Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Two Faces of the Dalai Lama

I know it is painful, readers; however, the guy is a CIA asset. That explains why the college loved the guy, and the overwhelmingly positive coverage that guy gets in the AmeriKan MSM!

If they truly honored the man's words they wouldn't be creating enemies with their agenda-pushing, war-promoting lies.

"In local visit, Dalai Lama takes firm stance on China" by Michael Paulson, Globe Staff | April 30, 2009

CAMBRIDGE - Perhaps the most pointed moment of his remarks came when the Dalai Lama appeared to compare the United States to China, citing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alongside his criticism of China's repression of Tibetan demonstrators last year.

"I love Mr. Bush . . . as a human being - very straightforward, very nice person," the Dalai Lama said, referring to former President George W. Bush. "Some politicians, some leaders, that I met were a little bit distant. He is not like that, he become very close friend. So I love him."

Oh, he's senile!!! Either that or delusional and insane.

I'm sorry, but their is no love in my heart for torturing, mass-murdering war criminals. Imagine the reaction of the AmeriKan jewspress if he said that about Hitler.

But, he added, in somewhat halting English, "as far as his policies are concerned, sometimes I think different. . . . President Bush, I think out of sincere motivation, bring democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, sincere motivation, but the method: use more force, so counterproductive.

So that's what the LIES were for, 'eh, old man? SINCERE LIES, I love it!

"So, exactly, the Chinese case also. For temporary, short method, sometimes they use these violent methods. How can violent method solve problems? Never. Never."

Yeah, I AGREE -- but then again, I'm not the one who needs convincing.

Discussing the current American stance toward the Tibetan cause, the Dalai Lama said he perceives "more or less the same policy" by the Obama administration as that of Bush.

That's your "change" for you, America.

He praised President Obama as "straightforward" and for trying to reach out to nations with whom the United States has had tense relations. He said he did not agree with critics who have charged that the Obama administration has soft-pedaled human rights concerns.

But the Dalai Lama, who in 1989 received the Nobel Peace Prize for his insistence on nonviolence in the struggle by Tibetans for greater freedom, also acknowledged that he is not meeting with Obama during his current trip to the United States, and said he is not certain that his request for a meeting with the president in October will be granted....

WTF? He met with Bush!!!!

The Dalai Lama, who is the spiritual and political leader of Tibetan Buddhism and has led a government in exile in India for 50 years, offered warm remarks about Harvard University, which he first visited in 1979, and will visit again today with a speech at The Memorial Church and a tree-planting ceremony in Harvard Yard. He has cultivated a relationship with Harvard because of a perception that many the nation's future leaders study there....


Translation; the DL is IN on the GLOBALIST GAME!!!

What a FRAUD he is!!!! Yeah, this is one betrayal too far.

CAMBRIDGE - Arrayed before him were deans and doctors, professors and pupils, and the full range of scholars who populate the hallowed halls of Harvard.

After the Dalai Lama slipped off his shoes, crammed his crossed legs into a too-narrow chair, and unceremoniously blew his nose, the world's most revered and honored Buddhist monk offered a bit of wisdom for the sages: Being smart doesn't make you happy.

Anybody check him for flu?

During a day of high-minded events at Harvard and MIT, the 73-year-old spiritual leader repeatedly showed that he was not interested in the pomp of his surroundings....

The Dalai Lama posed a rhetorical question, "whether education, intelligence, can bring inner peace," and proceeded to conclude that it cannot... He said, as he often does, that compassionate feelings appear to be a biological component of human beings - he cited the early connection between children and their mothers - and said those feelings need to be cultivated, not only by families, but also by schools.

I agree with him, and then he's a globalist! It would be nice if the schools taught truth and not brainwashing Zionist bile.

He noted that Buddhist monks have weathered imprisonment in Chinese prisons with less apparent psychological damage than that experienced by veterans of the Iraq war, and said, "More compassionate persons, in spite of traumatic experiences, their mental state is still calm."

Then Chinese prisons aren't as bad as they tell us -- or the wars are worse. And imagine how it is for those innocents we've tortured.

And he attributed some youth violence to a lack of "compassion, or affection, in family, or society."

Well, the WAR-MONGERING LIES never help!

But he suggested that "Warm-heartedness" is difficult to teach. "How to teach, I don't know," he said. "I often express these things. But how to implement, it's up to you."

Yeah, thanks for the nothing help, guy! That's why they like this guy. He's not a threat!

His talk centered on how to achieve genuine compassion - not the kind that people easily muster for friends who share their views, but compassion for those they don't agree with.


One word for you, pricks: PALESTINE!

"You could invent an injection for compassion," he said. "I would want that." And maybe commerce could contribute: "You could have shops selling compassion. In a supermarket, you could buy compassion."

First of all, we've had to many noxious injections here in America; and secondly, I'd rather not do with the selling and buying of compassion, if you don't mind. Isn't that what led to Martin Luther? Figure the DL would know better.

Then again, if you are talking NEWSPAPERS maybe the DL is ON TO SOMETHING, huh? TELLING the TRUTH would be a GOOD START!

A student asked about ethics and the weapons industry. The Dalai Lama, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his nonviolent campaign for Tibetan rights, said he hoped this would be the century for global demilitarization.

I wouldn't count on it, old fool!

Btw, some of your/our agents get pretty violent up there. Can't control all your people or....?

But a good start, he said, would be for institutions like MIT to invent a bullet "that misses ordinary people but hits the decision makers," waving his arm in the path of a wiggling bullet to laughter and applause. "That kind of bullet needs to be developed. Wonderful."

And yet THERE HE WAS extolling the VIRTUES of GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!


Hey, DL, I got a better idea