped in the West, dropped in the South, dropped in the Midwest, dropped in the East.

Then WhereTF did it GO UP?!!!!!!

Steve Cochrane, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, said Southern and Western states have seen steady growth in manufacturing jobs. And the South is benefiting from lower taxes and cheaper labor.

‘‘Some of the old, longstanding comparative advantages are reemerging as drivers of growth,’’ he added.

California has propelled much of the gains in the West, adding 38,100 jobs in July to lead all states. And California has added 236,000 jobs in the past year, second only to Texas’s 293,000 jobs.

Unemployment in California fell to 8.7 percent in July from 10.6 percent 12 months earlier — the biggest year-over-year drop for any state.

Another bright spot is Utah, which gained the largest percentage of jobs in 12 months. Utah’s gains were in information technology, manufacturing, and construction.

In the South, Texas, Florida, and Georgia have been driving job growth. Georgia added 30,900 jobs in July, the second- most of any state. Many of the gains were in transportation, utilities, retail, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks.

Now this pos article is PIMPING all the JOB GROWTH! 

Nevada reported the nation’s highest unemployment rate in July, 9.5 percent.

Oh, right, back to the alleged point of this pathetic pos propaganda.


Oh, about all that job growth:

"Still, layoffs are only half of an improving jobs picture. The other is hiring, and companies have been reluctant to rapidly create many more jobs." 

I didn't know layoffs improved the job picture. Spoken like a true corporate po$.

"The result has been a golden age for corporate profits, especially among multinational giants." 

Oh, and the great job growth engine of the 21st-century?

"Most new jobs in July were low paying, part time" by Paul Wiseman |  Associated Press, August 05, 2013

WASHINGTON — The 162,000 jobs the economy added in July were a disappointment. The quality of the jobs was even worse.

A disproportionate number of the added jobs were part time or low paying — or both. 

And yet Obama and his administration are out hailing the economic recovery, blah, blah, blah.

Part-time work accounted for more than 65 percent of the positions employers added in July. Low-paying retailers, restaurants, and bars supplied more than half July’s job gain.

‘‘You’re getting jobs added, but they might not be the best-quality job,’’ said John Canally, an economist with LPL Financial in Boston. 

It's a SERVICE SOCIETY, 'murkns!! In other words, YOU SERFS will SERVE the LORDS! I think SOLDIERING is a worthy profession, how about you?

So far this year, low-paying industries have provided 61 percent of the nation’s job growth, even though these industries represent just 39 percent of overall US jobs, according to Labor Department numbers analyzed by Moody’s Analytics. Mid-paying industries have contributed just 22 percent of this year’s job gain.

‘‘The jobs that are being created are not generating much income,’’ Steven Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securities USA, wrote to clients.

That is one reason Americans’ pay has not kept up with even historically low inflation since the Great Recession ended in June 2009....

The Depression didn't end for 93% of us, so fuck off.

Part-time work has made up 77 percent of the job growth so far this year. The government defines part-time work as being less than 35 hours a week.

Weak economies overseas have reduced demand for US goods and, as a result, for better-paying US jobs in manufacturing. Government spending cuts have taken a toll on some middle-class jobs, too.

Many employers have also discovered that they can use technology to do tasks more cheaply and efficiently than office workers used to do. And some have found that they can shift middle-class jobs to low-wage countries such as China.

That has been going on for decades. Nothing new there!

By contrast, most lower-paying jobs — from waiters and hotel maids to store clerks, bartenders, and home health care aides — cannot be automated or shipped abroad.

No, but they can be INSOURCED through WORK VISAS!

‘‘You’re always going to have jobs in the retail sector,’’ said Michael Evangelist, a policy analyst with the liberal National Employment Law Project, which advocates on behalf of low-wage workers.

Not all July’s new jobs were low-paying. Local schools hired more than 10,000 teachers and other employees. Financial companies added 15,000....

Yeah, sure they did.

Analysts say some employers are offering part-time over full-time work to sidestep the new health care law’s rule that they provide medical coverage for permanent workers. (The Obama administration has delayed that provision for a year and into 2015.)

Yeah, we warned about that and were told "no, no, that won't happen." And here it is happening.

But Jason Furman, the new chairman of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, disputed the idea that the health care law will ever drive companies to favor part-timers over full-timers and said the notion makes even less sense now: ‘‘Why would they shift people to part time for something that’s not going to happen until 2015?’’

Because the delay was just announced and they were planning for the future. The fact is, the Supreme Court upheld this jobs-killing monstrosity written by the insurance industry. They have already started, so why go back? 

And just who is Jason Furman anyway?

"Jason Furman, a veteran White House economic official, has been involved in economic policy since the Clinton administration. Unlike his three predecessors, who came from academia, Furman is a member of the Washington establishment. He has been an adviser at the World Bank and an adviser to President Clinton, has worked at the Brookings Institution, and advised John Kerry during his presidential run in 2004. He is “kind of a Washington insider who has nurtured strong relationships with people on both sides of the aisle,’’ said Kevin Hassett, a senior fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute." 

Sigh. I'm tired of thinking about it.

Scott Anderson, chief economist at Bank of the West, said he thinks concerns about the rise in part-time work are overblown. The government’s figures on part-time jobs are highly volatile, Anderson said. The big gain this year could quickly reverse, he said.

And that is supposed to good news? 

And it raises the QUESTION: Why am I reading this crap at all?