Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Stink: Ash Carter is an Asshole

I''m sorry to continue with the poop meme and profanity, but it's the Globe driving the agenda and lending themselves to the titles. I go over on a Sunday morning with the best intentions (if nothing else my friend gets the world's best sports section). 

Wasn't even going to come in here today. Was looking forward to a day away from blogging about the Globe (first thing to hit me when I logged on was I need to go here first; was at the top of my roll and is always worth a read. Doesn't disappoint this morning, either). A day away from anger.

Then I come across this pos in the paper this morning:

"Pentagon chief says Russia, China potentially threaten global order" by Robert Burns Associated Press  November 07, 2015

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Saturday accused Russia of endangering world order, citing its incursions in Ukraine and loose talk about nuclear weapons, and said the US defense establishment is searching for creative ways to deter Russian aggression and protect US allies.

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That is one, and the Globe is completely silent about it. Does look like some CIA wet work.

In remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library after eight days of travel in Asia, Carter also expressed concern about China’s expanding influence and growing military might. But he reserved his stronger words for Russia.

These f***ing psychopaths staffing the US government want war with Russia and China!!

Carter said Russia is undertaking “challenging activities” at sea, in the air, in space, and in cyberspace.

“Most disturbing, Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders’ commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the use of nuclear weapons, and whether they respect the profound caution nuclear-age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons,” he said.

How amazing that is coming from a guy who represents a government that ACTUALLY USED NUCLEAR WEAPONS -- twice!!!!!!!!! Unnecessarily, I might add!  

Btw, if there is a big boom somewhere it will be a false flag coming from the depths of the EUSraeli Empire, of that I am convinced. Either that, or AmeriKa looses its quiver because we can't win a conventional war against those powers in their hemisphere.

His remarks were perhaps the strongest he has expressed about the former Cold War foe.

“We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot, war with Russia,” he said. “We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake; the United States will defend our interests, our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords us all.”

The backdrop to Carter’s remarks is the reality that after more than two decades of dominating great-power relations, the United States is seeing Russia reassert itself and China expand its military influence beyond its own shores. Together these trends are testing American preeminence and its stewardship of the world order.

International order, world order, he forgot New.

Carter cited several pillars of the international order that he argued should be defended and strengthened: peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom from coercion, respect for state sovereignty, and freedom of navigation. 

Dost thou hypocrite know upon the pile of shit from which he stands? 

Excuse me as I go puke, and it is not from my profanity. It's his profane offensiveness that is the real disgust! Oh, God!!!

“Some actors appear intent on eroding these principles and undercutting the international order that helps enforce them,” he said. “Terror elements like [the Islamic State], of course, stand entirely opposed to our values. But other challenges are more complicated, and given their size and capabilities, potentially more damaging.”

Tell it to resolution-defying Israel!!!!!!

“Of course, neither Russia nor China can overturn that order,” he said. “But both present different challenges for it.”

Look at the HUBRIS! 

And he is right; AmeriKa is SELF-DESTRUCTING because of its leadership! Russia and China don't have to do anything. The world is moving away from AmeriKa, much like Nazi Germany's allies abandoned it.

He accused Russia of stirring trouble in Europe and the Middle East.

“In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states,” he said. “Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, prolonging a civil war that fuels the very extremism Russia claims to oppose.”

OMG!!!!! He's blaming Russia for the U.S. coup and installation of puppet Petrol Poroshenko!!! I mean, the whole world -- other than the 'murkn public -- knows this!!!

As for Syria, Russia has smashed U.S.-created ISIS™, exposing that fraud. Forced the U.S hand to admit they are supporting terrorists. That is why Carter is crapping.

Carter made clear that Russia is at the forefront of Washington’s concern about evolving security threats.


Know where all this is going, and what will Ash say when the U.S. lets the nukes fly at the end when they have lost (please don't include this citizen as part of the evil cabal running this country)?

“We are adapting our operational posture and contingency plans as we — on our own and with allies — work to deter Russia’s aggression, and to help reduce the vulnerability of allies and partners,” he said.

At a certain point you stop listening to assholes, don't you?

Russia under President Vladimir Putin is challenging the United States in many arenas, including the Arctic, where last year Moscow said it was reopening 10 former Soviet-era military bases along the Arctic seaboard that were closed after the Cold War ended in 1991. Russia also is flying more long-range air patrols off US shores.


Carter left open the possibility that Russia’s role in Syria could evolve into one the United States can embrace.

“It is possible — we’ll see — Russia may play a constructive role in resolving the civil war,” he said.

Yeah, if they agree Assad is out it is okay.

In a question-and-answer session with his audience, Carter said he believes Putin “hasn’t thought through very thoroughly” his objectives in Syria. He called the Russian approach there “way off track.”

And the U.S. war-planners and empire-enablers have? It sure looks like piecemeal shit to me!!!!!! 

Added to print by web:

In his speech, Carter said the United States will take a balanced approach by working with Moscow when productive and appropriate.

As Russia makes what Carter characterized as threatening statements about its potential use of nuclear weapons, the United States is modernizing its entire nuclear arsenal — not only the submarines, bomber aircraft, and land-based missiles that are armed with long-range nuclear weapons, but also the weapons themselves. 

As this f***ing government lectures others!!!

“We’re investing in the technologies that are most relevant to Russia’s provocations, such as new unmanned systems, a new long-range bomber, and innovation in technologies like the electromagnetic railgun, lasers, and new systems for electronic warfare, space and cyberspace, including a few surprising ones I really can’t describe here,” he said.


Btw, most of AmeriKa's weaponry is crap while China and Russia have been building solid systems. Go do your own research.

Carter said China is the single most influential player in Asia’s future, and he noted that earlier this week he went aboard an American aircraft carrier in the South China Sea to demonstrate US commitment to freedom of navigation. The United States objects to China’s claims of territorial limits around disputed artificial islands there.

Couldn't they have tied an anchor to his ankle and tossed him overboard?

End print.

“As a rising power, it’s to be expected that China will have growing ambitions and a modernizing military,” he said. “But how China behaves will be the true test of its commitment to peace and security.” 

So if they behave like the U.S..... sigh!

He said the United States has been shifting its focus toward the Asia-Pacific, including sending its best naval and other military weapons, ships, and equipment to that region. 

Like they are, you know, GETTING READY TO GO TO WAR!!!!!

“We are also changing fundamentally our operational plans and approaches to deter aggression, fulfill our statutory obligations to Taiwan, defend allies, and prepare for a wider range of contingencies in the region than we have traditionally,” he said.

Interesting statement regarding Taiwan, huh?


See: Singaporing China's Praises 

What would you call some loud jerk ruining the party anyway??? 

And to show you that I'm not all full of rage here at the PPM, I'm going to post something that MAKES ME VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!

"Leaders of China, Taiwan meet for first time since split" by Austin Ramzy New York Times  November 07, 2015

The mood was just ruined!

SINGAPORE — Turning military conflict into peaceful development has definitely not been an overnight effort.

No, it never is. Easy to make wars. Those profit elite leaders. No wonder they never end.

The meeting on Saturday offered President Xi Jinping of China a chance to portray himself as a peacemaker.

Ma Ying-Jeou, the president of Taiwan, has pushed for closer ties with China during his 7½ years in office, during which the two sides signed more than 20 agreements. Bilateral trade, direct flights, and visitors to Taiwan from China all increased significantly. He had long wanted a meeting with Xi.

The meeting was the subject of awkward and sometimes strained protocol. China wanted to avoid any appearance that it was acknowledging Taiwan’s sovereignty. And Taiwan likewise wanted to avoid any appearance that it was subordinate to China.

Look at that, real diplomacy, not the Ash Carter-John Kerry crap constantly served up around here!!! 

It was the first meeting of the leader of the Republic of China, more commonly called Taiwan, and the leader of the People’s Republic of China, since 1949.....

I wanted to end the print version on a very happy and significantly historic moment so I don't leave the blog angry. 

THAT SENTENCE MADE ME SO HAPPY, and not even the Jew York Times can spoil it!!!

But Saturday’s meeting might not be repeated soon. Ma’s second and final term as president ends next year. Voters of the democratic, self-ruled island have grown increasingly wary of China’s embrace, and last year student-led protesters occupied Taiwan’s legislature for nearly a month to thwart a trade deal with China in what became known as the Sunflower Movement. 


That means it was a CIA-backed destabilization effort and overthrow attempt. They always get catchy names, and are praised and promoted (as opposed to those stinky Occupy kids here in AmeriKa)!

Ma’s party faces the prospect of losing the presidency and possibly control of the legislature. The candidate most likely to replace him, Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party, favors a more restrained approach to China. 

In other words, the U.S. and its flunkies have already rigged the elections. 

Good luck, Taiwan.

The online edition of The People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party, carried a commentary Saturday criticizing naysayers who have called the Singapore meeting an empty ritual


The JYT calling another a mouthpiece. If that ain't pot-hollering-kettle.... 


“Some suspect that the ‘Xi-Ma meeting’ is empty formality because no agreements will be signed and there’ll be no statement about what was discussed,” it said. “The ‘Xi-Ma meeting’ implies not only that mutual political confidence between the two sides of the strait has made a stride upwards, it also shows that cross-strait relations have risen to a new phase.”

The meeting shows “Xi is willing to be a bit more innovative and creative and find accommodation of some kind,” said Orville Schell, the director of the Center on US-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York. 

So unlike USrael!!!!!

“It also strikes me as quite opportunistic,” he added, noting that Ma is soon to leave office, and his replacement is likely to be less accommodating.

Saturday’s meeting, Schell noted, advances the long and tangled history between the sides, but it is far from resolved.

“These two pieces of real estate have been in this state of suspended animation, each at different times claiming to own the other,” he said. “They are still doing this strange dance and are still trying to find a more comfortable angle of repose.”

Not even that could ruin my mood!


Well, I've now got to make some strides (over 5-1/2 pages worth), lace up my sneakers, head north for the hunt, choose sides (and a shirt), and start barking like a wolf on the basketball court. 

Until tomorrow.....


Thought I would throw this in before kickoff.

"Arab allies largely absent from US air war in Syria" by Eric Schmitt and Michael R. Gordon New York Times  November 07, 2015

The co-Judy Miller of the Iraq invasion, for those that have forgotten. The pos is still shoveling for them.

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — As the United States prepares to intensify airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, the Arab allies who with great fanfare sent warplanes on the initial missions there a year ago have largely vanished from the campaign.

What a crock of crap. They haven't been hitting their ISIS™allies that they have created. That's why they have expanded the last year. 

As for allied airstrikes, we knew that was the case at the beginning. We got fanfare -- another word for war pre$$ propaganda -- when we knew it was an excuse to bomb Assad and his forces.

The Obama administration heralded the Arab air forces flying side by side with US fighter jets in the campaign’s early days as an important show of solidarity against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or Daesh. 

(Link for virgin eyes only; who are the "terrorists" again?) 


Top commanders like General Lloyd J. Austin III, who oversees operations in Syria and Iraq, still laud the Arab countries’ contributions to the fight. But as the United States enters a critical phase of the war in Syria, ordering Special Operations troops to support rebel forces and sending two dozen attack planes to Turkey, the air campaign has evolved into a largely US effort.

Not counting Russia.

Administration officials had sought to avoid the appearance of another US-dominated war, even as most leaders in the Persian Gulf seem more preoccupied with supporting rebels fighting the government of President Bashar Assad of Syria. 

Oh, look, a half-truth spun up in shit! 

Don't you just love the piece-o-crap NYT!?

New York Times to see change at top within two years


Now, some of those officials note with resignation, the Arab partners have quietly left the United States to run the bulk of the air war in Syria — not the first time Washington has found allies wanting.

And it has "failed."

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have shifted most of their aircraft to their fight against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

An undercovered war because it's ally atrocities.

Jordan, reacting to the grisly execution of one of its pilots by the Islamic State, and in a show of solidarity with the Saudis, has also diverted combat flights to Yemen.

Not only that, from what I've read recently Israel's actions in Jerusalem have forced the U.S. hand. They lose Jordan as a base if Israel provocations persist, which they must because the U.S. government is owned by Zionist interests.

Jets from Bahrain last struck targets in Syria in February, coalition officials said. Qatar is flying patrols over Syria, but its role has been modest.

“They’ve all been busy doing other things, Yemen being the primary draw,” Lieutenant General Charles Q. Brown Jr., who leads the air war from a $60 million command center at this sprawling base in Qatar, said of the Arab allies, who he said still fly periodic missions in Syria and allow US jets to use their bases.

The United Arab Emirates last carried out strikes in Syria in March; Jordan in August; and Saudi Arabia in September, according to information provided by allied officials last week. But the Arab allies insist they are still playing an essential, if less active, military role in the war.

“Jordan’s commitment to this fight is unwavering,” said Dana Zureikat Daoud, a spokeswoman for the Jordanian Embassy in Washington. “We remain an active partner and contributor to the international coalition, and continue to conduct airstrikes against Daesh targets.”

Who do you think takes over if they are overthrown?

The engagement of Western allies, like France and Australia, has also been limited. 

Looks like a subtle complaint, doesn't it? 

They have conducted a smattering of strikes in Syria, but have reserved most of their firepower for Islamic State targets in Iraq. Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has promised to fulfill his campaign pledge to end Ottawa’s role in the air campaign altogether.

So when is the false flag to make him change his mind?

And none of the Western allies appear eager to join the United State in basing warplanes at Incirlik air base in Turkey, a move that would make it easier to increase strikes against militants in northern Syria and Iraq.

How come no one likes us anymore (as Turkey bombs Kurdish allies fighting.... WTF?!!!!!!!)?

So far, eight Arab and Western allies have conducted about 5 percent of the 2,700 airstrikes in Syria, compared with 30 percent of the 5,100 strikes in Iraq, where many NATO partners also fly missions against the Islamic State. But the United States was always likely to fly the majority of the missions in Syria, as it does in Iraq, since its air forces are much larger than those of the Arab states or those deployed by Western allies.

Yeah, we knew that when it was announced (blog editor shaking head as this drivel).

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has promised Congress that the air war in Syria will escalate “with a higher and heavier rate of strikes,” including more attacks against top Islamic State leaders and oil fields that remain one of the group’s main financial lifelines. But the revamped effort is already facing challenges. 

Well, I made it clear how I feel about him.

For the first time since 2007, the United States does not have an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and will not again until mid-December; the Navy needed time to conduct badly needed repairs on its fleet. 


The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and its air wing, responsible for about 10 percent of the daily strikes in Iraq and Syria, left the gulf in early October. France said Thursday that it would send its only aircraft carrier to the gulf to help fill the gap.

Brown said the coalition could also pick up the slack using land-based US and allied warplanes, including a dozen A-10 ground-attack planes newly deployed to Incirlik air base and a dozen F-15’s on their way there. 

I knew it was too good to be true. A break in wars always is.

Incirlik is far more convenient to the fight — 15 minutes flight time to the Syrian border compared with nearly five hours from Persian Gulf bases — making it easier to increase the number of planes that can spend more time hunting Islamic State targets. But Australia and most of the European allies are reluctant to leave their bases in the Middle East, despite the shorter flight times.

“It’s not just as simple as, ‘go to Turkey,’ ” General John R. Allen, the special US envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State, told Congress last month. “They’ve got bilateral relationships in the gulf that are old and have been cultivated in order for them to deploy.”

That is where my print copy ended, and notice NOT ONE MENTION of RUSSIA'S ROLE!!

Totally omitted! 

The rest is what the web added.

So while France will still conduct airstrikes in Syria — it has carried out about 270 strikes in Iraq and Syria overall, although only two so far in eastern Syria, a senior French official said — it will continue to fly out of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, at least for now. The Australians will continue F/A-18 combat missions over Syria that began on Sept. 11, expanding beyond strikes in Iraq. But they, too, do not want to give up their base in the United Arab Emirates.

Britain has talked tough about going after the Islamic State, but unlike France, its actions have not matched its talk. Britain currently flies bombing missions over Iraq and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance flights over Syria. 

Yeah, but they just signed up for it and were doing it anyway -- even if the people don't want it.

The British defense and foreign secretaries have said they want forces to be able to fight the Islamic State in Syria as well as in Iraq, and that it is absurd to stop planes at a border that the militant group does not recognize, especially since its command centers are in Syria. But stung by Britain’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of US wars, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to seek the approval of Parliament before taking any military action in Syria. He has said he will only press for such a vote if he has “a clear majority” in favor, and so far he has failed to find one. 

This is all crap!

The recent election of the hard-left Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party and Russia’s military intervention in Syria have made it even less likely that Cameron will call for a vote. 

Oh, THERE IT IS! One little phrase.

Also see: British Labor Consigned to the Corbyn of History 

Time to consign the NYT to it!

While some Iraqi and Western experts have criticized the pace of the air campaign, Brown described two broad areas where he expected attacks against the Islamic State to increase in the coming days. First, he said, newly armed Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters would put pressure on Islamic State fighters in and around Raqqa, the group’s self-proclaimed capital, forcing them to move from their defensive positions.

“When they are active and moving, that increases our activity for strikes,” Brown said. “Daesh presents itself as a target more.”

This is what happened in July, when a Kurdish offensive in northeastern Syria yielded about a dozen strikes a day. But some Kurdish fighters ran low on ammunition, bad weather set in at times, and US commanders focused on targets in western Iraq, reducing strikes in Syria last month to just four a day. 

How do you like all the excuses for letting U.S.-sponsored terror groups to operate, and thus give U.S. empire-builders and excuse to invade anyone?

The general said the campaign would also intensify attacks on a second set of targets — fixed sites such as oil-production facilities, bomb-making factories and other so-called critical nodes that support the Islamic State’s war effort. 

In other words, they are going to obliterate Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure because those countries moving away from the U.S. and their plans.

Shifting more reconnaissance and surveillance planes to Incirlik to linger over targets longer will also help. Last month, US forces dropped bombs on 67 percent of their strike missions, up from about 25 percent a year ago — a sign there are more targets to hit.

“What I want to have,” Brown said, “is a steady of set of strikes that keeps the pressure on Daesh.”

What a crock of absolute crap!!!!!! 


Also seeSyrian rebels hold onto territory despite heavy Russian airstrikes

Yeah, the terrorists are winning because they have been bolstered by the supply of US missiles. 

I guess we know jwho took down that Russian jet now. 

Well, time to go watch taxpayer-funded militarism funneled to you through football.

NDU: China closes vise on Disney knockoffs

That's appeasement

UPDATE: Pentagon chief removes his top aide

Because he disagreed with policy and took his oath seriously.