Friday, August 30, 2013

Missouri School Bus

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Rather than being divided by race at school, kids, why don't you take a look at who is running your ejewkhazional $y$tems these days.

"Tension, venom as students bused into suburban Mo.; Changes reopen old scars, queries on race and class" by Alan Scher Zagier and Heather Hollingsworth |  Associated Press, August 09, 2013

ST. CHARLES, Mo. —The wave of student transfers is opening old wounds and reviving public conversations on race, class, income inequality, and other thorny social problems that many thought — or at least hoped — had been set aside decades ago. Students at the two troubled districts are predominantly black, with the schools and communities they are headed to largely white.

The rancor was on full display in mid-July, when 2,500 people packed the first Francis Howell school board meeting after the district agreed to accept the former Normandy students. Some spoke obliquely of the ‘‘wrong element.’’ Others were more direct, calling for metal detectors at school entrances and predicting a rash of stabbings and violent fights.

The two troubled districts will be required to pay the receiving districts an estimated $30 million to accommodate the moves. School leaders in Normandy and Riverview Gardens say it is only a matter of time before they go bankrupt, and state education officials plan to ask the Legislature to intervene.

The fallout could have ramifications across the state....

The latest legal maneuvers have their roots in a 20-year-old decision to change Missouri’s education law.

In the hurriedly written legislation little attention was paid to its consequences, since lawmakers at the time were dealing with larger questions about overall state education funding and revamping how schools were accredited....

I'm glad Missouri lawmakers are so on the ball.


The e$$ential problem, and I think you kids reading this know it, is that money junkies administer the schools and colleges that exist now only to plunge you kids into never-ending debt enslavement to banks via student loans

Todays kids may be stupid, but they know the system stinks.