Friday, October 16, 2015

I Didn't Want You To Miss This

It will give you something to read over lunch.

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Then again, there is going to be a lot of competition with them all being out of work:

"The Boston Globe cut about 40 jobs in its newsroom through buyouts and layoffs. In a memo to employees on Thursday, Brian McGrory, editor of the Globe, said, “These are sizable numbers, but we’re facing unfathomably difficult forces in the news industry.’’ The reductions represent about 12 percent of the Globe staff of part-time and full-time reporters, editors, photographers, graphic designers and other newsroom workers. Last month, Boston Globe Media Partners LLC said it eliminated a dozen writers and producers at, which is managed independently from the Globe’s website. McGrory said the Globe cuts included the dismissal of about two dozen staffers. Another 17 newsroom employees accepted a recent buyout offer. “We’ll continue to invest in the aspects of this organization that will allow us to flourish, just as we need to be ever more creative in how we go about our work,” McGrory wrote.

That's a rather ominous thing that everyone saw coming, and all I can think is the NYT takeover couldn't have been a good thing, maybe it's the never-ending distortions, lies, and fictions, and John Henry isn't a hero after all.

At least McGrory and the rest that are left get to leave early on Friday.

Goldman Sachs is known for outperforming its Wall Street competitors — but not in the third quarter. The investment bank said revenue and its profit declined more sharply than expected as it struggled with volatility in the financial markets. At Goldman’s biggest competitor, JPMorgan Chase, revenue fell 11 percent from a year earlier. At Goldman, the decline was 34 percent. Revenue from its so-called investing and lending division dropped 60 percent from a year earlier and 63 percent from the previous quarter. The bank said that was caused by a decline in the price of the public stocks it held. Goldman has been cutting costs; the amount set aside for compensation and bonuses in the latest quarter was down 16 percent from a year before and 38 percent from the previous quarter. Total revenue fell 18 percent from a year earlier to $6.9 billion. Profit fell 38 percent to $1.3 billion."

Oh, poor, poor Goldman!

Btw, you are not missing much if you don't read the rest (it happened a third time)? 

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