Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Posted With a Heavy Heart

Had a couple of moves in his honor and double-digit rebounds (padded 'em once) but other than that game was weak.

"Most in US have older ‘heart age,’ CDC says" AP Medical Writer  September 01, 2015

NEW YORK — Your heart might be older than you are. A new government report suggests age is just a number — and perhaps not a very telling one when it comes to your risk of heart attack or stroke.

I think it comes with reading a Bo$ton Globe.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report takes a new approach to try to spur more Americans to take steps to prevent cardiovascular disease. CDC scientists estimated the average ‘‘heart age’’ of women and men in every state, based on risk factors like high blood pressure, obesity, and whether they smoke or have diabetes. Then it compared the numbers to average actual ages.

The results?

Nearly three out of four US adults have a heart that’s older than the rest of their body, according to CDC calculations.

Truth be told, the rest of my body not doing to well, either. Shell of my former self out there, covering up weakness, living off reputation, stamina receding....

For US men on average, the predicted heart age was nearly eight years greater than their real age. For women, it was about 5½ years.

Each year, one in four US deaths is due to heart disease. Many are heart attacks and strokes. The average age of first heart attack is about 64½ for men and 72 for women, according to the American Heart Association.

Heart disease remains America’s leading cause of death and health officials have been pushing to get more people to control their weight, quit smoking, and take other steps.

I've done the best I can and am living the cleanest life possible; is that enough?

Mississippi has the highest proportion of adults with advanced heart age, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Utah and Colorado had the lowest proportions of people with a heart age five years or greater than their actual age, followed by California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.


And then there are concerns of the mind.

Hope you live a long life.

UPDATE: Just had my blood pressure checked. they told me to take an a$pirin.