Friday, October 30, 2015

Pennsylvania Fraternity Likes Football

Just some frat house fun on a Friday is all.... 

"Pa. police charge 5 in fatal hazing" Associated Press  September 16, 2015

POCONO SUMMIT, Pa. — Five people, including the former national president of a fraternity, have been charged in the December 2013 death of a New York City college freshman during a brutal hazing ritual, police said Tuesday.

Fraternity members at Baruch College physically abused Chun ‘‘Michael’’ Deng, then tried to cover it up as the 19-year-old lay dying in their rented house in the Pocono Mountains, police said.

A grand jury recommended charges for 37 people in his death. The Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department intends to arrest suspects in waves, moving from least to most culpable, to avoid overwhelming the courts.

The first five suspects, including former Pi Delta Psi president Andy Meng, were charged with hazing, conspiracy, and hindering apprehension, and were preparing Tuesday to turn themselves in.

‘‘There is some measure of relief,’’ said the Deng family’s attorney, Douglas Fierberg, who is representing them in a lawsuit against the fraternity and some of its members. ‘‘It gives them a better indication of who was involved, what happened, and who tried to cover up this death, and that’s information they never had.’’

The members waited an hour to take Deng to the hospital after he lost consciousness during a hazing ritual that included repeated football-style tackles, police said.

So who do they have on their fantasy team?


I wonder how long the family will have to wait for an apology.

"53 years after firing, college professor gets apology" Associated Press  October 29, 2015

WILMINGTON, Ohio — In the thick of the Cold War, the small Pennsylvania college where Larry Gara was an outspoken history professor called him a bad teacher, labeled him a communist, and unceremoniously showed him the door.

I could have been one had I pursued it; however, the result would have been the same. 

So you kids want to know about 9/11, huh? And stop arguing that current events are history before our eyes! Logic will get you knowhere! 

Now, 53 years later, the school says it’s sorry.

No one was more surprised than the now 93-year-old Gara when someone showed up at his front door recently to apologize.

No one directly involved with his firing is alive today, but the August visit from Richard Jewell, a former president of the Presbyterian college, was a curious and satisfying development for Gara, who had successfully meshed his social-justice activism with a long, distinguished teaching career....

They always do that, wait until all the principals and relations are dead and gone. Then we get the release of official history, yaaaaay!


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Florida likes football, too.