Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Fire Drill

They had me rushing around this morning like my hair was on fire:

"Loaded gun seized from Dorchester student after struggle with police" by Felicia Gans Globe Correspondent  October 22, 2015

Boston school police officers seized a loaded gun from a student’s backpack Thursday at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester after a struggle that left one officer with minor injuries.

Police Commissioner Williams Evans said in a statement Thursday he is proud of the officers’ actions to keep other students safe.

“There is never a good reason to bring a gun to school. Illegal guns have no place on our streets and certainly not in the hands of a child,” Evans said. “Thanks to the keen observations and quick actions of the school police officers and administrators, a potential tragedy was avoided and one less gun is on the streets.”

The student was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and resisting arrest.

The 15-year-old student’s backpack was initially searched by the school’s dean of discipline at the main entrance at 10:40 a.m., about three-and-a-half hours after school began.

Richard Weir, a spokesman for Boston Public Schools, said school administrators conduct routine searches of students each morning and use metal detectors at the school’s front entrance until 9:30 a.m.

While the student’s bag was open, an officer looked inside and found a .32 caliber Mauser Waffenfabrik handgun “in plain view,” according to a police report.

While other officers tried to arrest him he put up a fight. He flailed his arms and ran out of the school police office, the report said.

The officer who found the gun caught up with the student and brought him to the ground, according to the report. When the student continued to resist, two other officers put handcuffs on the student “after a brief and violent struggle,” the police report said.

During the struggle, an officer hit his head on a metal locker grate and scraped his face on the bending frame of his glasses.

How is the kid doing?

The officers found one bullet in the chamber. The student told police he “forgot it was in his bag.”



"A Bridgeport Fire Department lieutenant who was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a Southington High School teacher has been placed on leave. Police said they seized several guns from Gregory Daly’s Southington home. Daly was arrested Tuesday after allegedly sending a threatening text message to the teacher. Police said Daly also sent threatening texts to his wife. Daly is charged with threatening, harassment, and breach of peace. Seven Southington schools were placed in a soft lock-down Tuesday morning, meaning people were not allowed inside the buildings (AP)."

I think he found out someone was having an affair.

Also see:

"Bridgewater State deems rape report ‘unfounded’" by Sarah Roberts Globe Correspondent  October 22, 2015

Bridgewater State University has determined that a report of a sexual assault on campus earlier this week was unfounded.

An 18-year-old student reported that she had been communicating with an unknown male through a messaging app, and set up a meeting with him near the Rondileau Campus Center.

She told police that after she walked across campus to the parking garage Monday night, the unknown male assaulted her. The university had released a sketch of the suspect....


The hoax is buried on the bottom of page B8 under the obituaries!


Hooked on College
Harvard posts $62 million surplus
Enrollment drops slightly at Mass. public colleges
UMass system must cut $10.9 million from budget

Thank God for the Chinese!

Also see:

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Did you hear the loud jolt (pffft; shoddy construction? How much the school cost?)?

School Fire Drills: Alarms Clanging in Kentucky

School Fire Drills: Oregon Shooting an Obvious Psyop 

What is even odder is the titles are not showing up in the monthly blog roll, in fact, the first half of every month I've checked is gone! Scroll down the titles and click on the last ones to see. This is relatively new for I would have noticed before.

WTF, Blogger?

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Why would they not want you to see such things unless I'm right? 

Time for me to evacuate for a while.


Each post I put up knocks another down. What deviousness! 

I even reset the settings and still didn't change it.

I checked the whole year's worth of months and it's the same. Some title lineups cut off after a week, and yet my layout is set for the entire month. 

I guess I've made it, folks. Somebody out there doesn't want you to see my work.