Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Florida My Final Stop

This is my exit:

"Family seeks answers after black drummer killed by Fla. officer; Victim was shot on exit ramp after car broke down" by Kelli Kennedy and Josh Replogle Associated Press  October 22, 2015

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — The family of a black drummer and public housing inspector killed by a plainclothes officer is demanding answers after he was fatally shot when his car broke down on a dark interstate exit ramp in affluent Palm Beach Gardens.

Officer Nouman Raja, who had been investigating local burglaries, stopped his unmarked car early Sunday morning to check out what he thought was an abandoned vehicle, Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Stephen Stepp said. Instead, ‘‘he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject’’ and fatally shot 31-year-old Corey Jones, Stepp said.

Who did he think he was, Zimmerman?

Investigators recovered a handgun on the ground that matched a box found in the car, Stepp said. Records indicate that Jones had purchased the weapon legally only three days before. Raja’s car did not have a dashboard camera and the department’s officers do not wear body cameras, the chief said.

Police have not said what caused the confrontation between the men or whether Jones knew that Raja was a police officer.

‘‘It would be premature to say we have all the facts and speculate as to what took place based on unconfirmed accounts,’’ Stepp told reporters.

The state’s legislative black caucus called on the governor to launch an independent investigation by the state law enforcement agency. Family members and friends were stunned by Jones’ death, describing the housing authority inspector who moonlighted as a drummer in local bands as nonviolent. He was raised in a church-going family that includes pastors and a bishop.

He had been returning from playing at a local bar when his car broke down, local news media reported. He pulled over and called a friend, who had come and unsuccessfully tried to help him get the car running. The friend left and Jones called a tow truck, which hadn’t arrived when Raja pulled up on the exit ramp near a busy intersection and several upscale shopping centers.

An uncle, Fred Banks, said Wednesday that the confrontation could have resulted from mistaken identity and Jones may have thought he had to defend himself.

‘‘If [Raja] had clothes on identifying him as an officer [the shooting] probably would never have happened. Corey probably got scared,’’ Banks said. ‘‘He wouldn’t attack anybody.’’

His grandfather, the Rev. Sylvester Banks Sr., told reporters Tuesday that Jones had never been in trouble and was ‘‘about doing good.’’

‘‘He was just a lovely grandchild,’’ Banks said. ‘‘I didn’t even know he had a gun.’’

Jones’ only previous run-in with police happened in 2007 when he got pulled over in Miami Beach for having tinted windows. He was arrested after the officer noticed a handgun in his car and, at that time, he did not have a concealed weapons permit. Prosecutors dropped the case for unknown reasons.

Because he worked for government?

Jones was a graduate of the University of Akron with degrees in business administration and music, and was a mentor at My Brother’s Keeper, an organization for black youth, according to his LinkedIn page.

The shooting is the latest to happen during a national debate about police use of weapons, particularly in cases involving African-Americans. Jones’ family is being represented by prominent civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, who also represented the Trayvon Martin family among others.


"Man shot by officer in Fla. never fired own gun, lawyer says" by Curt Anderson and Matt Sedensky Associated Press  October 22, 2015

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A black man who was a public housing inspector and part-time drummer was shot three times by a plainclothes police officer near his broken-down vehicle on Interstate 95 and never fired his own gun, attorneys for his family said Thursday.

The shooting of Corey Jones has plunged his family into the ongoing national debate about police use of force, particularly in cases involving African-Americans.

Jones’s brother, Clinton Jones Jr., said, ‘‘All lives matter. This is not a black thing.’’ he said before introducing his wife, who is white. ‘‘We don’t see color. . . . No disrespect to Black Lives Matter, all lives matter.’’

Including the white boy, too.

Arlington church will replace defaced ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner

Okay, back on the bus!

Jones was a musician who performed with local bands and had just left a gig early Sunday when his car broke down. A fellow band member tried unsuccessfully to jump-start the car, then left Jones to await a tow truck along a dark ramp on I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens, an affluent city north of West Palm Beach.

Jones was running away at some point, but his body was found 80 to 100 feet from his car.

Jones, a graduate of the University of Akron with degrees in business administration and music, was passionate about drumming and organized monthly jam sessions where dozens of musicians from all over South Florida would come to the Bible Church of God and play gospel music — and sometimes a little R&B — well into the night.

Investigators recovered a handgun on the ground, Police Chief Stephen Stepp said, and records indicated Jones purchased the weapon legally three days earlier. Benjamin Crump attorney for Jones’s family,who has represented the family of Trayvon Martin and other slain African-Americans, said Jones had a concealed-carry permit.

Jones had the gun because he had expensive drums and other equipment, Crump said....


And if he had made it to his destination:

"1 killed, 5 hurt in Fla. zombie festival shooting" Associated Press  October 19, 2015

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A shooting at the annual ZombiCon gathering in Florida has left one person dead and five more injured, causing a chaotic scene that sent throngs of zombie-dressed revelers running through the streets, police said Sunday.

The shooting happened around 11:45 p.m. Saturday night, just 15 minutes before the event officially ended. Large crowds were still in the streets and authorities quickly cleared out nearby bars and set up crime scene tape, while others patrolled the area with rifles searching for a suspect.

Authorities said the suspect or suspects are still at large and did not release any information about a possible motive.

The annual festival had been expected to draw more than 20,000 fans dressed as zombies, the newspaper said. Medico said the scene was described as ‘‘shoulder to shoulder.’’

Authorities were reviewing surveillance videos from restaurants and shops to help them find the suspect or suspects.

A statement on the ZombiCon Facebook page said organizers were saddened by the news....

Me too.


It's been more than a week and.... nothing. 

One wonders if it even happened at all or isn't just another mind-manipulating psyop.

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All fun and games, right?