Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pam's $cam

"Boston man arraigned in alleged home-sale scam" by Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  November 05, 2015

The duplex on Sanford Street in Dorchester is dingy and battered, but it was the prized possession of Andrew and Margaret Williams, and the home the brother and sister inherited when their mother and siblings died.

But now a 27-year-old Dorchester man is facing charges that he betrayed the siblings’ trust and sold their home to keep almost the entire profit — $117,000 — for himself, but his family, who arrived to the courtroom in droves to support him, said the case is a legal misunderstanding and could be resolved in civil court.

Prosecutor Andrew Doherty said Kyle Pam convinced the Williams siblings, who are both 68, to name him the personal representative of their estate after promising to make them a fortune. Doherty alleged that Pam then falsified court documents to sell the Williams’ home to his girlfriend, Jasmin Deangelo, for $140,000. Deangelo then allegedly sold the home for $92,000 more than the original price to a third party.

Doherty alleged that Deangelo transferred the funds from the second sale to Pam’s bank account, which turned him a $117,000 profit.

Margaret Williams is now homeless and Edward Williams has moved to Maine, according to court documents....


That piece of shit was worth how much?