Friday, December 4, 2015

Same Drill Different Day

SeeThis is Not a Drill

Actually, it was and still is and I can see from the hits that both of us have really tired of the routine.

Brother-in-Law: Shooter Was 'Bad Person' »

Comcast just confirmed it.
I see what got dropped down there, and the San Bernardino event is the only story above the fold this morning (the PP guy never even made print.)

"Attackers in California shooting had vast arsenal" by Jennifer Medina and Richard Pérez-Peña New York Times  December 04, 2015

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — The couple who police say killed 14 people and left 21 wounded here had stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammunition and a dozen homemade pipe bombs in their home, officials said Thursday, a sign that they might have been planning further attacks. The FBI is treating the Wednesday shooting as a potential terrorist act, though the agency is far from concluding that it was, two law enforcement officials said.

This makes you laugh three weeks out from Paris. We have all the touchstones so they can get around to it later, but after saying no imminent attack here, no credible leads, they need back-up bullish**.

The suspects’ extensive arsenal, their recent Middle East travel, and evidence that one of them had been in touch with people with Islamist extremist views, both in the United States and abroad, all contributed to the decision to refocus the investigation. But officials emphasized that they did not know what set off the attack and said that they were not ready to call it terrorism.

What a farce this fiction has become as they set us up for an actual real Gladio-type event in multiple cities all across AmeriKa (after Chri$tma$, of course). So much for all the spying and monitoring, 'eh? 

All this happened under their noses while on alert, unless... nah, that's crazy.

“We do not yet know the motive,” said David Bowdich, the assistant FBI director in charge of the Los Angeles office. 

So WTF, Dave? The system was on high alert and all and they miss this?

The suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, fired as many as 150 bullets inside the Inland Regional Center and then in the shootout with the police that left the couple dead, officials said. On Thursday afternoon, authorities released the names of the 14 victims, who ranged in age from 26 to 60.

The attack was the nation’s deadliest mass shooting since the assault on an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., nearly three years ago.

And because that has been proven to be the mother of all psyops..... (go have some fun and do some research yourself for a change).

Farook went to the holiday luncheon for employees of the county health department, where he worked as a health inspector, left early — agitated, according to some witnesses — and returned a short time later with his wife, both in tactical gear and with an arsenal to mow down his co-workers.

They really overwrote this script but I'm sure it's for a disarming purpose.

But Chief Jarrod Burguan of the San Bernardino Police Department said there was more at work than a spontaneous workplace dispute.

“There appears to be a degree of planning that goes into this,” the chief said at a news conference. “Nobody goes to a party and puts together such an elaborate scheme.”

He kinda let the crisis drill cat out of the bag there, didn't he? 


The city was rocked by a barrage of gunfire more typical of a war zone, and I find it strange how there is no rewriting and editing as the third gunman has vanished.

Couple kept tight lid on plans for San Bernardino shooting

That's the NYT keeping a tight lid and pushing a cover story.  

What they ask us when another mass shooting happens

Is it another crisis drill being reported as an actual event?

Mass shootings: It doesn’t have to be this way

No, it doesn't.

Change the debate around gun control

How much more wisdom do you need?

Calif. attack raises memories of Marathon bombing aftermath

Comes complete with crisis actor for later.

"Authorities said the Tsarnaevs learned how to build explosive devices by reading Inspire magazine, a publication of Al Qaeda, which featured an article, “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

I wonder who could have inspired that?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers seek new sentencing trial

He is still there and it's time to turn back.

"Cambridge steps up security at all public schools" by John R. Ellement Globe Staff  December 03, 2015

Cambridge’s public schools opened Thursday with increased security after police received an e-mailed threat of “gun violence” against middle schools in the city, the second anonymous threat this week.

In a joint statement, Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas and Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Young said, “Police, city, and school personnel are working closely together to keep our students and staff safe.’’

The schools were locked down at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and an officer and school personnel were stationed at the front door of all schools when students and staffers arrived for class Thursday, according to the city officials.

“Police and Security will be present and visible at the front door of all school buildings throughout the day,’’ the joint statement said.

“Police will be present throughout the building, throughout the day, in every CPS school, not just the three mentioned in the threat, and will continue until the conclusion of after-school activities.’’

The e-mail threat was the second sent to the Cambridge authorities said this week, and Warnick said the author appeared to plan the arrival time of the notes to create as much disruption as possible.

Well, with all the electronic communication and data collection they should know who it is soon, huh? What patsy was assigned this role? 

The second e-mail was received around 8 p.m. Wednesday and the e-mail that led to an alert on Tuesday was received by city officials at 8 a.m. The e-mails are believed to have been written by the same person.

“Police have confidence from their investigations that the same individual is behind the e-mails,’’ the statement said. Law enforcement is continuing its investigation into the emailed threats.

Warnick said the increased security will continue on Friday....

Honestly, I feel so sorry for you kids growing up in this society. They are conditioning you for the future.


And what all this crisis drill fiction and remote response mind manipulation has done is drop this story from national lead to brief:

"Defense lawyers for Officer William G. Porter sought Thursday to shift blame for the death of Freddie Gray to another officer — the driver of the van in which Gray injured his spine — as they painted a portrait of a bumbling city police department with outmoded systems and a lax attitude about adhering to its own rules. The second day of testimony in the trial of Porter included an intense courtroom debate over the exchange — on the same day that the jury was to view the van — foreshadowed a defense strategy that seemed intent on putting the Police Department itself on trial. The department’s rules and culture, and its antiquated computer systems, took center stage Thursday during testimony by department experts in detainee transport, treatment of medical emergencies, and computer technology."

But the weaponry and SWAT units are all decked out in the latest state-of-the-art weaponry. 

Of even lower priority now:

"Philip Stinson, the Bowling Green State University criminologist who compiled the statistics. ‘‘You have to wonder if there would have been charges if there wasn’t video evidence.’’

Those must have been unwelcome protests by controlled assets that need to retain credibility (as if they had any). 

Anybody remember Mike Brown?

Arlington police catch suspect in defacement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner

Because he (no name? I wonder jwho could have done such a thing) dared to say all lives matter, and apparently Johnny Cracker's matters about as much as a Palestinian's.

Between the acclimating to tyranny and total fear and a surveillance police state schools drills for the kids and the planned racial division being pushed all over the place that is being used to limit free speech, this country is truly beginning to look totalitarian.

And as you can see, it all starts with the schuls:

“Symbols are important,” Martha Minow, dean of the law school, said this week. “They become even more important when people care about them and focus on them.”

Oh, I so agree and have so often missed them.

Harvard investigating ‘White Student Union’ Facebook page

Harvard resolves to ditch ‘House master’ title

There, you happy now? 

Btw, how is that endowment doing?

"The Brandeis protest was one of many campus movements across the nation this fall that have sought to highlight the experiences of minority groups in higher education. #ConcernedStudents2015, as the group called itself, said the atmosphere was electric Tuesday as the university’s interim president, Lisa M. Lynch, announced the plan."

I'm glad student debt is no longer a problem.

Also see:

MIT police put halt to ‘wheeled devices’ in school’s hallways
Newton forum tries to put brakes on college application pressure
Suffolk University cuts ties with conservative research group
Suffolk leader denies politics at root of think-tank split

Exactly what it is, but....

Trial to start for UMass rape defendant

That was before Marty got there, and maybe this will make them happy.

Looks like the Globe missed the guilty plea that was briefly in print.

Ex-college football player pleads guilty to assaulting woman -

A study of teens at three New England high schools highlights the need for sexual aggression training

Brains aren’t actually ‘male’ or ‘female,’ new study suggests

It looks like the Pentagon agrees and it is time to close out this post.

San Bernardino Shooting – Inconvenient Details Glossed Over by Corporate Press 

It's a pattern, isn't it?

Daily Shooter: San Bernardino Evidence of Multi-Agency Drill, Staging Areas, Set-up in Less Than 90 Minutes

The San Bernardino California Shooting Is A Fraud: RedsilverJ Video Reveals The Fakery In Great Detail


Do Mass Killings Bother You?

Dead Muslims in San Bernadino Hoax are Dummies Not Humans - Dead Muslims in San Bernardino Hoax are Dummies Not Humans Make no mistake about it the San Bernardino gun control hoax is a scam to the extreme.

San Bernardino Hoax: One Shoot Out, Two Locations

You will have to vet those things for yourself and decide whom to trust.