Friday, November 6, 2015

Bank Robber Took Bowel Movement in BK Bathroom

No shit.

"Suspect in bank robbery caught in Burger King bathroom" by Felicia Gans Globe Correspondent  November 03, 2015

Boston police said they found a man in a Burger King restroom Monday after he allegedly robbed a Citizens Bank in South Boston of about $3,500.

Robert W. Wixon, 53, allegedly walked into the bank at 441 West Broadway at about 2:50 p.m. Witnesses told investigators Wixon pulled his sweater over his head and “put his hand on his hip as if to motion that he had a gun,” police said.

Wixon allegedly demanded all of the teller’s money and left with the cash, which police later found in his pocket, they said.

The bank teller gave police a description of the suspect, authorities said, specifically highlighting an adhesive bandage that was on his face.

An officer saw Wixon walking into a nearby Burger King, and later found him in the restroom, authorities said. Investigators allegedly found the money, but did not locate a gun.

Wixon was charged with armed robbery for allegedly making the bank teller believe he had a weapon during the robbery, police said.

Wixon is scheduled to return to court on Nov. 24....


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