Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quick Wash and Rense

"The Tribe has Decided to Go After Jeff Rense.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Looks like Jeff Rense is catching some heat in an invidious and flat out lying hit piece, intersprinkled with acceptable observations about making serious money off of strange devices and expensive compositions that allege to treat maladies. I don't know one way or the other about the latter except that they all cost a lot of money which... once again is why I don't employ paid advertising at my sites.

Most telling is the constant inference that he is making his money off of the aged and infirm. Good grief!

First off, let us deal with the obvious; Alternet is 100% Tribe owned and operated, though they seem unwilling to tell you that. Next, let us point out that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a 100% Tribe run organization that pretends to be about the needs of the economically destitute; the implication is black people, or people of color, or whatever the prevailing appellation of the moment is but... what they are really about is compiling lists of hate groups who are usually any collective of people who object to Jewish banker crime, or any Zionist operations which are generally engaged in the gratuitous killing of anyone who gets in the way of Zionist interests.

A great deal of the reason that Tribe owned operations like Alternet, SPLC and others go after Rense or anyone else is because the truth is coming out about Israel having engineered and carried out the 9/11 attacks. Also the facts are emerging about the Holocaust fantasy which was constructed to counter any criticism of the enormous litany of Tribe crimes against the rest of humanity and especially to divert public attention from the murder of tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians PRIOR to this holocaust, which didn't actually happen and although I have convincing proof that the Holocaust is a public relations stunt, I will list only three powerful pieces of evidence that are irrefutable; NO ONE had greater access to the camps than The Red Cross and here is the official Red Cross document that lists Jewish deaths- nearly all of them from Typhus- during the war simply click on the image and it will come up for you.

Next, let us consider that at one time THEY were claiming that 4.5 million perished in Auschwitz. Then THEY reduced the number to 1.5 million. This means that there was no six million who allegedly died overall. It could not have been more than 3 million (and was nowhere near that). Yet THEY who made the original claim and THEY who reduced the original claim STILL insist that six million perished. This is how stupid they think you are.

Finally there is the matter of the Jewish World Almanac prior to and following the Second World War (which they had a major hand in bringing about- but later for that) The almanac shows that the Jewish population INCREASED from before the war to after the war  This is all information provided by THEM. How is it possible that so many of them died when their population increased over the period of time during which they are alleged to have been exterminated?

Therefore, we can realistically presume that everything Rense says and publishes concerning The Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks, though none of us may be 100% accurate in all details IS demonstrably FAR more true that anything being swilled out by the government or from Tribe authored or financed organizations.

I am willing to be wrong. If by some possibility of some other evidence that I have somehow overlooked in my painstaking research over the years can explain what happened more efficiently and effectively and truthfully than what I have just presented you with, I will change my view immediately. I promise this. God knows, I did not want my investigations to come to the conclusions that they came to. There is no more powerfully funded slander operations in the world than Tribe funded organizations and the actual truth of anything is their last concern most of the time, as has been convincingly detailed in the case of Leo Frank. This reprehensible monster is the reason that the Anti Defamation League exists  I should point out a little known fact that the ADL and the KKK were both founded out of this Leo Frank rape/murder of a 13 year old girl

This tells you all you need to know about Tribe organizations. The treatment of the Palestinians tells you all you need to know about Israel; not to mention their ceaseless aggressions against all of their neighbors and their direct complicity in the attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq.

I do not want to have to be the one to report on these things but until the truth of them is more widely recognized around the world I have no choice because, as Edmund Burke said quite awhile ago; “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A good portion of the most influential founding fathers of the United States repeatedly warned what would happen if The Tribe were allowed to influence national economic and political policy. Today we see they are the predominant influence and we see where that has led and is leading. If we do not see this we are amazingly ignorant or willfully blind.

One has only to look at the comment bombing by Tribe agents at the Rense article at Alternet to see what they are about in every theater where opinions can be expressed and as soon as they start to get more opposition than they would like they close the comments.

I don't have an opinion on whether Jeff Rense's association with various products is questionable or not. I don't know enough about it. What I do know is that conventional medical treatments for just about anything are far more dangerous and ineffective than natural remedies.

It would be wonderful if these agents of darkness could come around and factually refute what has been said and linked here. I would be off the hook. I could say I am sorry and go my way. Unfortunately these things are true and there is no way to refute them, so other tactics are brought into play.

The smarmy and unctuous manner in which the author of the hit piece deals with the idea of conspiracy theorists reveals a great deal. Of course there is truth to many of these so called conspiracies. How absolutely incredibly stupid and gullible do you have to be to believe that 9/11 was done by Osama Bin Laden and a band of stone age Arabs living in caves? Wander as you will around the internet and at every mainstream media site, where these subjects are discussed, you find a distressingly large number of Nimrods shouting all reasonable inquiry down. These are the Fox News Junkies and they are terminally afflicted. It can all be seen in that dreadful response that I have encountered more than once; “So what? Even if it was true I wouldn't believe it.”

I know Jeff Rense can be hard on people. I am a case in point ...but regardless of that, his site brings out all kinds of courageous reportage on a regular basis. I have no idea if he is compromised or not. People tell me this but I have no evidence to support it. All of this can easily be explained all kinds of other ways. I am not one of those people who, feeling he has been mistreated, immediately lashes out in a reactive fashion. I don't always know what drives people to what they do. I do know that Jeff's operation is mostly a one man effort and he is employed at that nearly every waking hour. No one can question his dedication. I'm not concerned that he makes a lot of money. Probably all of us wish our finances were in better shape. I am certainly in that number but I am also pretty serene with my state regardless. A lot of the time, certain behavior can easily be more correctly linked to excessive vanity and control freak syndrome. Power nearly always makes people imperious and they can often imagine that they have been slighted when they have not, or been disrespected when they have not. Generally there is the ongoing lack of a sense of humor and this can account for a person not being able to see in a more humane fashion. There are many of us that present ourselves a certain way because we want to be seen that way. This does not mean that we are that way.

I have often presented my three faces theory. First there is the face we show everyone when we first meet them. This is how we want to be seen and how we want people to believe we are. Then there is the second face that comes out over time and which we cannot repress. Finally there is the third face which reveals itself when we are threatened and in danger and this face accounts for a hidden face in others when they find that a friend is in trouble but suddenly adjust the meaning of the term 'friend' in their minds in order to accommodate their rationalization for not coming to the aid of that friend.

Times are strange and getting stranger still. May fortune smile on you and may the ineffable protect you in these dark times before the coming of the light.