Saturday, October 24, 2015

Still Sick Saturday: Plague of the 21st-Century

What else.... Ebola:

Strongest evidence so far that the Ebola virus can linger in testicles and be present in semen long after

Look at this, another sexually-transmitted disease!! 

Better get celibate stat, expect another outbreak soon, all part of the "safe sex agenda" and "population control" agenda. Additional work is underway at the CDC

British nurse who contracted Ebola last year is back in hospital

It's an "unusual late complication," but "experts say there is mounting evidence the mental and physical health problems in Ebola survivors can last for years after the virus is cleared from the bloodstream."

All those crazy and sick Africans.

Nurse once ill with Ebola is rehospitalized

She is in London while much is still unknown about the virus and its long-term effects. Doctors are grappling with why.

Then her condition improved

Review faults Dallas hospital in Ebola case

Caring for the caregivers

And Obama administration members, from what I saw.

Meanwhile, in West Africa:

"Sierra Leone officials confirm new Ebola death.... The worst Ebola outbreak in history has killed more than 11,300 people, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia."

"In Sierra Leone, more heartbreak for Ebola survivor after baby dies" by Kabba Kargbo Associated Press  September 05, 2015

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — It was the new beginning that Sierra Leone’s first Ebola survivor had yearned for after losing 21 relatives to the disease: a newborn who would allow Victoria Yillia and her husband to start a new family.

But only weeks after the baby they named Barnabas was born, he died of an infection that overwhelmed his tiny body. In the Ebola-ravaged community of Kenema, the baby who had become a symbol of rebirth and renewal was buried on Thursday, a day after he died.

‘‘Tears will never stop coming out of my eyes until the day I die, because that baby was everything in my life and a symbol for all my lost family members,’’ 21-year-old Yillia said in a telephone interview hours after her son’s funeral.

The baby’s name, from the Bible, often translates as the ‘‘son of encouragement.’’

Barnabas was born on Aug. 9, and was discharged from Kenema’s hospital without any apparent health problems despite his mother’s near brush with death in the hospital’s Ebola ward one year earlier.

However, he recently developed a fever. Victoria and her husband Anthony rushed him to the hospital on Monday.

Elizabeth B.M. Kamara, the head nurse matron at the hospital, said the cause of his death was an infection, and was not believed to be related to Ebola.

Babies in Sierra Leone faced some of the grimmest odds in the world even before the Ebola epidemic. Infant mortality is so high that tradition calls for children to be named only after they survive for a week.

‘‘Nationwide one in 11 children in Sierra Leone are dying before their first birthday, and that needs a stronger response,’’ said Geoff Wiffin, head of UNICEF Sierra Leone.


"New Ebola death reported in Sierra Leone" Associated Press  September 15, 2015

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — The announcement of a new Ebola death marked another setback in ending Ebola transmission in Sierra Leone, which has had nearly 4,000 Ebola deaths during the worst outbreak ever recorded.

In August, Sierra Leone’s last known Ebola patient was released from a hospital after recovering, a milestone that allowed the West African nation to begin a 42-day countdown toward being declared free of Ebola transmission.

But less than a week later, officials confirmed that a 67-year-old woman had died of Ebola in the northern Kambia district.

The latest fatality is a 16-year-old who died on Sunday in Bombali district, about 150 miles northeast of the capital, Freetown, according to a statement from the National Ebola Response Center issued Monday.

A swab from her body tested positive for Ebola, but the source of the infection is unknown, the statement said. The village where she died has been placed under quarantine.

Monday’s statement expressed confidence that Ebola could be contained in the district....


Basically there are three different scenarios regarding the Ebola epidemic. One posits that the crisis as reported by the propaganda pre$$ is entirely accurate. A second suspects covert U.S. biological warfare as there are research facilities in the region, and a third is that it's a hoax based on some suspicious CNN footage that looks like crisis acting. You will have to decide what hues closest to the truth yourself.

The end result of all three are twofold: a greater U.S. military presence in the region is combined with pharmaceutical products that will need to be purchased.

RelatedUN Ebola response now planned to continue into 2016

There are a "resurgence of cases in both Sierra Leone and Guinea."

Speaking of Guinea:

"Millions of Guineans vote for president" Associated Press  October 11, 2015

CONAKRY, Guinea — Some 6 million Guineans are expected to vote for eight candidates at more than 14,800 polling stations watched by antiriot police, gendarmerie, and international observers. It is this West African country’s second democratic presidential election in more than 50 years and comes as the country tries to shake the Ebola virus, which has killed more than 2,500 people.

Guinea endured decades of corrupt dictatorship after its independence from France in 1958. In 2008, after the longtime strongman died, a military coup led to tumultuous rule until the junta’s leader agreed to go into exile. President Alpha Conde later won the country’s first-ever democratic election in 2010.

Conde’s main challenger is opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo. When Conde and Diallo battled each other after the first round of 2010 voting, clashes broke out along ethnic lines. Similar violence last week killed at least three people and injured some 50.

Conde’s opponents had said the vote should be pushed back to Oct. 21, saying voter cards and other election materials were not properly distributed. But the state electoral commission said it saw no evidence that warranted a delay.

Many analysts believe the vote will lead to a second round in which Conde faces off against Diallo again. Results are expected late Monday....


RelatedFraud claims mar elections in Guinea

Some things (rigged elections) are more important than others (public health crisis).

And the plague came from.... Utah?

"Utah man dies after contracting plague" Associated Press  August 28, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah man in his 70s has died after contracting the plague, bringing to four the number of deaths from the disease reported in the United States this year, health officials said Thursday.

Officials are trying to determine how the man contracted the disease, but they believe it might have been spread by a flea or contact with a dead animal, according to the state Department of Health.

‘‘That’s the most common way to get it,’’ said JoDee Baker, an epidemiologist with the agency. ‘‘That’s probably what happened.’’



No real concern, huh?

"Rescuers trudged through muddy streambeds Tuesday in a small polygamous town on the Utah-Arizona border and found the bodies of several children who died when two vehicles were swept away in a torrent of flood waters that killed at least 12 people.  Residents called it the worst flood in memory in the secluded community that is home of Warren Jeffs’s polygamous sect....  

God's will?

The deadly events happened at the same time flash floods tore through a small community on the Utah-Arizona border just south of the park, leaving at least 12 people dead. The Utah National Guard and a team of searchers who once combed through the World Trade Center towers after Sept. 11, 2001, are still looking for a missing 6-year-old boy who was among the 16 people in two cars that were swept up Monday by swift water, mud, and debris in a canyon."

I don't know if I can choke down any more (cough), and I didn't mean to throw out the babies with the floodwaters.

"San Quentin tied to Legionnaires’ illness" Associated Press  August 31, 2015

SACRAMENTO — At least six San Quentin State Prison inmates were ill with Legionnaires’ disease and dozens more were under observation Sunday, prompting a weekend halt to visitors, no hot meals, and limited drinking water supplies at California’s oldest prison.

So from where did the bad water come?

At least 51 inmates are under observation for respiratory illness at the prison’s medical unit, said Dana Simas, a spokeswoman with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Cooking at the prison has stopped because Legionella bacteria grow in water and spread through water molecules. Instead, inmates are being served boxed meals, Simas said.

Water use at California’s oldest prison has been limited since last week, when an inmate was hospitalized with a confirmed case of the disease. Officials brought in portable toilets, bottled water, and large water tanks to serve thousands of inmates and employees. 

California's prisons were already overcrowded and in poor shape.

The disease, caused by a bacterium, is considered a severe type of pneumonia that can bring high fever, chills, and a cough. It occurs when contaminated water is inhaled into the lungs in the form of steam, mist, or moisture. It is considered particularly dangerous for older people and those with underlying health issues.

Must feel like a concentration camp to them.

Water from the prison’s plumbing supply was being used only for inmate toilets and for cooking. Portable showers for the 3,700 prisoners were brought in Saturday.

Meanwhile, thousands of gallons and liter bottles of water have been hauled in to the 163-year-old prison north of San Francisco.

The prison was closed to visitors and volunteers through the weekend, though officials said the public was not believed to be in danger. None of the prison’s more than 1,200 employees has been sickened.

A recent outbreak of the disease killed 12 in New York City.


Are they sure it wasn't transmitted by mosquitoes?

"Suffolk County man dies after infection by West Nile virus" by Kay Lazar Globe Staff  September 29, 2015

A Massachusetts man infected with West Nile virus has died, the first resident this year to succumb to the infection, health officials said Tuesday.

The man from Suffolk County was in his 60s and probably got the virus in his home county, officials said.

An illegal immigrant?


“As we enter fall, and cooler temperatures approach, it’s important to note that Massachusetts still is in peak season for possible West Nile virus infection,” State Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Catherine Brown said in a statement. “Residents need to continue to take steps to protect themselves against mosquito bites: use insect repellant, cover up, and avoid outdoor activities at dusk and after nightfall when mosquitoes are at their most active.”  

Not now.

In 2014, there were six human cases of West Nile infection identified in Massachusetts. While the virus can infect people of all ages, those over the age of 50 are at higher risk of complications. Most people exposed to the virus, though, have no symptoms. When present, the symptoms tend to include fever and flu-like illness.

Fewer than 1 percent of people bitten by an infected mosquito will develop severe illness in which the virus invades the central nervous system, officials said.

Then why are such things given so much print and space compared to worse things? Too scare us all? 



Mosquito bit me!


"A Suffolk County woman in her 90s has died of West Nile virus."

Or old age or something else, but let's blame West Nile.

Second human case of West Nile virus reported in Mass.

While the weather is turning cooler, risk of infection continues statewide until the first frost. State public health veterinarian Dr. Catherine Brown said in a statement, “Residents need to continue to take steps to protect themselves against mosquito bites: use insect repellant, cover up, and avoid outdoor activities at dusk and after nightfall when mosquitoes are at their most active.”

The first frost was about ten days ago, and this morning temperatures were in the 20s.

State reports third human case of West Nile virus

Eighth Mass. resident infected with West Nile

Ninth Mass. resident diagnosed with West Nile virus

Broke last year's high!

West Nile-bearing mosquitoes remain plentiful, thanks to mild weather

No cases of mosquito-borne viruses so far in northern New England

EEE virus detected in Northbridge mosquitoes

Early freeze ends worries about West Nile, EEE

Now it is cold and flu season:

Weak link discovered in flu vaccine

"It’s time for flu shots again, and health officials expect to avoid a repeat of the misery last winter, when immunizations weren’t a good match for a nasty surprise strain."

It's already going around, so don't go to the office. I would call in if I were you.

"US could be on verge of measles outbreak, researchers warn" by Helen Branswell STAT  October 08, 2015

The United States could be on the verge of larger outbreaks of measles.

You can't say they didn't warn us.

Measles epidemics used to occur regularly in the pre-vaccine era.

And humanity survived?

Most children survived what was a nasty infection, but some came away with lasting side-effects, such as permanent hearing loss or intellectual disabilities. And for every 1,000 children infected with measles, one or two died.

But the measles vaccine introduced in the 1960s made the virus a rarity.

Back when you could trust vaccines, before they became big bu$ine$$(?).

These days, it is news when something like the recent Disneyland outbreak occurs. An exposure event in late December 2014 at the California theme park triggered at least 117 cases in the United States.

That is the theme of the day, and they brought it back to Canada with them.

Measles cases are now rare because the country has achieved what’s called herd immunity — a phenomenon in which so few people are susceptible that when viruses come here from other parts of the world, they quickly die out....

The Disneyland outbreak was blamed on low immunization rates, but one of the people infected in California was visiting from Lanaudière, Quebec, and was a member of a religious group that opposes vaccination. The imported case rapidly triggered local transmission. Quebec recorded 159 cases.

Put the needle away; I've been poked enough by the agenda-pushing.

The United States eliminated measles in 2000, meaning it stopped the spread of indigenous measles viruses. All cases since then have been triggered by measles viruses imported from other countries.

That means immigrants.

In recent years, more parents have resisted vaccinating their children against measles, fearing a purported link between the vaccine and autism. That alleged association — initially raised in a since-withdrawn 1998 study in the journal Lancet — has been repudiated.

Again, I no longer believe in any authority cited by my propaganda pre$$, period.

But the damage to the vaccine’s reputation remains....

I already took a shot at them.


You know what else cures measles, right?

"Doctors Without Borders says the world will run out of one of the most effective treatments for snake bites next year, risking the lives of tens of thousands of people, mostly in developing countries. The charity warned that stockpiles of Fav-Afrique, produced by Sanofi Pasteur, will expire in June. The company stopped producing the anti-venom last year. The aid group, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, said there would probably be no alternative available for at least two years. The company said it was driven out of the market by rivals selling cheaper products; they announced in 2010 that they would stop making anti-venom. ‘‘It’s very strange that [health officials] are only realizing this problem five years later,’’ said Alain Bernal, a Sanofi Pasteur spokesman."

Look, I know some people have it worse and I wish no ill health on anyone, even war-criminal and bank-looting $cum.