Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Leaders of the IlLuminex

Funny thing is you can't $ee them:

"Luminex getting new leadership" by Beth Healy Globe Staff  September 08, 2015

Luminex Trading & Analytics, a startup stock-trading operation owned by Fidelity Investments and other mutual fund companies, was expected to announce Tuesday that it has named a new chief executive and other top managers.

Jonathan A. Clark will take over as chief executive, replacing interim chief Michael S. Cashel, who is returning to his job as senior vice president of Fidelity Trading Ventures.

Clark comes from Wall Street’s BlackRock Inc., where he was co-head of equity trading for the Americas. Before that, he was with Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a portfolio manager and derivatives specialist.

Luminex plans to open for trading in the fourth quarter of 2015 as a “dark pool,’’ or independent platform for investment managers to trade large blocks of stock. Owned by mutual fund firms, or “buy side” companies, rather than brokerage houses, the goal of dark pools is to give firms that manage money for ordinary investors a chance to trade efficiently without tipping off Wall Street. 

Looks like in$ider trading we can't see, but what we can see is the absolute and total fraud that is the $tock market. It's all propped up and rigged so that the elite holding the options and paper can be made rich!

The company has said it will be more transparent than other dark pools, by publishing a full list of its participants.

Also named to the company was James C. Dolan, as chief compliance officer. He spent 20 years with the National Association of Securities Dealers and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Most recently, he was a compliance executive for Fidelity.


Fidelity groping around in the dark.

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"The full lunar eclipse, visible across half of the planet, will occur on the East Coast at 10:11 p.m. Sunday, when the Earth’s shadow will cover the moon for an hour. The combination hasn’t been seen since 1982, and won’t happen again until 2033." 

If I'm not asleep or at worship I might take a look.