Thursday, September 3, 2015

School Fire Drills: Alarm in Millis

Smells like Jade Helm:

"Shots fired at officer spur manhunt in Millis" by Eric Moskowitz and Andy Rosen Globe Staff  September 02, 2015

A massive manhunt ensued through a quiet stretch of Millis on Wednesday after a gunman shot at a police vehicle, causing it to crash and catch fire, and leading officials to shut down schools on Thursday, authorities said.


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And more to come. 

State Police, as well as SWAT teams and local departments, responded by sending patrols and helicopters to the scene, officials said, as they launched the search for a suspect. The officer from the SUV that was shot at was taken to Norwood Hospital for evaluation and released Wednesday evening.

David Procopio, a State Police spokesman, said authorities were seeking a dark-colored — possibly maroon — pickup truck in connection with the incident. The truck fled east toward Medfield. Police are seeking a white man between the ages of 25 and 40, who remained at large late Wednesday night.


Though it remained unclear what prompted the pickup driver to shoot at the SUV, Millis Police Sergeant William Dwyer said that police even in communities as small as Millis have become vigilant in the current climate about the possibility of being shot at....

OMG, it is a Jade Helm training drill with mind-bending psyop manipulation turning the whole shooting debates on their heads! Now it is the oppressive murderer that is the victim.

With the shooter at large, a large law enforcement presence descended on the area. Armed officers stood guard, and a heavy-duty police truck rolled down one of the neighborhood streets.

The neighborhood was cleared and a “shelter in place” advisory was lifted Wednesday night, authorities said.

Earlier, onlookers stood by and watched, trying to gather more details about what might have happened.

Neighbor Ken Whelan said he was in his backyard when he heard a sound he likened to “metal crashing into a tree.”

Whelan went to two nearby intersections and found roads blocked off.

So quickly?

“They told me, ‘Move along, it’s something you don’t want to see,’ ” he said. “The police were already there, so I turned around and left.’’

You salute smartly and leave.

Whelan said his children were with his wife on the other side of town, after having been locked down at school.

The lockdown was put in place after Millis Middle School received “a disturbing call” at about 10:30 a.m., according to police. The caller indicated a crime may occur in the town on Wednesday, and about one hour later, the school received a telephoned bomb threat, police said.


Millis police and firefighters responded, but no device was discovered.

Although police said there was no evidence that day’s events were connected, schools will be closed for cautionary purposes on Thursday, police said.

I can hear the cheers of the kids all the way out here.

“It is very unfortunate that this occurred, but there was no disruption to the students’ first day back,” Superintendent Nancy L. Gustafson said in a posting. 

Lot to talk about on the second day, though.

Neighbor Marlaine Dunne said she got a telephone notification from police about the shots fired on the SUV. The call advised her to “stay at home, lock your doors, and don’t let anyone in.”

“This is crazy for this little town,” said Dunne, who has lived in the community since 1979. “Nothing like that ever happens in Millis.”

It sure is.


Look who got stuck in the bathroom:

"Teenagers protest transgender student’s request" New York Times  September 02, 2015

A transgender high school student in Missouri is facing backlash from her peers after requesting to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room.

More than 100 students at Hillsboro High School walked out of class Monday.

“I’m hoping this dies down,” said Lila Perry, 17, who began identifying as a girl publicly in February.

Perry, who began feeling “more like a girl than a boy” when she was 13, said school officials gave her permission to use the girls’ facilities as the new school year began.

Perry previously used a unisex faculty bathroom, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.


You all right in there?

"In Mo. town, transgender teen’s use of girls’ locker room causes furor" by Michael E. Miller Washington Post  September 03, 2015

WASHINGTON — When Caitlyn Jenner took to television in April to announce she was transgender, messages of support poured in from across the country. She was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and received an ESPY award for courage.

Yeah, despite killing someone in car crash. Really bends the mind.

But even as Jenner starred in a reality TV docuseries about her transition, a deeper question remained.

If Jenner weren’t already a rich celebrity, would she have received the same support? How would other, less famous transgender Americans be treated?

On Monday morning, a small town in Missouri provided an answer.

So some small town in Missouri speaks for us all? Says who?

For two hours, approximately 150 students stood in front of Hillsboro High School to protest a transgender teen’s use of the girls’ facilities.


And for those same two hours, the 17-year-old transgender teen huddled inside her counselor’s office — with the door locked.

‘‘I was concerned about my own safety,’’ Lila Perry told The New York Times.

Oooooh, Lila!

It’s not just her fellow students who are upset over Perry’s use of the girls’ bathroom and locker room. The issue has roiled this town, thrusting a quaint community of about 3,000 into the national spotlight. Last week, a school board meeting had to be moved after too many people attended to discuss Perry. And on Monday afternoon, the protesting students — who made up about 13 percent of the school — were joined by angry adults.

Imagine if they got angry about corruption, Wall Street looters, or being lied into wars!

‘‘This needs to stop before it goes too far,’’ Jeff Childs, who has a niece and a nephew in the Hillsboro School System, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He and his 21-year-old son showed up to the school with ‘‘Girls Rights Matter’’ painted on the sides and back of his pickup truck.

‘‘I’m not trying to be ignorant, but [the transgender student] is bringing it out in public for everybody else to deal with,’’ Childs said.

Here, in the heartland, life as a transgender American remains hard.

For Perry, her personal struggle began as soon as she could call herself a teenager. At age 13, Perry began to feel ‘‘more like a girl than a boy,’’ she told the Times.

By the middle of last year, her junior year, Perry was ready to come out as transgender. She was tired of pretending to be someone she wasn’t, she told the Post-Dispatch. She began wearing a wig, dresses, and makeup, although she has not had reassignment surgery.

When school began Aug. 13, Perry told school administrators she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, instead of the unisex bathroom she had used as a junior.

The school consented, in accordance with guidelines from the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights that say students should be allowed to use facilities in accordance with their gender identification.

So far this year, Perry has been using the girls’ bathroom and locker room, according to local TV station KTVI.

That act set off a firestorm of controversy.

Nearly 200 people showed up to an Aug. 27 school board meeting, forcing it to be moved to a bigger venue. Although Perry’s gender wasn’t on the agenda, many parents used the meeting to complain about the school’s decision.

‘‘The way I was raised, I have no problem with a transgender, but he shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room until he has the surgery,’’ said parent Greg Wilson, according to local news website the Leader.

‘‘The girls have rights, and they shouldn’t have to share a bathroom with a boy,’’ Tammy Sorden, who has a son at Hillsboro High, told the Post-Dispatch. Lila should not get special treatment, Sorden said, ‘‘while the girls just have to suck it up.’’

I was thinking maybe you girls could, you know, take it out into the woods?

Derrick Good, a local lawyer with two daughters in the school district, has led the opposition to Perry’s use of girls’ facilities. He got involved after hearing that a female student had encountered ‘‘an intact male’’ in the girls’ locker room, he told the Times.

He'll, 'er, she will never be president.

Working with a Christian advocacy group, he has crafted a new ‘‘student physical privacy policy’’ that would require students in the district to use bathrooms based on their biological sex or unisex facilities.

‘‘As a parent, it’s my right to educate my child, to make decisions on when it’s appropriate for my child to understand things about the opposite sex,’’ he told KTVI at the Aug. 27 school board meeting. ‘‘It’s not the school’s option to insert that at that age.’’

Interesting choice of words.

But Perry said she was tired of being ‘‘segregated’’ because of being transgender.

‘‘With using the staff bathroom, I felt like I was being segregated off, like: ‘Here are the boys, here are the girls, this is me,’ ’’ she told the TV station.

Meanwhile, there are those of us who would love to be able to use the boss's private john.


What do you want to be called?

"Harvard allows students to pick new gender pronouns" by Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  September 02, 2015

Harvard University for the first time is allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronoun from a list including such gender-neutral identifiers as “ze, hir, and hirs,” a move the college said is aimed at increasing inclusion on the campus.


Gender-neutral pronouns like ze and hir are generally used instead of such single-gender pronouns as him, he, or she, according to an online support guide published by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Hirs represents a gender-neutral possessive option.

The move by Harvard comes at a time of growing recognition of gender issues on college campuses nationwide.

The alarm is ringing on the political correctness run amok.

Think the kids will be prepared for this?

Regulating sexual behavior was tough enough already; now what are the schools going to do?

At Harvard, the change will not affect the students’ overall gender assignment, meaning each student will still be classified as a male or female by the college, regardless of preferred pronoun. This male/female gender assignment is a particularly important for determining housing, where Harvard ordinarily requires single-gender living arrangements.

When is the first lawsuit?

Recently, Harvard was ranked the fourth-most-accepting campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities by Her Campus, a large online magazine for college women.

Genny Beemyn, the director of The Stonewall Center, a resource center for LGBTQ and allied communities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, applauded the move by Harvard, first reported by The Harvard Crimson.

Beemyn said misidentifying an individual’s gender is a “microaggression,” or an unintended act of discrimination. These acts can work to erode a person’s feelings of value, Beemyn said, using the example of a professor calling on “the woman in the back.”

How about worrying about the world's "macroaggressions" for a change? Not a lot of value attached to the dead bodies from war's based on lies promoted by this pre$$.

“Unlike sexuality, which doesn’t come up in most classes, gender comes up all the time because we refer to people in ways that are gendered,” Beemyn said. Although UMass Amherst does not have a policy encouraging gender-neutral pronouns, Beemyn plans to raise the issue with administration.

According to Beemyn’s research, Harvard is following colleges such as the University of Vermont, which has been at the forefront of research regarding personal pronouns and inclusion.... 

Sorry I'm no longer Beemyn about the shit that is in my Boston Globe.

Dot Brauer, director of the center for LGBTQ inclusion at the Burlington, Vt., school, acknowledges the concept can initially be hard to grasp. “The importance of including gender-inclusive options is recognizing the existence of these folks in our communities,” Brauer said.

Oh, we recognize their existence, all right. Can't miss 'em.


Can I still say freak?

All this concern about sexracegender, and sex is really making me sick.

Think I will head to the nurse's office:

"Hunt for 3 suspects widens after Illinois officer’s death" Associated Press  September 02, 2015

After an intensive 14-hour ‘‘grid search’’ of homes, railroad tracks, and marshland in the village of Fox Lake, authorities turned to the painstaking detective work of chasing down tips, collecting and reviewing surveillance video, and interviewing residents near the crime scene. Meanwhile, new search teams rippled out into subdivisions beyond the initial 2-square-mile perimeter established on Tuesday. At least 100 investigators were on the ground.

A major challenge for investigators was the lack of a description of the suspects beyond a vague one that came from the officer, who told dispatchers Tuesday he was pursuing three suspicious men — two white, one black — moments before he was shot.

Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, a 30-year police veteran, was killed pursuing the men, whom he spotted on his way to work.


This might cause you some alarm:

Illinois Manhunt: Alleged Sighting Was Fake

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Apparently it will be running all through the fall.

Time for me to evacuate.