Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Globe Special: The Rising Level of Bulls***

No Sea Level Rise For The Past 50 Years

Yeah, and this summer's Arctic season did not help.


"Rising water levels threaten Boston’s waterfront; Business is booming from end to end of the waterfront, but the specter of surging sea levels has developers on edge" by Casey Ross |  Globe Staff, August 04, 2013

In many ways, the threat of rising sea levels is an exasperating irony for Boston, which has spent billions of dollars to reconnect the city to its harbor, only to have the water emerge as a major physical and economic threat....

Then stay away from Boston and the waterfront.

Seas along the East Coast are rising three to four times faster than the global average, according to the US Geological Survey....

Oh, woah, STINK!!!


Seeing as water seeks the lowest level and evens out, that has to be a big pile of dung, folks. Water would disperse! It doesn't decide that it will dissipate to the East Coast of the U.S.

But it's the lying, agenda-pushing Boston Globe shoveling you this s***! Who could ever doubt them?

A study by the Boston Harbor Association, an environmental advocacy group, asserted that a major storm could quickly submerge much of the city....

Indeed, had Sandy hit Boston at high tide last October instead of low tide, the group asserted, nearly 6 percent of Boston would have flooded, including much of downtown....

Any lingering skepticism about climate change in the real estate industry was swiftly erased by Hurricane Sandy.

Fine. Who gives a f*** about Boston's real estate industry?

The storm sent a wall of water cascading through lower Manhattan, flooding subway tunnels, knocking out electricity, and shutting skyscrapers. One office tower owned by Boston-based Beacon Capital Partners was shut for 45 days after six feet of water flowed into the lobby....

That's because all the storm prevention programs were neglected to pay for Wall Street bailouts, aid to Israel, endless expansion of the empire, and so well-connected intere$ts could get their cut of the tax loot.

A panel appointed by the Menino administration, known as the Green Ribbon Commission, recommended in a new report last week that property owners should consider, among other precautions, building flood walls, installing permeable pavement and landscaping buffers, reinforcing doors and windows to withstand flooding and high winds, and acquiring backup power and water sources in case of an emergency.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea per se; I just don't trust the messenger anymore because there is always -- ALWAYS -- an ulterior motive and agenda being pushed.

“If we develop the waterfront correctly, Boston has the opportunity to be recognized as one of the most climate resilient coastal cities in the world,” said Brian Swett, Menino’s chief of environment and a commission member. “Being able to bounce back quickly from storms is absolutely critical.”

But the effort is only at its beginning stages, and officials do not yet know whether regulatory changes will be necessary to mandate renovations to homes and commercial properties, or whether government assistance will be offered to help pay for the improvements.

As I suspected, the HAND of TYRANNY is behind it! 

Yup, let's "mandate" something else in the hub of the American Revolution. 

And I'm $ure $ome people will get help with government assistance.

Owners of buildings under construction along the water have already begun to take steps to secure their properties on their own....

All in case of flooding from another Hurricane Sandy-like storm.


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So that is what a s*** newspaper is made out of. 

Don't worry; I'm sure John Henry will straighten out the Globe.