Saturday, March 5, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: Stinky Breakfast

Grabbed a little extra something with my coffee today:

"The Delios family got a taste of success last March when they opened up their second Kane’s doughnut shop, in the Financial District. Now, they’re hunting for more locations in Greater Boston to sell their honey-dipped treats."


"Fish mogul is alleged to have cheated quotas" by Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  February 26, 2016

Fish mogul Carlos Rafael, 64, the owner of Carlos Seafood Inc. in New Bedford and one of the Northeast’s biggest commercial fishing entrepreneurs who owns more than 40 fishing vessels ported in New Bedford and Gloucester, told an undercover federal agent, posing as a Russian gangster who wanted to buy his business, he had developed a lucrative scheme to cheat the federal fishing quotas that were enacted to protect the sustainability of certain fish species....

See why I see them as all one in the same?


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He's a $lippery one!

"Maine may extend fishing season for eels prized as sushi" by Patrick Whittle Associated Press  February 22, 2016

PORTLAND, Maine — Fishermen are making money on sushi in Maine, the only state in the country with a significant baby eel fishery, and lawmakers are looking to make it possible for them to make more.

Maine’s baby eels are wriggling gold, sometimes worth more than $2,000 per pound at the dock. The baby eels, called elvers, are sold to Asian aquaculture companies who raise them to maturity for use as food, and they frequently end up in sushi and sashimi. Some end up back on plates in the United States.

But fishermen must abide by a strict quota system that limits the state fishery to 9,688 pounds per year, and they caught only 5,242 pounds of elvers last year. Fishermen attributed the slow season to a cold spring, which state regulators said slowed the migration of elvers in the rivers and streams where they are caught.

Lawmakers are looking to change the restrictions on the elver fishery to give fishermen a better chance to catch the entire quota. A legislative committee recently approved a plan to extend the season by a week and allow weekend fishing, as opposed to the current limitation to five days per week.

Elver fishermen have spoken in favor of the changes, which they said will allow them to make the most of the brief elver season, which is scheduled to begin March 22 and end May 31.

The proposed changes now go to the full legislature, which could vote on it by the end of the month. The proposal also provides flexibility in the type of gear fishermen can use.

It would allow American Indian tribes in the state to fish under a quota for the entire tribe as opposed to individual member quotas. The Passamaquoddy tribe has protested the individual quotas, and said it believes natural resources belong to all tribal members and not individuals.

The elvers are the most valuable fishery in the state per pound at $2,172, and all-time high, last year.

They’ve been worth more than $850 per pound every year since 2011.

Mitchell Feigenbaum, an elver dealer, said the new rules won’t have much impact on the market for the eels, but it could help with supply."

I think I will skip brunch and wait for lunch when I can get a hot meal before supper.

Then it will be time for the other end:

"A Missouri jury has awarded $72 million to the family of an Alabama woman who died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s well-known baby powder and other products containing talcum. The civil suit by Jackie Fox of Birmingham was part of a broader claim in the city of St. Louis Circuit Court involving nearly 60 people. Her son took over as plaintiff following his mother’s October 2015 death at 62, more than two years after her diagnosis. Marvin Salter of Jacksonville, Fla., said his late mother, who was a foster parent, used the iconic talcum powder as a bathroom staple for decades. ‘‘It just became second nature, like brushing your teeth,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s a household name.”

How depressing.


Trump's Trolls 

They stoke fear and disrupt things.

So this is how low and dirty the e$tabli$hment plays, huh?

When do they kill him

After he names the wrong Treasury Secretary?

As Sharp as a Foxconn

South Dakota Bathroom Break

I'm shutting the door, sorry.

Mass. Data Breach 

That gets you to the bottom of things.

Oh, no, I forgot to leave a tip.

Time to stop and shop.

UPDATE: Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who claims its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer

Also seeLayoffs ahead for Sharp workers