Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ISIS™ in Indiana

Looking more like an agent provocateur trying to inflame racial hatred:

"Indiana student expelled after attack on Muslim" AP  October 20, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana University has expelled a 19-year-old sophomore accused of attacking a Muslim woman over the weekend, trying to remove her headscarf and shouting racial slurs, a school official said Tuesday.

I see Trump called him out.

School spokesman Mark Land said IU’s dean of students dismissed Triceten D. Bickford as a ‘‘direct result of what happened over the weekend’’ when the woman was attacked Saturday evening outside a cafe.

That isn't necessarily a Jewish name, but it could be.

Land said the university, which has called the attack a ‘‘horrifying incident,’’ won’t say any more about Bickford and will ‘‘let the legal process run its course.’’

According to a probable cause affidavit, the woman was sitting at a table with her daughter when a man later identified as Bickford emerged from a nearby alley shouting ‘‘white power,’’ anti-black racial slurs, and ‘‘kill the police.’’ 

What a giveaway!

Bickford grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her head forward, restricting her breathing as he tried to remove her headscarf, police allege. The woman’s husband and a passerby restrained him until police arrived....


Some frat boys ruin it for everyone.

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