Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Globe Special: Syria's Muslim Brotherhood

They are not very popular there, and it is no surprise seeing as they are funded by the same elements sending Al-CIA-Duh's foreign mercenarie$ into the country.

"Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood faces uphill battle" by Zeina Karam |  Associated Press, August 11, 2013

BEIRUT — For Syria’s banned Muslim Brotherhood, the uprising against President Bashar Assad that erupted amid Arab Spring revolts in 2011 provided a long-sought opportunity to stage a comeback after decades in exile.

Thirty years earlier, the group’s own violent uprising against Assad’s father, the late Hafez Assad, was brutally crushed, culminating in an infamous massacre in the city of Hama that ended with the group’s leadership killed, imprisoned, or exiled.

Amid the chaos of the current revolt, the group quickly emerged as the best organized of Assad’s political opponents and is playing an increasingly active role on the ground by providing assistance to military brigades it supports.

It faces enormous challenges in the months ahead, however.

The downfall of the Brotherhood in Egypt has shaken its Syrian counterpart. It has also deepened distrust of the secretive movement by other Syrians who are suspicious of its religious agenda.

I $u$piciou$ about true motivations and not $hallow, cover-story narratives, thank you, and Syrians of all ethnicities and religions have reportedly rejected them for the above mentioned rea$on$ (no, I didn't read that in my Globe).

Inside Syria, the group faces an uphill battle trying to rebuild its base with the young revolutionaries of today, many of whom view its leadership as aging and out of touch after years away from the country. Moreover, the self-described moderate Islamic group faces fierce competition from better equipped hard-line Salafi fighters and Al Qaeda extremists who have emerged as a major force in the rebel ranks. 


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Once you understand what prison, 'er, prism your news is coming through it is a lot easier to spot the misspellings. 

‘‘Despite its rich history of involvement in Syrian politics, for some, the Brotherhood continues to be viewed as a foreign entity merely representing a local branch of the Egyptian movement,’’ said Raphael Lefevre, a visiting fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center and author of the book ‘‘Ashes of Hama: The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.’’ 

That's because it was, in fact, created by western intelligence agencies -- or what they called "secret services" back then -- about a century ago to sow dissent into the crumbling corpse of the Ottoman Empire.

‘‘To win hearts and minds, the Syrian group needs to move more decisively to define itself in the context of its own considerable history,’’ he said.

Oh, I hate that expression! 

How you win hearts and minds by bombing places and killing and torturing people based on brazen lies is beyond me (didn't seem to work in Iraq), and extremist acts of terrorism committed by "freedom-fighting rebels" never does it, either -- a sure indication that everything you are seeing and reading in your AmeriKan jewsmedia is either a complete fabrication at worst or tremendous distortion at best. Not exactly the greatest lens, is it? 

Leaders of the Syrian Brotherhood and activists inside Syria say the group has been actively working in that direction. In addition to its pivotal role in shaping and influencing the opposition abroad, it has stepped up relief assistance to rebel-held areas inside the country and its leaders have made several trips to opposition areas in the north in an attempt to reconnect with residents in Idlib and Aleppo provinces, once considered strongholds of the group.

Strongholds that are in government hands, and yet as you will see from posts above I'm still being told the rebels are winning, even though Obama's telegraphing of military action after the deplorable false flag and fake film surrounding the outrageous claim of chemical weapons use -- leveled by the worst abuser of WMD in the history of the planet, the good old U.S. of A. -- is a clear sign that the attempted overthrow using Al-CIA-Duh assets has failed.

In February, the group launched al-Ahed, a newspaper that now distributes 10,000 copies bi-weekly in opposition territory. Sheik Hatem al-Tabshi, head of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council, preaches in the city of Maarat al-Numan and is seen in videos holding meetings with fighters in the area.

And here in AmeriKa I have the new Al-Jewzeera to watch! What a coincidence. 

Don't get me wrong, it is my destination when it comes to cable news now; however, it's first week of operation featured the Syrian chemical weapons false flag and fraud (what timing considering who is backing both the insurgents and the new media channel as well as an opposition newspaper); human-caused (meaning you, readers, not the elite and special intere$t$ gobbling up resources and living the high life) climate change crap (which really won't bother the oil-producers because the whole climate change guilt trip is to establish a carbon tax to feed Wall Street banks who will oversee the created out of thin air carbon credit market, which they can then bundle and sell like they did mortgage-backed securities and student loan debt); racial division across America (c'mon, sigh); and this morning.... the NEW YORK JETS QUARTERBACK SITUATION after Mark Sanchez was hurt in a questionable and controversial appearance at that point in a preseason game with the second offense against the other teams first unit defense and the coach getting all testy at the press conference, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Most significantly, an umbrella group of brigades known as the Shields of the Revolution has emerged as a military force closely affiliated with the group, although Brotherhood officials deny any formal ties. Activists, however, say the group is preparing to formally launch its military branch in the country.

‘‘It is not easy to reconnect and restore our presence after 30 years of absence,’’ acknowledged Omar Mushaweh, who heads the group’s media communications department. ‘‘It requires time, but we have a strong history in Syria and we will get there despite the smear campaign against us,’’ he said from his base in Turkey.

In other words, he is like the Chalabi exiles we tried to install in Iraq, the Afghan exiles we installed in Afghanistan, the exiles-in-waiting for Iran, and on and on. In this case, the MB is nothing but a tool of western intelligence agencies and Sunni sheikdoms of the Middle East.