Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scary Saturday Specials

Seeing as Blogger is hiding my titles with every new post I'm forced to become more economical with the pieces of sh** spewed forth from the Bo$ton Globe, so here goes today's Halloween slop.

Everyone needs a co$tume:

City employee awarded $10.9m in discrimination case

Oh, don't you look good in your city $uit! Can you imagine, discrimination in Bo$ton city government.  

Now you know why school budgets are being cut (commensurate with school closures) and drug addiction treatment facilities closed while real estate developers are getting tax loot to develop the $eaport (despite rising sea levels, no one has much concern. If that doesn't expose the fraud).

Pilots in deadly helicopter crash disobeyed orders, report says 

Right. Blame it on weather, blame it on the dead pilots. Now ask why would anyone have wanted to silence them?

Mass. gets extension on airport ID rules
1 seriously injured after plane catches fire at Florida airport
On-the-loose Army blimp leaves outages in wake

Don't worry, kids, we's walking for Halloween (no $en$e taking Uber anymore, either).

"In Melrose, Halloween means front-yard ‘Tunnel of Terror’" by Peter Schworm Globe Staff  October 31, 2015

MELROSE — “Clara’s Tunnel of Terror” is a holiday tradition that may draw more than 1,000 trick-or-treaters by late Saturday night. And this year, it’s bigger and better than ever, 100 feet of haunted, heart-in-your-throat thrills. All in his suburban front yard.

“We cram a lot of fear into a little space,” Scott Moss quipped as he put the finishing touches on the Washington Street display Friday morning.

With scary music, too.

Most communities seem to have someone like Moss, who will go all-out for the holidays and transform their homes into destinations.

So what makes a mild-mannered father of three want to scare the bejesus out of this small city just north of Boston? It goes back to his childhood.

Moss grew up loving Halloween, following his mother’s example. She delighted in the day, going out of her way to give the neighborhood kids a fright.

“She was the instigator,” he recalled....

Yeah, blame the mother.


You know, speaking of instigators and the like:

"Man charged in St. Louis church fires" by Jim Salter Associated Press  October 31, 2015

ST. LOUIS — Authorities charged a 35-year-old black man with arson for two of the seven church fires in a predominantly African-American part of the St. Louis area, and federal investigators said there is no evidence of a hate crime.

David Lopez Jackson of St. Louis was charged Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court with two counts of second-degree arson. The fires were set between Oct. 8 and Oct. 22. Five of the congregations are predominantly black, one is racially mixed, and one is mostly white.

The fires spurred a hate-crime investigation to determine whether the attacks were motivated by race or religion. But the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives downplayed that possibility in a statement Friday. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson gave no alternative explanation for the attacks, saying investigators “are still trying to understand” the motive.

Meaning this patsy was doing government work. 

The region is still recovering from the events surrounding last year’s police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, and a grand jury’s subsequent decision not to charge the officer who shot him. Brown was black and unarmed when he was shot by white officer Darren Wilson in a case that helped spur the national “Black Lives Matter” movement, and it renewed concern about the treatment of minorities in and around St. Louis.

Most of the fires were during the night when churches were unoccupied, although one at a Catholic church was during the day when a priest was there.

No one was hurt in any of the incidents. Damage was mostly minimal, but.... 

The hallmarks of a government-sponsored false flag meant to sow division. We have been seeing this since the '60s!


The guy apparently likes DraftKings (I wonder what team and players he is playing this week; even the state has fielded a team this week), and it's just what I predicted a week ago!

FBI Director James Comey damages his credibility

Globe agrees with South Carolina, as if Comey or his organization had any, and you just ignore the hypocrite-in-chief and mass-murdering war criminal (certain horrors go with that getup, too, tired of talking about it) responsible for dead children being waved at us once again (or not) while he is looking to start more wars (all based on lies!).

"Senate OK’s budget; Obama says he’ll sign; Bipartisan agreement expected to increase spending and debt ceiling, but also seeks cuts in Medicare payments" by David M. Herszenhorn New York Times  October 31, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Senate vote, held in the dead of night, was perhaps a fitting cap on a deal would increase spending by $80 billion over two years and raise the federal debt ceiling, averting a default that the Treasury had warned would happen early next week. It was approved in the House on Wednesday with the overwhelming support of Democrats, but with less than one-third of Republicans backing it.

The measure calls for corresponding budget cuts to avoid increasing the deficit, including reductions in Medicare payments to doctors and other health-care providers.

It also envisions savings from tighter eligibility requirements and other changes to a Social Security disability program.

But he will be passing out Pell Grants to people. 

The Republicans might have taken the Democrats here; Democrats in favor of cutting those programs tend to lose votes even if the other guy is worse.

Modest in scope, especially in the context of the nearly $4 trillion annual budget, the accord represents a significant breakthrough.

The rare overnight voting, beginning with a 1 a.m. procedural measure and ending with final passage shortly after 3 a.m., was a consequence of the bitter disagreement among Republicans.

The critics said that many of the cuts were gimmicks and that the package overall would add to the nation’s debt. 

It will and it does. But everyone in Washington is happy, so....

They also said that it would breach spending-cap agreements they considered a much-needed step toward responsible cost controls. Democrats have long called for lifting the caps, which they say have put a drag on the economy and blocked needed investments in infrastructure and other programs....

It's all sleight of hand tricks as it piles on more debt and the i$$ue of spending is removed for the election year.


Oh, look what he's dressed up as, kids! That is $cary!

At least we are all safe thanks to the security services:

"This Halloween, police will be vigilant for tricks" by Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff  October 31, 2015

Halloween this year falls on a Saturday, just four days after a full moon, but such an ideal confluence of calendar and conditions could also mean greater opportunity for mischief. 

What does Israel have planned for over the weekend when no one is watching?

So, officials from across the state, and especially in the traditional Halloween destination of Salem, said more police will be on patrol during the witching hours.

Trick-or-treaters are asked not to bring weapons, even if they are part of a costume, according to the mayor and police. Officers plan to confiscate all weapons, though ones incorporated into costumes will be returned after Halloween, said Salem police Lieutenant Conrad Prosniewski.

Can I keep my plastic light saber?

“If someone decides to dress as a knight in shining armor and wears a sword, that sword will be ours until the event is over,” Prosniewski said. Every year, officers confiscate between 50 and 100 weapons on Halloween, he said.

That might put kids in trouble, but maybe you should dress up as an astronaut just in case.

Prosniewski estimated that more than 300 officers will be patrolling downtown, including representatives from nearby police departments and the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.

Stay away from downtown Salem!

Members of the State Police bomb squad will be nearby to respond to reports of suspicious packages, and other troopers are assigned to patrol state highways in the area so that they can get to Salem quickly if necessary, said spokesman David Procopio.

As if they were suspecting something or running a drill.

Road closures and parking restrictions are planned across downtown Salem, and visitors are encouraged to take the train or ferry. Transit Police will monitor passengers as they exit trains, and if they appear to be intoxicated, Prosniewski said, they will be taken into protective custody or sent home.

Yeah, stay away from Salem, have a brew or two (shut off already?), avoid the hard stuff, and let's hope you don't get all wet returning home.

In Boston, Police Commissioner William B. Evans wrote a letter to college students informing them that patrols will be increased significantly around college campuses and that extra officers will be dispatched citywide.

The additional staffing was scheduled to begin Friday afternoon and continue through Sunday, said Detective Lieutenant Michael McCarthy, a department spokesman.

Thank God the Sox aren't in the Series.

He said calls to police increase on Halloween, as does crime.

He sounds as bad as Comey! 

Meanwhile, out this way:

At UMass Amherst, Daniel J. Fitzgibbons, spokesman for the University of Massachusetts Amherst where students living on campus are limited to four guests at residence halls through Sunday to control the number of people on school grounds, said Halloween traditionally has not posed a real problem. Still, he said, extra campus police officers are expected to work, and town police have indicated they plan to increase patrols.

I won't be going anywhere near Amherst.

The Verge Campus Tour will perform music for students, and there’s also a lobster and steak dinner, comedy show, and movies on campus, he said....

Steak and lobster, huh?

Think I'll just stay in with the lights off (they really $helled out for it, didn't they?) and forgo the fun.


Well, maybe not all of us, but the nuclear reactor isn't as scary as you think although the Somerville soccer game may make you sick and stress you out (or put a charge into you). The other item just makes one sad. Some houses are truly haunted, and the cops may not be whom they appear. The Polish situation makes one want to puke, and I'm not talking politics or coverage thereof (poor Jewish pervert Polanski, huh?).

There is the headless horseman story to tell around the fire back at camp, and then there are the real horror stories (with happy ending, of course).

Teen in ICU with bubonic plague; Oregon officials link case to flea bite

Already killed a kid in Utah and it's spreading like a viru$

You might want to skip the shot because it could undermine the effectiveness of the cholesterol drug(?).

First cholesterol, now fatty foods

Yes, we would all be "healthier [if we] ignore the government’s advice" and that goes for everything.

Sneeze Can Give You AIDS

Must be why the school was evacuated even though they told the kids it was a fire drill.

A trip to the drug store couldn't hurt, I $uppo$e. Give me one second to check the weather and then we'll be off.

Trick or Treat!?!

Did you see who showed up at Hillary's door?


Time to divvy up the Globe goodies.

"Equity crowdfunding entails high risk, given that a majority of startups fail. Some critics also warn that investment crowdfunding is ripe for fraud. “You have to be much more careful with what you say and how you say it.”

That's in China, right? 

"My love for processed meats is all-consuming — now here comes the World Health Organization to ruin my life."

How did they do that?

That'll kill you.

And look who got the biggest pot of candy (more than half-a-billion bucks worth). 

Well, the time has come to wish you nothing but the Good Life and a Happy Halloween.  I will not be here tomorrow (no tricks this time), not even with the fallback hour (not good advice). I have a basketball game to play in the morning and Sunday afternoons are dedicated to socializing and football (thank God). 

While not wanting to make a fuss over it, there may be a change in plans and nothing here in November. I had intended to run a roll of projects, but this blog may go silent instead, what with Blogger hiding my titles and all. I know that may make some of you unhappy; however, I've neglected my physical and financial health for far too long doing this. It's something I've avoided due to my addiction, and the time is ripe for reflection. It's a scary thought, but blogging about the Bo$ton Globe has outlived its usefulness (at least the NYT made a profit, even if revenue was down again). 

I really don't know what to do. On the one hand I have what I feel I was meant to do, and on the other is what I need to do. Doing one means not doing the other. This literally sucks.