Thursday, October 15, 2015

Going on a Bo$ton Globe Diet

I thought you would like to begin with an appetizer:

"One ugly truth nags at him: The restaurant business — his business — stands on the backs of legions of low-paid employees who toil long hours at unenviable jobs. “Most of the people who work for us have jobs that don’t go anywhere and don’t pay a livable wage. We created a monster, and I just accepted it.”


Who is "we?"

I wouldn't take a pill:

"At least 23,000 emergency room visits in the United States each year can be traced to dietary supplements, according to the first major study of adverse outcomes from products often marketed as healthy and natural. The huge — and hugely popular — dietary supplement industry is largely unregulated."

And like the fantasy sports thing, the government wants to get its nose into it so it can get its cut. Doesn't like to nose around banks too much, the study was done by the CDC, and all this from a government that shows no concern over FDA fast-track approval of unsafe vaccines and drugs, where the food and water supply is tainted with poisons, which is ignoring the increasing radioactivity of the Pacific, etc, etc. , and ignore the 440,000 killed by medical mistakes, too.

Now I have no idea if the supplements are effective. I suppose it depends on the individual person.  What I do know, however, is the last thing I'm swallowing is whatever placebo the agenda-pu$hing, corporate-$erving pre$$ has to offer. Sorry.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to stop fooling around and be running along. I'm meeting someone for lunch at Davio’s (did you see who he brought along?).

Post-meal update:

I'm still feeling hungry, but it is probably for the best that I stop eating now (I'll bet that made Jeb Bush angry).

I'd offer you a sip of beer, but the “global beer market overall is largely flat and in some regions is declining’’

Nice pun, and the Globe tastes the same.

Oh, look, pink elephants on parade.

They also have bear acts, don't they?

And presiding over it all.... 

And what do you know, it's now time for today's meal.

NDU: I forgot to leave a tip. Sorry.

Not doing very well sticking to it?