Monday, November 9, 2015

Filling the Noorchashm

Just waiting to see when my titles start disappearing.

"Brigham, hospital critic clash as wife has surgery; Judge faults hospital for searches, escorts" by Liz Kowalczyk Globe Staff  November 04, 2015

When Brigham and Women’s Hospital discovered that Dr. Amy Reed was scheduled for lung cancer surgery Monday, it took pointed action: The Harvard teaching hospital assigned security guards to shadow Reed’s husband, also a physician, and search their bags.

Her spouse, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, objected that the security measures violated their civil rights and were imposed in retaliation for his aggressive national campaign to stop a routine hospital surgical procedure known as power morcellation.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Fahey on Tuesday ruled in the couple’s favor, granting their request for a temporary restraining order against the hospital. She ordered the Brigham to stop the searches and the security escorts, finding that Reed and Noorchashm “will suffer irreparable harm.”

The Brigham had justified its security response by asserting that e-mails sent by Noorchashm were — based in part on the advice of a former state trooper — a “credible threat to the safety’’ of hospital staff.

The episode is the latest twist in the ongoing battle between Noorchashm and the Brigham’s leaders — one that has drawn in doctors and colleagues from several of Boston’s most esteemed medical institutions — following his wife’s life-threatening complication from surgery there in October 2013....