Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: U.N. Birthday

I didn't go to the party.

"The UN doesn’t work. Here’s a fix" by Ambassador John Bolton

Yes, that is THE John Bolton of the Project for the New AmeriKan Century, etc.

I agree the U.N. doesn't work, and the organization that I once looked at as a hope of checking EUSraeli power has become diabolical in my eyes, not only because of the framing founders and the elite plans behind it, but because of so many scandals and its failure to keep the peace in the world (how could it when the five veto-weilding members of the "security" council are the five biggest arms dealers on the planet, hello?).

"There is no United Nations" by Stephen Kinzer

He's the opposite side of the spectrum and about as far as you are allowed to go regarding AmeriKa's long laundry list of atrocities across this planet over decades if not centuries; however, the basic underlying narrative of our times is supported despite its being false.

Sorry to blow out all the candles, and try to avoid all the land mines in between.

Speaking of which, here is what the Globe got you for your birthday: 

"Ellen Essex, who came from Apex, N.C., to attend, said she saw a UFO in 1989, and also believed the Sept. 11 attacks were orchestrated by the US government. But she rejected other stories, including most Bigfoot sightings and theories she has heard about President Obama being a reptilian alien.

“Unless I see proof for myself, I don’t know,” she said.

It’s like that at a UFO convention. People are drawn to the possibility that there’s something out there, but no one wants look like one of the crazy ones."

Yeah, we will need the U.N. in the fight against alien invaders!

Putting that rubbish aside, I fall back on the immutable laws of physics and the possibilities of steel-framed towers collapsing into piles of dust at free-fall speed because of jet fuel fires. That is the government's version, and it is a physical impossibility. Start there, with the much forgotten WTC7, to begin your journey into that dark hole. Forget all the rest of the baloney you need not believe that accompanies any ma$$ media presentation around "conspiracy." 

Then fall back into the comforting and insulting bullshit (I wrote worse in the margin of my paper) of the lying, obfuscating, distorting, propaganda pre$$ that reports fictions as fact (incubators, babies on the floor, WMD, blah, blah, blah!!!). 

What is crazy is continuing to purcha$e and read this slop on a daily basis. 

Yeah, Happy f***ing Birthday, U.N.

NDU: Chemical fossil hints of earlier life on Earth

They can't identify certain element, which would lead one to believe.... (cue X-Files music).