Monday, October 26, 2015

Sunday Leftover: Still Sick

I feel like I have plateaued into misery, neither getting worse or better, and I'm not alone. My basketball friends are suffering the same. One guy sounded worse than me.

This is the Globe's advice for a cure:

"While the medical benefit of marijuana continues to be hotly debated nationwide, one picture coming into sharper focus in Massachusetts is the burgeoning number of patients seeking cannabis products.... 

No, I don't think drawing hot smoke into already congested lungs is a good thing.

The trend reflects a cultural shift and increasingly permissive views about the drug, the researchers say, noting that other studies have shown increasing numbers of adults think marijuana should be legalized. There are more than 22 million mostly recreational users, government surveys show."

Not only that.  

SeeTeen marijuana use not tied to health woes

This government is amazing, isn't it? They lead you one way, then turn around and go in the exact opposite direction (who know$ why?)!! What we said was wrong, go this way now, and believe us anyway! 

Btw, my advice has always been "Just say no," kids.

Please stop laughing. 

I'll bet I know what would be a good cold remedy:

"Ga. man faces prison again for stealing more sea turtle eggs" by Russ Bynum Associated Press  October 24, 2015

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Sea turtle conservationists say egg poaching is fairly rare along the beaches where sea turtles dig nests from the Carolinas to Florida and across the Gulf Coast to Texas. But new cases every year or two indicate there’s still an underground market for the eggs, fueled by folklore that consuming them improves sexual performance.

‘‘Fishermen in the Caribbean would commonly see mating sea turtles, and often when they mate they stay together for a long time — for hours on end,’’ said Mark Dodd, a wildlife biologist who heads the sea turtle recovery program for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. ‘‘So this whole sort of myth developed that if you eat a turtle egg, you get some of this extra manliness in your life.’’ 

Look what I'm reading here (with all its myths). 

Anyhow, in moving away from such things....

Dodd said Lewis Jackson confessed to boiling his turtle eggs in water seasoned with cayenne pepper and selling them at parties and bars as ‘‘party favors.’’

It’s an illicit novelty that’s more common in Caribbean countries, but has found a small cultural foothold in the United States, said David Godfrey, executive director of the Florida-based Sea Turtle Conservancy.

No doubt connected to the migrant crisis, and once again my chosen paper of supremacism is casting subtle aspersions and "lesser" cultures, in this case the Latinos of the Western Hemisphere. That's fine, but in no way endorses the opposite of what we used to call an "old-wives tale."

‘‘It clearly exists in places like Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where you can go into bars and cantinas and there’s someone selling turtle eggs,’’ Godfrey said. ‘‘They’ll drop it into a shot or suck it down and take it with a shot.’’

Um, no. I don't even like chicken eggs, never mind the turtles. Isn't it supposed to go in a soup and be boiled?

Selling stolen sea turtle eggs doesn’t appear to be terribly lucrative, though official estimates of their worth vary wildly.

In the Georgia case, federal prosecutors said loggerhead eggs fetch up to $25 apiece. Prosecutors in a similar case in Florida last year estimated their value at $3 to $5 per egg.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service was unable to say how many turtle egg thefts have been prosecuted in recent years, but cases are considered rare.

‘‘I don’t see this happening on even an annual basis,’’ said Tom MacKenzie, spokesman for the agency’s southeast regional office....

It's just filler then, isn't it?


My breakfast and lunch have been ruined, ruined I tell you!


Report predicts temperatures too hot for humans

The closest I could get to the photo on the same page is this

I'm going to be avoiding the issue for the most part now because it is making me sick. You can't believe this pre$$ even when they are playing both $ides of an i$$ue.