Thursday, September 10, 2015

No More Belaboring Over Obama

See: Laboring Over This Post About Obama

True to my word:

"Mayor Martin J. Walsh said Wednesday night his proudest day in office came Monday when his mother was greeted by President Obama with a hug. Mary Walsh was so overcome, the mayor said, that she left the room and cried."

I do that every morning about a third of the way through a Globe.

"More US coastal flooding forecast; Global warming, El Nino are cited" by Seth Borenstein Associated Press  September 10, 2015

WASHINGTON — Federal scientists said Wednesday that they expect nuisance flooding to increase in many places along the nation’s coasts in coming months.

A combination of sea level rise from human caused global warming and the giant El Nino will likely combine to increase the type of minor street flooding that causes much inconvenience but no major damage, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and it’s likely to be the worst in the Mid-Atlantic region where nuisance floods could happen about once a week from New Jersey to North Carolina.

I no longer believe in NOAA. Been wrong too many times. Sorry.

The nuisance flood season runs mostly from fall to early spring.

NOAA oceanographer William Sweet examined data going back to 1920 in some cases and found the flooding is not only increasing with climate change and rising seas.

However, he said, ‘‘some of these areas you can get it with no rain at all — high-tide flooding.’’

I thought it was melting ice caps that were doing it, at least, that's what I been told by the same sources.

The report did not indicate that Boston or Providence would experience increased nuisance flooding.

Isn't Boston sinking?

Yeah, it's happening everywhere else but where you are. Puh-leeze!


There is a high tide of something there.

These articles were too much of a nuisance, sorry:

Obama pushes his free-college plan
Business booms on the Cape after a winter to forget
End of summer could bring another heat wave to Mass.
Schools soldier on without air conditioning
Men of color greet Boston students returning to school
Boston public schools see wave of new leaders

So how was your summer?


Heat blankets California, mixed with lightning, storms

One strike didn't even make print.

Meanwhile, the continuing explosions in China

Nothing, and one can only conclude it is a CIA-orchestrated attempt at sabotage. 

I'm not going to belabor the point, either.