Friday, March 4, 2016

South Dakota Bathroom Break

Seeing as the presidential campaign is in the toilet....

"Proponents of a bill that would prohibit public school students from using a bathroom or locker room for a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth say it would help protect children and ensure everyone’s privacy, but its passage has inserted South Dakota into the center of a national debate about transgender rights and access to restrooms and locker rooms.

Excuse me.

It is among a number of bills addressing the rights of transgender people that are being pushed by conservative legislators in this state and others....


I kinda of have a “stigma” discussing bathroom legislation as well as using a public toilet, and after watching ESPN Outside the Lines the other day I've reached the point where it's whichever one you want. 

Hell, let's make 'em all unisex like in Italy. Just light a match when you're done, will ya?

I will be logging any further developments as need arises.