Tuesday, September 1, 2015

School Fire Drills: Sandy Hook Stopwatch

I figure it being the second day of school and after holdout Rhode Island was armed this would be a good time for some reminders to pay attention in class this fall:

Connecticut home of Sandy Hook school shooter is demolished

We are told they destroyed evidence because the final report was released, but any tine YouTube censors videos something is up. 

What becomes clear over time is the site was used for a crisis drill that was then reported live after the school had been condemned for two years. That's why it was boarded up "right away." Anyone who ventured into the area to investigate evidence was met with eerie silence and surrealism. Come to find out later, most of the people in town had their mortgages paid off (used to be called hu$h money) or property debts canceled. 

I know that my view will offend a lot of people out there; however, it's now more the rule than the exception regarding what we are seeing and reading in the ma$$ media. Sad, but true. One must first accept as a fiction.

Then comes the fraud:

"A Tennessee man has been charged with cheating donors to a charity for those affected by the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The indictment announced Tuesday alleges Robert Bruce, 34, of Nashville used most of the money to enrich himself and support his personal training business. A federal grand jury in Connecticut charged Bruce earlier this month, and he was arrested Friday in Tennessee. Bruce started the 26.4.26 Foundation for runners to raise money in memory of the 26 victims of the Newtown shooting — 20 children and six educators. A cofounder of the organization told the Associated Press a year ago it could not account for $70,000. Bruce is charged with six counts of wire fraud." 

That's one of the more disgusting aspects top all the mind-bending scripts, people profiting from misery based on lies of some sort or another. 

Nevertheless, that is what the "debate" is founded upon at its foundation.

I suppose there is no going back. Just going to have to learn to live with the propaganda.

Conn. shooting deaths not related, police say

Turn's out it was a priest that shot them.

"21-year-old Sarah Kowats of Norwalk told The News-Times that she and Wayne Pelham, 26,  pulled Shane Barrese, her 28-year-old boyfriend, ashore, but he blacked out after swallowing too much water. After several failed attempts to revive him, they said they strapped Barrese to a tree and spent the next five hours searching for a way out of the nearly 2,000-acre Paugussett State Forest through rain and thunder. ‘‘We screamed for help and no one heard us,’’ Kowats said. ‘‘We were climbing rocks in the middle of the woods. There were no trails. . . . We were scared, afraid to run into animals.’’ Eventually, Kowats and Pelham found a trail and made their way to Newtown, where they flagged down an officer on patrol. The officer then called firefighters, who found Barrese on Tuesday."

That's a tall tale.

The biggest p$yop of all:

"From the banks: ‘Common Cents’ for high schoolers....

Instead of watching movies like “The Avengers” or “Pitch Perfect” during snow makeup days later this month, some high school students may be tuning in to “Common Cents.”

The Massachusetts Bankers Association is hoping that teachers turn to the financial literacy program, which includes a video quiz show, to engage students in the waning days of the school year and is distributing the information to the state’s high schools.

And miss out on the fun of going to the movies?

The quiz show is hosted by New England Cable News anchor Latoyia Edwards and JAM’N 94.5 radio personality Ashlee Feldman, along with a self-proclaimed “recovering geek” and executive vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Jeffrey Fuhrer.

The hosts also do their part to sprinkle some common-sense information throughout the show, recommending that students start saving even a little bit for retirement as soon as they start working full time, or that they build up their credit by paying at least a cellphone bill.

But saving is also hard. Just ask Feldman.

“Saving sounds so nice, but I love these shoes,” she said." 

The brainwashing regarding banks begins with something we all know and love --  a piggy bank (that is not to say saving and surpluses are wrong; different things).

It preps you for the f***ing you will be getting later!

"Phillips Exeter Academy hires new principal from UNH; Academy notes ex-husband’s past" by Evan Allen, Globe Staff  February 02, 2015

The prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire announced Friday that it had completed an exhaustive search for a new principal and had settled on Lisa MacFarlane, currently the provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of New Hampshire.

At the same time, Exeter disclosed to faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni that in 2006, MacFarlane’s then-husband was arrested and convicted for online solicitation of a minor, which MacFarlane disclosed at the beginning of talks about the position. MacFarlane separated from her husband at the time of the arrest, and they later divorced, according to the disclosure.

“I am 100 percent in support of Lisa MacFarlane,” said Tom Hutton, president of the trustees, who said he had looked “deeply” into the situation. “I am completely confident that Lisa will do a wonderful job as principal, and I have no concerns about her husband’s history.”

MacFarlane, who did a one-year teaching fellowship at Exeter before joining the UNH faculty in 1987, has received a College of Liberal Arts Teaching Excellence Award, and held the Fulbright Commission’s Walt Whitman Chair in American Studies in the Netherlands from 1999 to 2000, according to an Exeter release. She has published books and articles, according to the release, and at UNH she “nurtured curricular initiatives around sustainability from the Isles of Shoals to the islands of New Zealand.” Today, according to the release, UNH is “one of the leading green campuses in the US.”

MacFarlane, who is the parent of two Exeter alumnae, is slated to start as the academy’s 15th principal on Sept. 1, according to the release. She could not be reached for comment Saturday....


RelatedStocks see worst month in 3 years

That's a different kind of $crewing.


Clock started ticking in Illinois:

"Police in Illinois hunt for 3 suspects after officer killed" Associated Press  September 02, 2015

FOX LAKE, Ill. — Police with helicopters and dogs, and armed with rifles, were conducting a massive manhunt in northern Illinois on Tuesday after an officer was shot and killed while pursuing a group of suspicious men.

Hmmmmmm. Remember, Jade Helm drills are still in effect until at least Novemeber, and here we have a strange sounding lead paragraph. The cop was pursuing suspicious people. 

An emotional Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit described the slain officer, Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewitz, as a personal friend, a three-decade member of the department, and a father of four sons.

‘‘We lost a family member,’’ Schmit said of the 52-year-old officer.

Yeah, I know.

Authorities said Gliniewitz radioed in to tell dispatchers he was chasing three men on foot in the city of Fox Lake, 55 miles north of Chicago. Communication with him was lost soon after.

Undersheriff Raymond Rose told the Chicago Tribune that the officer had been stripped
of his gun and other equipment.

Police and other law enforcement, some of them in military-style camouflage, were seen taking up positions on rooftops and along railroad tracks, scanning the terrain with rifle scopes and binoculars.

Others leaned out of helicopters with weapons at the ready.

Nearby Grant Community High School was placed on hard lockdown with children and staff instructed to stay hidden and away from windows, and Schmit said that other schools were also put on lockdown, as staffers went from room to room to make sure the children were safe.

At the same time, authorities urged residents throughout the area to stay in their homes while police conducted a search for three men. 

Time's up on what sure feels like psyop prop (with footage in the can just in case, for later)!