Saturday, October 24, 2015

Still Sick Saturday: Georgia Gang Leader Busted in Boston

"Reputed Georgia gang member captured by Boston Police" by Evan Allen Globe Staff  October 23, 2015

An alleged Georgia gang member wanted in connection with at least three murders in that state was arrested early Friday morning in Boston after an intense overnight investigation by the Boston police fugitive unit and the United States Marshals Service, officials said.

Daniel “Island” Pena, 22, was arrested at about 8:10 a.m. Friday after he was observed in the area of 39 Boylston St. in Boston. Pena is an alleged member of the “Hate Committee” of the Georgia gang “Gangster Disciples,” whose members have been involved in many acts of violence in the DeKalb County area, according to police.

“What we had here is a reign of terror,” said DeKalb District Attorney Robert James in a statement issued last month, after prosecutors secured a 45-count indictment against nine members of the gang. “We are dealing with a violent street gang that is organized and determined. However, we are more organized and determined.”

Pena is wanted for a July 30 shooting in DeKalb County in which one person was killed and two others wounded. He was also recently indicted in two other homicides that occurred on July 3 in the same area, according to Boston Police.

Eight of the gang members charged had already been arrested; Pena was the final member still on the run, said DeKalb prosecutors. The charges the group face include murder, aggravated assault, and violation of the street gang terrorism and prevention act, in connection with five killings and many assaults.

The violent spree spanned three months, from May to August, according to Boston police. A local news report from WXIA-TV in September said the killings began when a high-ranking member of the Hate Committee declared that members of the gang in DeKalb County were “not right” with gang leadership. He gave a standing order that any gang member representing the Gangster Disciples in the county were “green lighted,” meaning that other members could rob, harm, or kill them.

A Boston police spokesman said no information about why Pena had traveled north was available Friday evening.

“I want to recognize and commend the Boston Police, the United States Marshals Service and the Georgia authorities for their great collaboration and hard work that led to this arrest,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans in a statement. “I hope this arrest brings some comfort to those who were affected by this violence and should send a strong message to those who think they can hide in Boston.”

Pena was charged in Boston Municipal Court Friday as a fugitive from justice, and Georgia authorities are expected to extradite him to that state to face charges there.

According to a statement from DeKalb prosecutors, Pena faces up to two life without parole sentences, plus 180 years if he is convicted. The charges against him include malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and criminal attempt to commit armed robbery.