Saturday, September 26, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: No High School Football Game Today

They play on Friday nights now 'round h're:

"A high school in Maine canceled the remainder of the school’s football season because of the dwindling number of players, officials said. Camden Hills High School principal Nick Ithomitis said Thursday that the Rockport school will forfeit the final five games of the season. Ithomitis said the drop in participation created a ‘‘serious’’ safety issue and that they are not willing to put any more students at risk. He said the Windjammers’ recent loss to Bucksport, in which four players were injured, factored into the decision. Ithomitis said most of the players are ‘‘young, inexperienced football players’’ competing against ‘‘older, stronger, bigger’’ players (AP)."

The dwindling number of players over safety and concussion concerns has become an issue for colleges and the NFL. I predict one day the NFL will go the way of boxing, but that is decades away.

I know it's chilly but don't wear a hoodie to the game today if you are in Worcester, and don't attend a college game at Stonehill (the school psyops never stop). 

Going to grab the local and check for last night's ball scores as well as look for a job in the want ads.