Monday, September 21, 2015

Trimming Back on Pakistan Post

How appropriate on the first day of fall:

Pakistan suspects US illegally cut down trees in its capital 

They did it at the CIA station, I mean, US Embassy.

Top Pakistan court allows military trials in terrorism cases

Man backed by rights groups is hanged 

The Pakistani had been tortured to confess, they say.

Pakistani militant leader killed in escape try

He was linked to Al-CIA-Duh.

Twin blasts kill anti-Taliban Pakistani minister, 13 more

Was against CIA-Duh.

Hamid Gul, 78; Pakistan spy chief tied to militants

Yes, Mr. Gul "came to be seen as an increasingly out-of-touch braggart later in life, as he appeared on many Pakistani television programs warning of conspiracies and demanding his country militarily confront India, its nuclear-armed neighbor."

One might say he saw the light.

Pakistan corruption lets militants get national ID cards

His ISI successor (which works closely with CIA, or has).

India, Pakistan trade fire, accusations

Despite a 2003 cease-fire, the two neighbors regularly trade fire, the latest coming as India celebrated Independence Day on Saturday.

Kashmir villagers flee amid Pakistan-India gunfire that killed 1

Didn't make print. Kashmir rarely does.

"The bombings stalled peace talks between India and Pakistan for several months. After the attack, Indian police accused Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, of orchestrating the bombings, a charge Pakistan has denied."

They were set up in what was India's version of 9/11 and also an inside job (Hindu nationalists with a Chabbad base).

"Explosion kills 9 in central Pakistan" Associated Press  September 14, 2015

MULTAN, Pakistan — There was no immediate claim of responsibility for a remote-controlled bomb in a region dotted with thousands of religious seminaries, with several belonging to local Al Qaeda-linked militant outfits.

The hallmark of intelligence agency false flags.

Pakistan has long been fighting militants who want to overthrow the government to install their harsh brand of Islamic law.

Be it Al-CIA-Duh, ISIS™, Al-CIA-Bob, or whatever, they all trace back to western intelligence at some point.

Tens of thousands have been killed in more than a decade of fighting with militants.

That I believe.

While much of that fighting is concentrated in the northwest tribal region, central Pakistan has also seen terrorist attacks and the government has come under increasing public pressure to curb the violence. 

What it smells like there is an underlying U.S. destabilization effort and -- try and wrap your head around this -- and that is where factions of "Taliban" come into play. There are the Taliban residents who basically live there and want to be left alone. Then there are what are known as "anti-Taliban" Taliban that are CIA-created insurgents shops (generally filled with the foreign fighters of one kind or another). And then there are the Taliban groups if Afghanistan....

The army announced last week that it had used its first armed drone to kill three militants in the Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border.

RelatedUK drone strike foiled plot, Cameron says

Pakistan has officially signed up for the agenda!

The United States frequently uses drones to target militants in Pakistan’s tribal regions, but the United States has refused to share the technology with Islamabad, and Pakistani officials have called the US drone strikes violations of the country’s sovereignty....

That'a phony blah-blah regarding the violation of sovereignty for public consumption at home. It's collaboration by submission there.


Of course, the Taliban will strike back.

AlsoPakistan expelling its Afghan refugees

Forgotten amid the agenda-pushing mass flowing into Europe and beyond.


12 sentenced in 2006 Mumbai train bombings

10 charged in Muslim’s fatal beating in India