Monday, November 2, 2015

Scary Monday

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The frights never end.

I tried to meet them halfway but letting out all the drug dealers and addicts, I dunno. Doesn't make me feel any safer, and it's being done for co$t (even though the released will be getting vast resources of state help?) not the humanitarian grounds claimed by government -- by the same people who devised the whole pri$on-industrial complex in the first place!

So for whom are they making room?

As for my diet, that doesn't seem to be going so well and all I can think is government wants its cut (you really think this lying and negligent government cares about its soldiers? VA anyone?). That's why they stick their no$e in. Think fantasy sports. That and the corporate bidding they are doing. That's the way I see any propaganda pre$$ attack, sorry. Anyway, I've already said more than I wanted on the subject.

What is truly scary is bully Buffett and the in$urance companies exercising raw power to get health clinics to decline care, something that is completely at odds with the wonderfully funny television advertisements that are ubiquitous. Of course, in$urance companies are a great way to accumulate capital and the article is useful in going after petty sums while ignoring the ma$$ive fraud of the political and banking $y$tems.

It's like sheep being led to the slaughter. Fortunately, big agri-bu$ine$$ is looking out for the health of us all. You thought food was expensive now? Pass that and the food companies will really make you hunger for meat (a "more extreme agenda afoot," indeed! They sound like kook conspiracy theorists!)


Around the Nation I see someone speaking about immigration (who benefits from the $tatu$ quo?), and I'm not flocking to read the rest. I was told yesterday the crowds were down, which makes the money mute (as for the other $ide of the ai$le....). Thankfully, the Halloween horror is behind us, even if the staged and scripted school drill psyops continue. Then there is Issue 3 in Ohio, the scariest of them all."

Turning to the World, the lead is obvious. I will be perusing the blogs later for more insight; however, technical error has been ruled out and that would indicate terrorism, with the obvious culprit being USrael under cover of ISIS™. Or maybe it was Al-CIA-Bob. Didn't they also sink a ship?

Somehow ISIS™ is now advancing in Syria (after the U.S. government started pouring more money and troops into the region, how interesting. Did you know the Islamic State has its own Internet News Network? Talk about outing yourself as a complete front for propaganda.), and the stench coming from the Turkish election narrative is overwhelming (can't believe pollsters anymore, nope).

At least the fire has died down in Romania, even as asshole Ash Carter (who cares about the children?) and John Kerry try to light them in Asia (yes, the atrocious human rights records of those regimes will be ignored for the purpose of war and power politics -- as if scoldings from a mass-murdering, war-criminal government that tortures is worth a damn). They are even waving the kids at you again as the next president grovels at the feet of their masters.

As for what is happening in the city, it doesn't matter. I'll be turning off the spotlight and neglecting my studies. I'm disabled by the hate in this great land of ours. Can't even escape the horrors in Sport, what with what happened to the Mets and their bats after the football game (that's why I woke late this morning).

Well, I'm of the opinion that this post is now over (make sure you test for drugs). Time to stop talking and take a shave. Looks like GE gotcha as the drug factories head to China (while paying no taxes and collecting billions in tax loot). That's a cut to the quick that not even the Globe can heal.

Time to go rake leaves now....


I've yet to read the business and metro sections, so you can take a gander if there are any updates to the stories above. As for the front-page, nation, and world, there are a few ideas to keep but with each title working toward a knockdown on my monthly roster I must be cautious.

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