Sunday, December 6, 2015

Silent Sunday

The mind-manipulating societal engineers wouldn't want to disrupt a day of football.

I skipped past the NBC newsfeed today and went right to the Globe. I've already purchased it and when I made the notations during the flip through I was at a lo$$ in more ways than one.

I didn't note the front page at the store, and what I'm going to do is run down my notes and thoughts as today's edition is likely going to be unread. You will soon see why.

The lead is Schools fail to keep track of asbestos. The subheading said "State does little to enforce law, citing lack of funds." It's something that has been going on for 30 years now, in violation of federal law. 

This raises incredulity in these quarters on a couple of  levels.  The first is the state and educational authorities who constantly preach about how much they care about kids, education, and safety. They have the kids marching around like Pavlovian dogs with their drills of fear, all the while, all this time, with poisons in the environment affecting not only students but other staff. This from the state that cares so much about you and is above-average when it comes to education, etc, etc. That's what we have been told, and once again another Massachusetts myth blows up in our faces.

The second level is the citing of the funds in neglect of their lawful duty when $1 billion was borrowed (debt interest payments an additional cost) for profitable pharmaceuticals, $80 million awarded to Hollywood so they can make movies here and roll over credits to wealthy interests, and on and on.

The front-page feature is pretty clear. Some pervert doctor

The third above-the-fold feature is the lagging casinos (another piece of evidence contradicting the narrative of economic recovery. We simply no longer have the disposable income; that is why the expected revenues are not materializing, in addition to over-optimistic projections by state and industry), followed by the fourth and final front-page feature, a gamble at best (first article noted, page A2).

Below that is Colombia finds shipwreck with what may be huge treasure, and with all due respect I'm not interested.

Page A3 brings the fart mist coming from Paris, and the terror scare was all so brief, huh? Funny how the EU meeting in Turkey, the NATO meeting in Brussels, and climate conference in Paris were unaffected by terror fears after terrorist slipped through all that months-long preparation and security.

The brief leads one to page A4 and the Pope in Africa. I'm then returned to Central America where the U.S. is helping root out all the corruption it encouraged and abetted all these years. Look at the countries involved, dear readers. They are all staunch U.S. clients states that have been subjected to overthrows over the years.


Prison brawl kills 17 in Guatemala
2 massacres in 12 hours leave 15 dead in Honduras

Dominican court rejects abortion law
Dominican cardinal scolds gay diplomat

How is that refugee crisis going? Talk about down the memory hole.

Impeachment fight rages in Brazil

Puerto Rico meets deadline on debt

As good a time as any to work those in.

That's the end of my World section today, and what one is struck by is not one word from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Yemen, Ukraine, Europe, migrants, not one war-related article.

What does page A5 bring? Campaign coverage in the form of Trump and Clinton. Flip.

Aaaaah, pages A6 and A7. A special section: MASS SHOOTING IN CALIFORNIA

What we get are crisis actors as presented by the New York Times, with an odious creature riding in right next to them. The flip side of it is limits of surveillance (pffft) and the NYT running interference for him:

"Authorities may have to rely more on encouraging Americans to watch one another and report suspicions

I thought I would let that one sink in for a while. Read it again if you have to.

The death toll from jihadi terrorism on American soil since the Sept. 11 attacks — 45 people — is about the same as the 48 killed by terrorist attacks motivated by white supremacist and other right-wing extremist ideologies, according to New America, a research organization in Washington. 

Who or what is the New America?

Both tolls are tiny compared with conventional murders, more than 200,000 over the same period. But the disproportionate attention they draw in the media and their impact on public fear demands the attention of any administration."

At least the NYT admits its collaboration and complicity in all the fear-mongering nonsense and war lies.

You are better off reading these:

San Bernardino Shooting UPDATES: 2nd Witness “3 White Male Shooters”, Lawyer Baffled at Absurd Story  

It gets even more absurd.

San Bernardino Media Hoax: CNN, Media, ‘Victims Families’ All Ransack Suspects Family Home, Faux FBI Crime Scene

FLUKE OR INFORMANT? NY Man Drove Around With Weapons Cache, Fake Fed ID, But Deemed ‘Not An Immediate Threat’ 

So where are they going to "strike" next?

Add 2 More Attacks To The List As The Year End Explosion Of Islamic Terror Continues

In seeking the truth and what really happened they will at least help you get through some of the fog.

But back to the Globe, and look what is buried in the bottom-lefthand corner of page A13. San Bernardino sure put all that coverage on the shelf.

As for the Metro section, you are on your own. I'd check the food if I were you, it being prepared by the same people who ignored asbestos and fed you outdated USDA crap years ago.  

Other than that, this blog is dead. It's no longer business as usual, and imho it is all total garbage

And with that I depart for the day....