Wednesday, September 16, 2015

God Save the Queen

The Globe blessed us with this:

"Queen Elizabeth II to become UK’s longest reigning monarch" by Sylvia Hui Associated Press  September 09, 2015

LONDON —Queen Elizabeth II is set to become the longest reigning monarch in British history on Wednesday.

‘‘You have to be a certain age to remember a time when she wasn’t the queen,’’ said royal historian and commentator Hugo Vickers.

Elizabeth has been the constant heart of British life since she came to the throne as a young woman of 25.

Much has changed since then. When she married Prince Philip in 1947, Britain was still in the grips of post-World War II austerity — the couple’s wedding cake had to be made from ingredients sent as wedding presents from abroad. When she was crowned in Westminster Abbey in 1953, a year after her accession, television was a novelty and British colonies were still dotted around the world. By the 1990s, the empire had all but vanished.

Elizabeth is the last of Britain’s monarchs to be educated at home and the first to have sent an e-mail (1976) or a tweet (2014). She has worked with 12 prime ministers — from Winston Churchill to David Cameron — and continues to carry out public engagements and travel at age 89.

While Elizabeth is instantly recognizable and held in endearing regard by her subjects, her personality and views remain an enigma to most. As constitutional monarch, she must keep mum on political affairs, and some argue that reticence and neutrality form part of her appeal. ‘‘She is above politics and when you have a change of government that’s quite reassuring to know,’’ Vickers said.


Palace officials say there will be no fanfare on Wednesday, when Elizabeth officially becomes Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Officials say the queen wanted the occasion to be a low-key affair and the day will be ‘‘business as usual.’’ 

They don't want to rub the riches of the people in their faces in these times of $erving the elite.

It seemed unlikely in 1926 that she would become queen — until Edward VIII, her uncle, unexpectedly abdicated in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Elizabeth’s father reluctantly became King George VI, and she was the heir when he died in 1952.

As early as her 21st birthday, Elizabeth had dedicated her life to Britain and the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip has endured for almost 70 years, longer than that of any other British monarch and outlasting the unions of three of her four children.

Philip is the guy whose dream it is to come back as a virus and devastate the human population.

In 1992, notoriously branded the ‘‘annus horribilis,’’ Prince Charles separated from Diana, and Prince Andrew separated from his wife, Sarah Ferguson. Princess Anne was divorced that year.

Web added this:

Diana’s death in 1997, which prompted Elizabeth to abandon royal protocol to publicly mourn her ex-daughter-in-law, marked one of the only low points in the queen’s reign. Today, there is little doubt about her popularity: In 2012, a million people braved the rain and sang ‘‘God Save the Queen’’ as they marched to the gates of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

‘‘The British by and large really rather love her and certainly respect her enormously,’’ Vickers said. ‘‘She has given this country an extraordinarily subtle and quiet stability.’’


Okay, I gave them the appropriate salute now let's move on because just thinking about the pedophiliac and incestuous $cum makes me want to shower.

I'll save you the sob story. A lot going on here today so I'm going to have to say a prayer and disappear. God save us all.