Monday, October 26, 2015

Burlington Hotel Room Was Meth Lab

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Must be why they moved it to the hotel:

"3 accused of running meth lab in Burlington hotel room" by Aimee Ortiz Globe Correspondent  October 25, 2015

Authorities in Burlington evacuated a hotel late Friday as they moved in on an alleged methamphetamine lab where a guest had been spotted wearing a gas mask.

Police arrested three in connection with the alleged operation in a hotel room, which an employee of the Sonesta ES Suites on Old Concord Road reported gave off a foul odor.

Eric Sowmick, 24, of Manchester, N.H., Dustin Beliveau, 32, of Burlington, and Tony Pickard, 52, also of Manchester, N.H., are all charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Pickard was also accused of disconnecting a sprinkler system after investigators reported bags over smoke detectors.

Burlington police Chief Michael Kent said in a statement that officers “proceeded deliberately, with caution, to make sure that no one was hurt during our investigation of this potentially dangerous situation.”

According to police, hotel employees believed a guest was producing the drug in the room and “acting strangely.” They also reported seeing several other people entering and leaving the room during the day.

Additionally, police reported that a hotel employee had told them that one of the suspects, later identified as Beliveau, was wearing an ankle monitor and seen carrying a container of Acetone, or paint thinner.

Police say Beliveau has five open cases for trafficking methamphetamine, possession of heroin, carrying a weapon, and other offenses, police said.

Police got a search warrant for the hotel room, and allegedly found a large quantity of methamphetamine. Fire officials were also at the scene.

All three were arrested at the hotel, and are held by the Burlington Police Department pending an arraignment Monday in Woburn District Court.


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