Monday, May 4, 2009

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Will I continue to post here?

"Agree or else, Globe tells unions; Says that without worker concessions, it will file 60-day notice of intent to shut" by Robert Gavin and Keith O'Brien, Globe Staff | May 4, 2009

WEYMOUTH - Boston Globe management was continuing to negotiate concessions with its major unions well past a midnight deadline, but said it was prepared to file a plant closing notice with the state today if they failed to reach agreement. That would allow the paper's owner, the New York Times Co., to follow through on its threat to shutter the 137-year-old newspaper....

Oh, an ULTIMATUM issued by that BASTION of PUBLIC SERVICE and PROBITY, the New York Times?

"They should credit us with the three weeks we spent negotiating in good faith"

The New York Times DID NOT NEGOTIATE in GOOD FAITH? yer kiddin'?

If the notice is filed, Powers said, the paper would continue to publish through the 60-day period. In addition, according to state labor officials, such a notice is not irrevocable. At times, financial conditions change during the 60-day period and companies don't go through with the plant closing....

Look at 'em hoping, pleading.... either that or they will be there like they have been for 137 years and this is business hardball from the Times passing as news in their paper.

The Guild, in a statement, decried the management move: "This tactic, while expected, is representative of the bullying manner in which the Times Company has conducted itself during these negotiations. Despite the Company's hostile tactics, we continue to negotiate in good faith and work diligently toward an acceptable outcome."

An official of one of the Globe's unions summed up the situation bluntly: "Do or die."

Bye, Globe.

See: The Boston Globe Admits Iraq Lies Killed It

Of course, I've TRIED to HELP THEM (hint, hint, hint):

"The media which has printed these lies and presented the horrors of the day according to the angle desired by those who operate it have become their own worst enemy. They are daily providing the evidence that they lie. Truth tellers on the internet are turning over every rock they tried to bury the truth beneath."

Of course, if they ever told the truth now, the people would not only be appalled at when has been done and the lies that were told doing it; they would understand the MSM's role in FACILITATING ABSOLUTE, AGENDA-PUSHING PROPAGANDA and OUTRIGHT RACIST RUBBISH!!!


No wonder they are on the verge of shutting down.


I won't be purchasing today.

"The Boston Globe said it will raise the newsstand price of the newspaper to $1 from 75 cents in the city zone, and to $1.50 from $1 outside Greater Boston, effective May 4. The newsstand price of the Sunday Globe will rise to $3.50 within Greater Boston and $4 outside the region from $2.50"


I went out to get my morning cup of coffee as usual. I plunked down the paper on Apu's counter and the total he gave me was 50 cents more than usual. He said the price of a Boston Globe went up, so I told him he could keep it.