Friday, October 23, 2015

Feeling Lousy Friday

I do want to cry today because after feeling a bit of recovery yesterday while taking time off from the blog, I feel like I'm backsliding on the sickness -- and have to begin raking leaves this weekend.

Adding to the woes is that my preferred candidate has now dropped out as the rigged narrative and illusion of "election" continues. Pile an insulting bike ride on top of it and you can see why I'm not giving much of a care about $hit-show political fooleys (looks like the machinations of the establishment have already begun; and after the Donald called out the Bushes regarding 9/11!).

(Btw, did you see the Globe calling for U.S. ground troops in Syria?)

I'm not going to toy around with you, readers. I'm no longer interested and no longer believe in the Bo$ton Globe's pitch and am beginning to feel it is demented to continue doing this. The strongest storm ever to hit Mexico is likely due to weather modification in my mind, and that has always been a tough one to swallow for me.

What do you do when you no longer believe a thing in the newspaper? If it's not an outright fiction or complete lie, it is a distorted, agenda-pushing piece of slop. Neither one is good or what I want anymore. I'm tired of $elf-$erving and elitist insult from the chosen ones.

I can hear you out there now saying, "Well, what do you want?" All I can say in response is, "I don't know, but I do know that I no longer want this (and I already see a Slow Saturday Special; hard to believe when the state economy is so good and the stock market so strong, isn't it?)."

I had planned to get back to work here today, but I'm not really feeling up to it. Sorry.


First thing I log onto this morning is Hurricane Patricia Weakens to Category 2 After Hitting Mexico


Mega-storm Patricia drenches Mexico as it weakens

Globe didn't miss this, either.